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Covering the pulse of New York media
Updated: 4 min 26 sec ago

NY Times Names Ian Fisher Weekend Editor

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 16:50

The New York Times has named Ian Fisher its new weekend editor. He most recently served as head of the Times investigations team.

Fisher has been with the Times since the early 1990s. He has served as a Metro reporter and worked in five foreign bureaus — Nairobi, Warsaw, Prague, Rome and Baghdad.

“Ian brings to the weekend job unfailing judgment, the respect of his colleagues across the newsroom and an intricate understanding of how to guide our global news operation,” wrote Times executive editor Dean Baquet, in a memo. “All of these qualities have made him a terrific newsroom leader and will continue to.”

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Nylon Names Jamie Elden President, CRO

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 16:16

355369Nylon has named Jamie Elden president and chief revenue officer. Elden comes to Nylon from Media General subsidiary Federated Media, where he served as CRO and head of entertainment.

Prior to his time at Media General, Elden was executive vice president and head of the digital studio at United Entertainment Group.

“In Jamie, I’ve finally found a leader as passionate as I am about the future of Nylon as the definitive brand for young women throughout the world,” said Nylon Media executive chairman Marc Luzzatto, in a statement. “Jamie’s leadership, and experience in print, as well as digital content and revenues is a perfect fit for Nylon’s unique integrated media business. Our audience and brand partners can look forward to extraordinary growth and extraordinarily engaging content.”


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NFL Players Suit Up for Sports Journalism Boot Camp

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 16:00

There are more than two dozen current and former NFL players taking part in this weekend’s fourth annual NFL Sports Journalism & Radio Boot Camp, running April 14-17 at Ohio’s Bowling Green State University. Participants include recent New York Jets offensive lineman Willie Colon, currently a free agent, and linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, who just signed with the Buffalo Bills.


The event is coordinated by Bowling Green alum Richard A. Maxwell, who played for the Denver Broncos and Tampa Bay Buccaneers before working as senior director of broadcasting in the NFL Commissioner’s Office. From a report by NFL Player Engagement insider Lisa Zimmerman about yesterday’s boot camp kick off:

[Former ESPN talent executive] Gerry Matalon emphasized the importance of being able to be proficient at more than one skill in the new world of online and mobility.

“Journalism has changed dramatically,” he said. “You’ve got to do a little of everything. It’s near impossible to be great at all of it, but you’ve got to be good at it.” And he added the most important thing of all to achieve success: “Preparation never goes out of style.”

NFLPlayerEngagementLogoOther panelists and facilitators include NFL player-turned-journalist Brian Baldinger (NFL Network), NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino, CBS anchor James Brown, Westwood One executive vice president and producer Howard Deneroff and e Gerry Matalon, director of National Sports Journalism Center and former New York Times writer Malcolm Moran and ESPN digital media producer Jason Romano.

On the school side, the faculties involved in the Boot Camp are the BSGU Schools of Media and Communications and Human Movement, Sport. Last month, Matalon joined talent agency Playbook Inc. as executive vice president of player development.

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Michael Hainey Joins Hearst Magazines

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 15:30

Hearst Magazines has named Michael Hainey executive director of editorial for Esquire and editor at large for Town & Country.

Hainey was most recently editor at large for GQ. He served as the magazine’s deputy editor from 2003 to 2015. Hainey’s work has also appeared in Architectural Digest, Wired, and Condé Nast Traveler. He is the author of the memoir After Visiting Friends.

Hainey’s appointment is effective May 11.

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NY Post Endorses Donald Trump

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 15:00

151The New York Post has endorsed Donald Trump in the Republican primary.

This is the second New York paper to express support for Trump, as the Observer cast its vote for Trump on Tuesday. But at least the Observer had to — it’s owned by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

The Post, meanwhile, decided to take this route because Trump “gets things done.”

“Trump is a do-er,” stated the paper’s editorial board. “As a businessman, he’s created jobs for thousands. And he’s proven how a private-sector, can-do approach can rip through government red tape and get things done. These last 10 months, he’s ripped through a different morass — the nation’s stale, insider-driven politics.”

Trump also called Mexicans criminals and rapists, does ISIS’ work for it, is a moron and so on and so on. But sure, might as well endorse him.

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NY Post Editor Col Allan to Retire

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 14:45

New York Post editor Col Allan has announced that he is retiring at the end of April.

Allan has been editor of the Post since 2001. He previously served as editor of Australia’s The Daily Telegraph. Allan has been with News Corp. since 1974.

“It has been an enormous privilege to edit this great paper,” said Allan, in a statement. “I know that the paper will continue to grow in scale and influence.”

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FishbowlNY Newsstand: Battle in Brooklyn

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 14:24


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When in Rome, This Taxi Driver Does Not Need GPS

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 23:30

At age 75, Rome cab driver Alberto Tomassi is finally getting ready to retire. But not before taking International New York Times reporter Elisabetta Povoledo for a delightful spin down Corsia di Memoria (Memory Lane).

