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Covering the pulse of New York media
Updated: 13 min 49 sec ago

Podcast Fans Are Ready for Adam Carolla + Dennis Miller

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 00:00

Adam Carolla currently occupies the top spot on PodcastOne’s “Top 25 Podcasts.” The network also broadcasts Dennis Miller’s daily Miller Time musings.

iTunesTopComedyPodcasts_01_29So what happens when these two name-brand stars are combined? Well, there’s no actual first episode of the weekly PodcastOne offering PO’DCast yet. But per the screen grab on the right, the 30-second promo for the show debuting this weekend has vaulted to the top of the iTunes Comedy Podcasts chart, as folks check in and subscribe.

In the 30-second tease, Miller explains that as far as “whose voice most mirrors what’s in my head, it’s this cat…” E.g. Carolla. Beginning Saturday, we’ll all get to hear what the pairing sounds like.

On a recent Miller Time, the host revisited with guest Kenny G the days in the 1980s when the saxophonist opened for Miles Davis and got Davis’ seal of peer approval. “You would think that the critics would take that and not be so hard on my music,” G suggested with a laugh. Responded Miller: “Once Miles tells you you’re OK, I would elicit the disapproval of the critics. I would feed off of it.”

G also related the hilarity of now accompanying his son Max to Megadeth concerts. “Picture me inside the mosh pit…” he told Miller. “All these metal heads are going, ‘Hey man, my mom really loves your music. Can I take your picture?'”

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Media Minutiae

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 23:00

PRNewser: We tried (and failed) to not laugh at Comcast referring to a customer as “Asshole Brown.

GalleyCat: Michael Fassbender will play Steve Jobs in the film about his life. Good luck satisfying Apple fans Mikey!

TVNewser: NBC News foreign correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin described Navy SEAL Chris Kyle as a “racist” who went on “killing sprees.” Safe to assume Mohyeldin gave American Sniper two thumbs down.

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Fishbowl Five With Terri White, Editor of Time Out New York

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 21:54

Last year was a period of transformation for Time Out New York. Terri White, who joined the publication last January as editor-in-chief, restructured the editorial staff and brought on a new award-winning art director, Chris Deacon. “I really believe the success of Time Out meant becoming a true multiplatform brand in New York. So instead of having two separate teams [print and digital], we built one big content team, and I brought in a lot of new senior staff,” said White. The result was an aesthetic change and a refresh of the content that really spoke to New Yorkers.

“Time Out’s always been a great source of information, but to me, it should also take the temperature of a city,” explained White. “So we started to do these new city identity pieces… about why we love this city so much. But also, I thought it would be interesting to delve into the good, bad and the very, very ugly of New York. So we did an issue on anxiety, we did features on sleep [and] on the perils of dating.”

Here, White answers five questions on Time Out‘s social success, a day in her life, her favorite NYC neighborhood and more.

FBNY: TONY recently won Folio’s Eddie & Ozzie Award for Best Use of Instagram for your Food & Drink Awards 2014 cover contest. How did that idea come about?

TONY_instagram-coverWhite: We have a lot of annual franchises at Time Out we’re famous for, and Food & Drink Awards is one of them. And my thing is they’re brilliant and they mean a lot to the reader, but how can we reinvent them each year. So we started off with a brainstorm of what’s happening with food and drinks in 2014. How can we execute it in a way that reflects that it’s 2014 and not 2004? And we got talking about how some of the best food imagery you see these days is actually on Instagram, and we’re not talking about a photographer’s Instagram; we’re talking about your friends or somebody you know or somebody you follow. So we thought it would be really interesting to capture that and bring the reader into the creation of that content. So we sent out a challenge and we said, OK, here are the finalists in the Food & Drink Awards. We want to put a reader’s photograph on the cover, our first-ever Instagram cover.

It’s no longer an us versus them sort of culture, in terms of we give you information and then you consume that information. To me it’s about how can we create a community in which we’re part of it and then the reader’s part of it. We’re a brand for New Yorkers by New Yorkers. The thing that we share with the readers is we all live in New York, we’re all experiencing New York, and so we want to bring them even closer to the brand than they ever have been before, and the Instagram contest did that really well.

FBNY: So what is an average day like for you?

White: It’s pretty hectic. I wanted Time Out New York to feel like a brand that people can zip into every hour, every day, every week. So for that reason we have a morning meeting about 10:15, which is just a quick standup meeting. The editors all come and they pitch ideas for digital that day, especially for the blog. So that gives us a chance to really talk about things that are happening right there and then in New York. If we hear of an amazing new opening or people talking about Taylor Swift is the ambassador for New York or Bushwick is named one of the coolest places in the city, we can start that dialog with our reader immediately.

And then I’ll have meetings with my senior editors, we’ll talk about how the website performed the day before and how we’re pacing to our target for the month, is there anything we need to do in terms of the content strategy to change how we’re doing — do we need more page reads, for example, is there something we should be running this week, next week? And then there’s obviously a natural production cycle with the actual physical print mag, which goes out on a Friday.

So I spend most of my day sort of really just immersed content. No day’s really the same, which is part of what I love about working for a brand like Time Out — it’s like an idea factory, a creation factory. We’re always brainstorming, we’re always like trying to think of new and cool and exciting ways to do things. So it’s pretty much like the world’s greatest job, I’d have to say.

FBNY: What are some lessons you’ve learned in your editorial career that you’re applying to your current position?

White: I’ve previously worked on teams which have had very separate digital and print entities. And I’m a very firm believer — and I have to say we’ve seen success with this at Time Out — of everybody working across every platform. For a brand to really be powerful you have to really execute content to such a high standard in a full 360-degree approach. What will [the reader] enjoy in print which then inspires them to go online, and then what will they see on social, which then drives them to pick up the print magazine?

FBNY: What is your favorite part of New York?

White: Well I live in Alphabet City — and it’s funny because a lot of my friends live in Brooklyn. They’re like, ‘Come and live in Brooklyn; it’s really cool.’ But I love Alphabet City. It’s got such a sense of community. There are lots of public parks out there. I came home one day, and I was looking out my window and there’s a woman rolling around on a wooden box in a leotard, and I still to this day have no idea what was going on, but I was like, ‘This is awesome.’ To me [the neighborhood] feels like real New York.

FBNY: What’s next for Time Out?

White: So 2015’s our twentieth anniversary, which is super exciting. I feel like we’ve made a lot of progress on the print publication, so we just won [MIN’s] Most Improved Publication award, which was great recognition for the work we’ve done [last] year. We’re about to launch a mobile responses platform, which we’re super, super excited about. So we’re going to be much more aggressive digitally, even more so than we have been this year. And we’re going to be rolling out a blogger network. I think we got Time Out New York back to being a talked about brand. We have people like Julian Casablancas and Karen O on the cover, Michael Cera, John Waters. It’s just been a great, great, great [past] year and I think 2015, it’s only going to get much bigger and better.

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From Romania with Corrections

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 21:00

This is one of the more unusual notations at the bottom of an article crediting additional contributions:

HuffPost software engineer Dan Fratean, who translated Chivu’s Facebook posts, contributed to this report.

The Facebook posts in question, by 25-year-old model Loredana Chivu, are in Romanian. With Fratean’s help, colleague Hilary Hanson is calling out the New York Daily News, Daily Mail and Daily Mirror for getting the story completely wrong. From the Bing translation of a message posted by Chivu earlier today:

It’s the first time in my life when I feel the need to comment on articles in the newspapers. Unfortunately the media in Italy, Spain and England published an article that is totally false…

Dad died February 27, 2008. My appearance in Playboy was in June 2009. Dad loved me enormously and never in my life have I disappointed him!

In other words, the timeline fails to support the sensational narrative that dad took his own life because of his shame over her nude pics.