The article has not a single ounce of click-bait in it. It’s also a reminder of the sort of subject matter expanse that only a few outlets today can still afford to cover. From Povoledo’s piece:

Then as now, celebrities were fodder for the gossip-hungry public, and paparazzi buzzed the streets on swerving scooters scouting nightclubs – like Milleluci and the Grotte del Piccione, long since closed – for their prey. “Those were the days before the selfies,” Mr. Tomassi said.

Unfolding a plastic bag, he gingerly lifted a faded newspaper clipping mounted in a simple frame: a personal memento from those long-gone days when Rome was known as Hollywood on the Tiber.

A photo showed Mr. Tomassi as he squired the actors Ursula Andress and Jean-Paul Belmondo around Rome.

The actors met while filming the 1965 comedy Up to Their Ears (trailer, above). When Tomassi drove them, they were working on the 1967 James Bond spoof Casino Royale. Over the years, Tomassi, who started at the wheel of his first taxi vehicle Feb. 5, 1966, has also driven Frederico Fellini, Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren,

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James Cameron Is King of the CinemaCon World

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 21:20

All week, entertainment reporters in Las Vegas for the annual CinemaCon movie theater owners and operators convention have been simultaneously tweeting out news from each of the big, successive studio presentations. Yesterday’s marquee news was that Warren Beatty is finally getting ready to release his long-gestating Howard Hughes movie and may also crank out, of all things, a Dick Tracy sequel.

Today, James Cameron has Beatty handily beat with the revelation that there will now be four Avatar sequels, reaching all the way to 2023. There are definitely many more than five different ways to slice up the Twitter avatar reactions. We’ve glommed on to one particular strand and the thoughts of, in order: The Atlantic’s associate editor, culture; the author of the novel Pro-Apocalypse; and New York indie listings magazine editor and publisher Jon Dieringer.




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Taylor Swift Covers Vogue

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 21:00

CgBI42EUEAADMUS.jpg-largeTaylor Swift is Vogue’s latest cover star.

For the accompanying endless praise of a profile, Swift brought Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Gay along to her best friend’s wedding. Swift was serving as, according to Vogue, “the best maid of honor ever.” Sorry everyone, ever.

Jezebel and New York got a little upset about Swift doing this to her best friend, but the friend obviously didn’t give a shit and so neither do we.

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Cover Battle: Cosmopolitan or W

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 20:00

Welcome back to another edition of FishbowlNY’s weekly Cover Battle. This round we have Cosmopolitan squaring off against W.

Cosmo’s latest features Scarlett Johansson looking pretty great with short hair. Also, Flat Belly Fast! Which is all we’ve ever wanted, honestly.


W’s May issue also comes with a stunner — Jennifer Lopez. She’s dressed like a matador and still looks amazing.


So readers, which cover is better? You can vote, comment, or do both.

Which Cover is Better, Cosmo or W?

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Daily News Columnist Shaun King Highlights His Editorial Independence

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 19:20

Fun moment at the top of Shaun King’s online interview with our former TVNewser colleague Jordan Chariton, now covering the Presidential campaign for The Young Turks.

King, the paper’s senior justice writer, disagreed with Chariton’s statement that he might not want to come out with criticism of the paper’s interviews with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, because it could be seen as “biting the hand” that feeds him.

“I don’t see it as biting the hand that feeds me,” King explained. “I was telling you before we started. The Daily News has really given me a lot of freedom to say what I think and to give my honest take and perspective on, not just the Sanders campaign, but a wide variety of issues – on injustice, police brutality. For instance, our paper has traditionally been the most read paper in New York by police officers. We’re kind of seen in the city as a working-class paper for public servants and others. But I’m very critical of not just police brutality but police misconduct, the way police handle misconduct. I’m critical of public servants and people in power. And so, they’ve given me the freedom to do that.”

Later on, King revealed that he had just posted a rebuttal to the paper’s endorsement of Clinton. Prompting Chariton to interject: “Wow, they do give you a lot of freedom.”

“I am a young turk inside of the New York Daily News, in essence,” King later added. Indeed, King has been impressive in his time so far at the paper, in a way that would fit right in with Cenk Uygur’s operation.

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New Republic Editor Gabriel Snyder Departs Magazine

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 18:54

New Republic’s new owner Win McCormack is about to have a new editor. Gabriel Snyder, who served as NR’s editor since 2014, is departing the magazine.

Snyder previously worked for Gawker and The Atlantic.

In a memo to staffers, New Republic publisher Hamilton Fish said Snyder “put his distinctive mark on what a political and cultural institution looks like in 2016.”

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Cosmo, Atlantic Media Make Moves

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 18:36

A couple Revolving Door items for you this morning, involving Cosmopolitan and Atlantic Media’s Defense One. Details are below.