P.S. The byline for the NYDN pick-up also caught our eye. It reads Cen and when we clicked to find out more about the one-name author, there was only the Chivu item listed along with zero bio information.
[Cropped cover of Chivu on the June 2009 Romanian cover courtesy: Playboy]

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Harper’s Bazaar and Nylon Make Changes

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 19:45

A couple Revolving Door items today, involving Harper’s Bazaar and Nylon. Details are below.

Aeriel Brown is joining Harper’s Bazaar as deputy photography director. Brown comes to the magazine from Entertainment Weekly, where she served as senior associate photo editor since 2012. Brown begins February 17. Nylon has added head of brand strategy to Michelle Lee’s role as editor-in-chief. In the new role she’ll oversee the magazine’s branded content. Lee joined Nylon last year.
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Major Changes Coming to InStyle and StyleWatch

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 19:00

Time Inc. has made some major changes involving the InStyle and People StyleWatch leadership teams. For starters, Ariel Foxman — currently InStyle’s editor — has been promoted to editorial director of both brands, a new role at the company.

Foxman’s good news is bad news for StyleWatch founding editor Susan Kaufman; she is out. “We thank Susan for her service and contributions to StyleWatch and to Time Inc.,” said executive VP Evelyn Webster.

On the publishing side, InStyle’s publisher Nina Lawrence will now oversee StyleWatch, and Stephanie Sladkus, StyleWatch’s publisher, will report to Lawrence.

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Cover Battle: Golf Digest or Fortune

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 18:00

Welcome back to another edition of FishbowlNY’s Cover Battle. This round we have Golf Digest taking on Fortune.

Golf Digest’s latest cover features pro golfer Billy Horschel daring us all to start dressing like penguins. A bold proposition, Bill.

The latest Fortune cover, meanwhile, features a unicorn startup bro. He wants to talk to you about his new photo app that automatically elongates horns. Every unicorn knows that size matters, so it’s going to be in high demand.

So readers, which cover is better? You can vote, comment, or do both.

Which Cover is Better, Golf Digest or Fortune

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A Southern Living Farm-to-Coffee-Table Project

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 17:45

The \"News & Press\" section of NYC interior designer Bunny Williams’ personal website has something of a magical rabbit hole quality. Scanning the array of magazine covers and clicking into the PDF articles reveals a world full of folks able to afford this superstar’s services.

BundoranFarmBannerHer webmaster will soon be adding an inordinate amount of coverage emanating from Virgina to the digital newsstand. The designer, who grew up in Charlottesville, has been tasked with designing Southern Living’s 26th Idea House, set to open in late June at the “preservation development” Bundoran Farm and be featured in the magazine’s August issue. From a Richmond Times-Dispatch write-up by real estate reporter Carol Hazard:

The 4,500 square foot two-story Idea House is being built on a 21-acre lot edged by a woodlands and pasture, said Hunter McCardle, vice president of Natural Retreats, the developer of the house and community. The house is on the market for $2.395 million.

Bundoran Farm is a conservation-based community… Three tenant farmers work the land there — a cattle, horse and sheep farmer; an orchard grower; and the Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard. Only 99 homes will be built in this community with 1,100 acres of pasture, 1,000 acres conserved as managed forest, 200 acres for orchards and 15 miles of trails

… “People love farms but not necessarily the hard work,” added McCardle , about farm life and those who buy into the community.

Ha ha. Ain’t that the kale-loving truth. Southern Living may also support this year’s Idea House with a companion source book.

[Image via:]
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A Superhero Movie Co-Written by a Newspaper Man

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 16:45

Last November, indie film The Posthuman Project screened in Times Square as part of the annual Urban Action Showcase. Tomorrow in Oklahoma City, the teen superhero drama will debut theatrically, not far from the newspaper where its co-writer has been working for more than a decade.

Matthew Price, features editor at The Oklahoman since 2009, started writing a weekly column about comic books for the paper in 2001. Today, he also blogs about the topic (\"Nerdage) and co-owns in Norman, with wife Annette, the comic books store Speeding Bullet Books & Comics. From The Posthuman Project’s Facebook page:

From the beginning, people in the film industry told us we weren’t going to get a theatrical release because we didn’t have any “stars”! Just goes to show with a great script and talented cast/crew, you can make an indie film that WILL get a theatrical release!

We couldn’t have done this without you all coming to the screenings during our festival run. If you’re near Oklahoma bring the whole family to support the film at AMC Quail Springs the week of Friday Jan 30th!

Price co-wrote the screenplay with Sterling Gates, an Oklahoma native currently based in LA. Gates is the author of the DC Comics graphic novel series Superman: New Krypton Saga. Congrats to everyone involved.

Editor’s Note: Sadly, there is no superhero saving the fortunes of daily newspapers. As we were writing this item, Romenesko linked to news that 18 Oklahoman staffers are being laid off through the end of today. Read the developing details here.

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Newsweek Cover on Sexism Draws Outrage

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 15:59


Newsweek’s latest cover is pissing off a lot of people. It’s a startling image, and the Twitter universe let loose on it. One called the cover “garbage.” Another said it was “horrid.” A few mentioned that the cover ruined whatever the cover story happened to be.

Of course, if anyone bothered to read the accompanying article, they’d see that the cover is almost perfect. Sure, it’s a little dumbed down for the subject it’s addressing. However, it definitely conveys that Silicon Valley sees women as objects, and that’s a big problem. Which is exactly what the Newsweek cover story explains.

Newsweek’s could’ve been a little smarter, but there’s no reason for outrage. Critics should save that for the real issue — which is detailed in the article that they refused to read.

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Mashable Raises $17 Million; Business Insider $25 Million

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 15:30

gravatar photo.jpgMashable and Business Insider have both raised good chunks of funding. Mashable raised  $17 million in Series B funding, led by Time Warner Investments. BI raised $25 million, led by Axel Springer.

It’s not surprising that both companies have enjoyed large funding rounds. Mashable has increased its revenue by 45 percent over the past year. Meanwhile, a “person familiar with BI” told The Wall Street Journal that the site turned a profit over the second half of last year, and revenue has grown “steadily.”

Traffic to the sites is also on the rise. According to ComScore, Mashable’s traffic increased by 17 percent in 2014, while BI’s jumped 55 percent.

The funding will trickle its way down to new staffers; each company plans to hire 100 new employees each.

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FishbowlNY Newsstand: Your Morning at a Glance

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 15:00



(Images: Newseum)

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Morning Media Newsfeed: Sullivan to Quit Blogging | AT&T to Create Snapchat Series

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 14:05
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Andrew Sullivan Says He’s Done Blogging (FishbowlDC)
Founding editor of The Dish Andrew Sullivan announced Wednesday afternoon on his blog that he has \"decided to stop blogging in the near future.\" Mediaite In a post simply titled \"A Note to My Readers,\" Sullivan explained that there were two main factors that led to his decision to give up daily blogging for nearly 15 years straight. \"That’s long enough to do any single job,\" he wrote. \"In some ways, it’s as simple as that. There comes a time when you have to move on to new things, shake your world up, or recognize before you crash that burn-out does happen.\" GigaOM It wasn’t immediately clear what Sullivan’s decision will mean for the future of the Daily Dish website, which has more than 30,000 paying subscribers contributing close to $1 million in revenue a year — a successful paywall/crowdfunding model that makes the blogger and his small team fairly unique in the new-media landscape. Capital New York On Wednesday, Sullivan announced that “the pay-meter has been disabled” and subscription auto-renewals have been “suspended.” The Dish is now in “strange, animated suspension,” he said. NYT Sullivan edited The New Republic from 1991 to 1996. Openly gay, he became known as a champion of gays in the military and same-sex marriage. A series of publications — Time magazine, The Atlantic and The Daily Beast — hosted his blog before he again struck out on his own in early 2013, charging readers for unlimited access to his site.

AT&T Launching Scripted Series on Snapchat (SocialTimes)
AT&T announced Wednesday that it’s going to launch a superhero series on Snapchat. It’ll be called SnapperHero and consist of 12 episodes that will disappear in 24 hours. Re/code It will feature YouTube celebrities like Freddie Wong and Harley Morenstein as well as Snapchat star Shaun \"Shonduras\" McBride. Each episode will run for a couple of minutes. THR SnapperHero, which was developed by producer Billy Parks and UTA digital media agent Kendall Ostrow in collaboration with AT&T, will source fan input to create the identities, costumes, origin stories and plotlines around its team of superheroes. Parks says that when the 12-episode series rolls out later this year, it will be tailored to its platform. Variety Launch of the series is a vote of confidence by a major advertiser in Snapchat, a photo-messaging application that allows users to send text, photos and videos to a defined set of contacts. AT&T has spent millions over the years to try to lure consumers to trying new forms of communications. Until last year, AT&T played a large role in sponsoring voting on Fox’s American Idol, a sponsorship that is believed to be instrumental in the rise of text-messaging as a mode of communication.

Facebook’s Q4 2014: Mobile Now 69 Percent of Ad Revenue (SocialTimes)
All estimates going into Q4 showed that ad spend on Facebook would rise. Facebook validated this belief Wednesday, showing that the company reaped its all-time high in quarterly ad revenue — $3.59 billion. Of that figure, 69 percent of Facebook’s ad revenue came via mobile. Adweek During the 2014 fourth quarter, Facebook did $3.6 billion in total ad sales, which was a 53 percent year-over-year increase. The booming sales were accompanied by a rising global user base that now sits at nearly 1.4 billion monthly active users, up 13 percent year-over-year. In all, Facebook took in about $12.5 billion in revenue in 2014, a 58 percent increase. THR In December, daily active users amounted to 890 million, up 18 percent compared to the same month a year ago. Mobile daily active users, though, surged 34 percent to 745 million in December. The stock rose 1 percent on Wednesday but an additional 2 percent in the after-hours session after the company’s quarterly results were announced. WSJ The 3 percent increase in daily active Facebook users last quarter was the lowest since 2012. The share of users who visit daily, which Facebook terms \"engagement,\" remained flat at 64 percent, the first time that ratio didn’t increase since the company went public more than two years ago. Facebook said 85 percent of its users now access the network via mobile devices, and more than a third access it exclusively via mobile.

Meredith Buys Shape, Will Fold Fitness (FishbowlNY)
Meredith Corporation is growing its empire. The company has acquired Shape, Natural Health and Fit Pregnancy — along with their digital properties — from AMI. Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. New York Post Meredith’s Shape rival, Fitness magazine, will fold its print edition and combine its subscriber list with Shape beginning with the May issue. The combination will boost Shape’s circulation rate base to 2.5 million from 1.6 million. The websites will continue under their own names. FishbowlNY Tim O’Connor will serve as Shape’s publisher. O’Connor most recently served as managing director of Meredith’s corporate sales group. Working alongside O’Connor is Eric Schwarzkopf, who will serve as associate publisher. Schwarzkopf was Fitness’ publisher. On the editorial side, Elizabeth Goodman Artis, Shape’s current editor-in-chief, will retain her role.

NBC Has Officially Sold All of Its $4.5 Million Super Bowl Spots (Adweek)
It’s official, and not a moment too soon: NBC has sold every single spot in the Super Bowl, although some pre-game spots are still up for grabs, according to Seth Winter, EVP of ad sales for NBCUniversal’s news and sports groups. The timing isn’t typical, by the way — Fox sold out the game in December last year. Deadline This is an indication that many advertisers looked askance at NBC’s effort to win an average of $4.5 million for a 30-second commercial, a record amount and up 7 percent from last year. In addition to the game, NBC says it has sold out the post-game show. Variety The company estimates it has more than 70 national commercials in the game. In a signal that closing out sales was tougher than usual, this year’s game will feature 15 rookie sponsors. The freshman ranks encompass everything from Loctite, the maker of Super Glue, to Jublia, a toenail fungus treatment, to Mophie, a maker of smartphone accessories.

New Senior Appointments at Tribune Publishing (Capital New York)
Tribune Publishing, which owns major metropolitan newspapers including The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and The Baltimore Sun, announced multiple senior appointments at its flagship property on Wednesday, as well as a new launch at the company’s licensing and syndication arm. Chicago Tribune Joycelyn Winnecke, formerly associate editor of the Chicago Tribune, was promoted to president of Tribune Content Agency, the syndication arm of Tribune Publishing. Additionally, the Tribune named 27-year newsroom veteran Peter Kendall as managing editor, and Colin McMahon, a 28-year Tribune veteran, as associate editor. Poynter / MediaWire Marcia Lythcott has been named commentary editor at the Tribune. Margaret Holt has also joined the masthead to \"recognize her role as standards editor for the newspaper,\" according to the Tribune

John Reiss Officially Named Executive Producer of Meet The Press (FishbowlDC)
In the wake of its highest rated show in 10 months, Alex Wallace, senior VP of NBC News, announced Wednesday that John Reiss has officially received the title of executive producer of Meet The Press. Politico / Dylan Byers on Media Reiss formerly spent seven years as the executive producer for MSNBC’s Hardball With Chris Matthews, as well as EP of MSNBC’s political programming. Before that, he spent two years as EP at NBC Nightly News. MTP has had some relative victories of late, including its Jan. 18 show, which drew 3.051 million total viewers — Chuck Todd’s best showing to date and the highest rating for MTP in 10 months.

Washington Post Journalist Jason Rezaian Will Reportedly Stand Trial ‘Soon’ (HuffPost / AP)
A Washington Post journalist detained in Iran for months will stand trial “soon,” the Islamic Republic’s official news agency reported Wednesday. The report by the IRNA news agency quoted Gholam Hossein Esmaeili, a senior judicial official. The report did not offer a specific time for the trial to start. The Washington Post The charges against Rezaian remain unknown. Rezaian, a dual American-Iranian citizen, also has not had access to legal counsel since his detention in late July.

James Carville No Longer Fox News Contributor (TVNewser)
Less than a year after he joined Fox News, James Carville is no longer a contributor to the network. The Ragin’ Cajun signed on with Fox News last February. Carville, who was lead strategist for Bill Clinton‘s 1992 election, and his wife, Republican strategist Mary Matalin, had been CNN contributors for the better part of 20 years, leaving in early 2013. Carville had also co-hosted CNN’s Crossfire in the early 2000s. No word on why Carville and Fox News parted ways.

Strange Inheritance Is FBN’s Highest-Rated Debut (TVNewser)
Jamie Colby‘s new show on the Fox Business Network, Strange Inheritance, debuted on Monday night as the network’s highest-rated show launch ever. The show debuted with back-to-back 30-minute episodes. The combined double premiere averaged 302,000 total viewers and 47,000 in the demo.

Q2 Earnings: Meredith Local Media Group Revenue Up 50 Percent (TVSpy)
Meredith Local Media Group, which consists of 17 stations, generated $157 million in total revenue in its second quarter of fiscal 2015. That’s up 50 percent compared to the same period a year ago.

Pence: State-Run Media Site Not Happening (Politico / Dylan Byers on Media)
Indiana governor Mike Pence said Wednesday that his administration is not planning to launch a state-run news site, despite reports to the contrary. Documents obtained and published by the Indianapolis Star on Monday show plans for a website that would function as a news outlet, breaking news about the administration, offering pre-written stories for small Indiana news outlets and lighter “personality driven profiles.”

Sony Mutes Its Music Streaming Service for Spotify (Variety)
Sony, which has spent millions trying to turn Music Unlimited into a brand, is pulling the plug on the streaming music service, turning to Spotify to provide its digital tunes instead. The two companies will launch PlayStation Music later this spring, with Music Unlimited playing its last song on March 29.

Gawker Media Had $6.7 Million Profit on $45 Million Revenue in 2014 (Capital New York)
Gawker Media made $6.7 million of profit on $45 million of net revenue in 2014, CEO Nick Denton said. Gawker has been bootstrapped by Denton since its founding, but plans to finally raise money through debt financing this year.

Lionsgate in Talks With China’s Hunan TV on $1.5 Billion Investment (Variety)
In an aggressive move to tap into Chinese investors, Lionsgate is in advanced conversations with Hunan TV and Broadcast Intermediary Co Ltd. on an agreement that would carry an overall value of $1.5 billion over the next three years.

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TVSpy Flooding Forces WBZ Crew to Call for Help While Covering Blizzard

Lost Remote Exclusive: Viacom Velocity Spoofs Parenting in the Social Media Age

SocialTimes Snapchat Was the Fastest Growing Social App of 2014

FishbowlNY Meredith Buys Shape, Will Fold Fitness

FishbowlDC John Reiss Officially Named Executive Producer of \"Meet the Press\"

GalleyCat Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy Gets Sequel

PRNewser GoDaddy Pulls Super Bowl Ad: #PRFail or Stunt?

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Glitter Gagster Deconstructs His Very Profitable Media Stunt

Wed, 01/28/2015 - 23:20

In the preface of Ryan Holiday’s New York Observer Q&A with Mathew Carpenter, the 22-year-old Australian responsible for recent flash-in-the-news-pan, the reporter explains that it was all just a premeditated media stunt. And that even when Carpenter told some journalists it was a stunt, those journalists chose to ignore that key fact and cover the topic, obliviously.

In the Q&A, Carpenter pays Fast Company contributor Nancy L. Miller a nice back-handed compliment, suggesting her coverage was the most impressive. At the other end of the bum’s rush scale, there were layers like this one:

“It really reinforced to me how little fact-checking and verification goes into a story,” notes Carpenter. “For example, many outlets reported I was a student at a local university which isn’t true and I have no idea how they came to that conclusion.”

Another reporter who covered the never-to-be-shipped-glitter trail was Chris O’Brien, a Toulouse, France based contributor for Venture Beat. He’s updated his item with the jaw-dropping fact that Carpenter sold the fabricated URL and accumulated customer leads for a cool $85,000. He also chimed in to the Observer/Betabeat item comments:

…Personally, I wrote about it because it was comic (and even warned people that it could be fake, so advised them not to send him money.) That this was an attempt at creating viral nonsense was obvious to anyone who read or wrote about this.

From faux conceit to real-world sale, a total of 22 days transpired. In other words, Carpenter made $3,863.63 per day from this one project alone. According to his cheeky bio, he’s been earning a living from these entrepreneurial efforts since 2010.

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Media Minutiae

Wed, 01/28/2015 - 23:00

SocialTimes: Those of you who don’t think there’s enough social networks, here’s a new one!

TVSpy: Reporting live during hazardous weather is just as glamorous as it sounds.

TVNewser: Wolf Blitzer discusses the Holocaust documentary Voices of Aushwitz, which airs tonight at 9 pm on CNN.

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Taking a Lunch Break…

Wed, 01/28/2015 - 22:52

Lunch At MichaelsOur intrepid Lunch reporter Diane Clehane skipped her usual rounds at Michael’s today, but have no fear, she’ll be back to dish on the city’s movers and shakers a week from today.

In the meantime, here are some recent columns to chew on…

Exclusive: Charles Spencer on His ‘Killer’ New Book, Memories of Princess Diana

WSJ Alums Fete John Quincy Adams Book Author, Zinczenko’s Latest Best-Seller

Memories of ‘Spiritual’ Mario Cuomo; Joanna Coles, Bob Barnett and Mel Karmazin

Jennifer Aniston Serves ‘Cake’ to Gayle King, Arianna Huffington and Marlo Thomas

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Josh Topolsky Discusses Bloomberg Business

Wed, 01/28/2015 - 22:42

Bloomberg Business (, the new site from Bloomberg, has finally launched. Business features responsive design and bold images. It combines Bloomberg News, Businessweek and Bloomberg TV into one site, and it shows. There’s definitely information overload. Josh Topolsky, editor of Bloomberg Digital, is not concerned.

“What we’ve never done before is harness every one of Bloomberg’s powerful news assets — Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg TV, our digital video operation, radio, and live events, and channel the best of them into one platform,” Topolsky told FishbowlNY.

When we suggested that merging the brands might lead to some confusion among readers — for example, Businessweek articles will be housed at — he countered that Business would have the opposite effect.

“The differences between our previous two digital entry points, and, were never clear to consumers and advertisers,” he said. “With Bloomberg Business, we now have one entry point. Again, this is about pooling all of our global resources together and in doing so, each individual brand will grow stronger.”

Indeed, some aspects of Business are truly impressive. A feature on the decline of Abercrombie & Fitch — which was a Businessweek cover article — carries the design punch that has become synonymous with the magazine. As you scroll through the piece, colorful quotes from the piece explode onto the page. It makes typical web content seem almost inane.

Over time, when people think of Bloomberg, they will think of Business first. For now, Business is a bulky site that could simply baffle some avid Bloomberg News and Businessweek fans. Why fix something that isn’t broken? But perhaps those people are missing the point: The only way to improve several good brands is to mold them into a great one.

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Shape Leadership Announced

Wed, 01/28/2015 - 20:54

As we reported early this morning, Meredith has purchased Shape from AMI, and as a result, will fold Fitness. Now the company has announced the new Shape leadership team.

Tim O’Connor will serve as Shape’s publisher. O’Connor most recently served as managing director of Meredith’s corporate sales group. Working alongside O’Connor is Eric Schwarzkopf, who will serve as associate publisher. Schwarzkopf was Fitness’ publisher.

On the editorial side, Elizabeth Goodman Artis, Shape’s current editor-in-chief, will retain her role. Betty WongFitness’ editor-in-chief, will serve as VP, brand development for the Shape and Fitness digital brands.

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Smells Like a Heck of a Meta Moment

Wed, 01/28/2015 - 20:45

It started January 24. That’s when freelance film critic Boyd van Hoeij filed a mixed review of the Sundance Film Festival feature documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck for our sister publication THR.

Cut to a nearby Park City location not too long thereafter, where the director of said documentary, Brett Morgen (pictured), picked arguably the perfect place to express his feelings about an anything-but-nirvana slice of film criticism. From Chris Gardner’s THR report:

Morgen didn’t help matters by throwing a fit inside THR’s Sundance Lounge. His attitude was sparked by THR’s mixed review of the film, which debuts May 4 on HBO.

That’s not TV. That’s not Park City. That’s freakin’ hilarious!

P.S. Some of you may recognize the name of the critic from his efforts last year to document, on Twitter, every single film screening he attended. The 2014 total was ridiculous: 400+.
[Photo: Featureflash/]  
[H/T: @TheInSneider]

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Nick Denton Remains ‘Bullish’ on Media Sector

Wed, 01/28/2015 - 20:15

And why shouldn’t he be? The Gawker Media founder tells Capital New York that on 2014 net revenues of $45 million, his company banked a profit of $6.7 million.

From the article:

Denton remains optimistic both about Gawker’s potential for growth and its ability to stay independent of outside investors.

“The tipping point has been reached. We are bullish, about the U.S. economy, about the relentless march of the Internet and about our own position. I am with Marc Andreessen: I believe the media sector will be ten times its current size. It will subsume sectors such as retail, something we’re already seeing with growth in revenues from people shopping and subscribing through our sites,” he told Capital.

Denton is also getting ready to do some debt-financing. Read the rest of Peter Sterne’s interview-teaser item here.
[Image: Sergey Nevins/]

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