Angela Ledgerwood has been named books editor at large for Cosmo. Ledgerwood is the host and creator of the podcast Lit Up and previously worked for Cosmo as an assistant editor. Marcus Weisgerber has been promoted to global business editor of Defense One. He previously served as a global business reporter for the site.
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Lakers Play-by-Play Announcer Channels Chick Hearn, Jack Buck

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 18:00

LATSunday_4_17_SectionAs Jordan Clarkson put the finishing scoring touches on Kobe Bryant’s final game as a Laker, 710 ESPN Radio play-by-play announcer John Ireland marveled on-air that the game was “in the refrigerator” and that, in reference to No. 24’s record-setting 60 points, “I don’t believe what I just saw.” Those were, respectively, references to the late, great Chick Hearn and Jack Buck’s call when Kurt Gibson hit a walk-off home run for the Dodgers in the 1988 World Series.

This morning on ESPN 710, Ireland explained that the only thing he had thought about ahead of time in terms of game-ending calls was such a nod to Hearn’s signature wrap-up. It’s only upon listening to his broadcast words again this morning that Ireland realized he had also hit the memory bank for the Buck reference. On a recent NBC Sports list, the Buck World Series reaction was ranked as the fifth best call sports broadcast history.

Ireland’s ESPN colleague J.A. Adande has his own great take today. Under the headline “Kobe’s Glorious Ending Was So Kobe,” he writes:

Kobe Bryant went out in the most Kobefied way possible. Sixty points on 50 shots. FIFTY SHOTS. He shot shot shot to the very end. He either defied his critics or proved them right. You’re welcome to choose. There will be no more parsing of Kobe Bryant to be done around these parts. No more narratives because there’s nothing left to write. No more arguing about how he should do it, or how his way compares to others. This is how he did it. Past tense. If the methods were debatable, the results were undeniable, and now finalized. They will hang his jersey on the wall in Staples Center and they will erect a statue of him in the plaza outside because of the way he did it.

Pictured: The front of this Sunday’s L.A. Times special Kobe Bryan pull-out section.

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NY Times to Invest $50 Million in ‘NYT Global’

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 16:33

The New York Times is going all in on its digital future by announcing NYT Global, a team tasked with expanding the Times’ revenue streams outside of America.

In a note to staffers, Times executive editor Dean Baquet said the paper would be investing $50 million into NYT Global over the next three years.

“Every part of the company, the newsroom, product and technology, advertising and consumer marketing, and data and analytics, among others, needs to think creatively about attracting and retaining a bigger non-American audience and growing revenue outside the U.S.,” wrote Baquet.

The NYT Global team is as follows:

Joe Kahn and Stephen Dunbar-Johnson led the recent International work stream, and together they will head NYT Global. Joe, as assistant masthead editor, International, will orchestrate editorial coverage and strategy together with the International Desk and other top newsroom editors. Stephen, as international president, will oversee business operations.

Lydia Polgreen will become an associate masthead editor and editorial director for NYT Global, Joe’s second in command in this endeavor, charged with crafting our approach to new markets and prioritizing international readers.

Paul Walborsky, who in partnership with Lydia, successfully managed the launch of The New York Times en Español, will become senior vice president, International Market Development, where he will be charged with setting up and managing businesses in identified key markets, including those already established in Mexico and China. Craig Smith who oversees our China business operations will now report to Paul.

James Slezak, who has played a central role developing our international digital strategy, will become vice president and chief of operations, charged with coordinating the work of the NYT Global teams and maintaining the overall business case, strategy and vision.

Charlotte Gordon, as vice president, international consumer marketing, will oversee non-U.S. consumer revenue and is successfully driving the strong rate of subscriber growth we are seeing from international markets.

Dan Blumberg, who has led key elements of our mobile and off-platform product, will manage digital product vision as product director, International.

Suzanne Yvernes, as international chief financial officer, will be responsible for tracking and reporting on the group’s financial performance.

Jean Christophe Demarta, as senior vice president, Global Advertising, will continue to lead our efforts to grow our international advertising across all of our platforms.


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SI’s MMQB Adds Tim Rohan

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 16:09

Sports Illustrated’s has added Tim Rohan as a writer. Rohan most recently worked for The New York Times as its Mets beat writer.

Rohan had been with the Times since 2012. He previously covered national college football for the paper.

“Tim is one of the most inquisitive young reporters I have met,” said MMQB editor Peter King, in a statement. “What impresses me about him is his ability to step into a situation of unfamiliarity and turn around a good and smart story quickly.”

Rohan will join MMQB in June.

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Steph Curry Grabs the Bull by the Horns

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 15:15

There’s a striking illustration at the top of today’s Mercury News front page, related to the Golden State Warriors breaking the Chicago Bulls NBA regular-season mark for victories. The artwork, by Milan-based freelance artist Davide Barco, shows Steph Curry grabbing a Chicago bull by the proverbial horns.


Barco is no stranger to vivid NBA-related artwork. On his home page, previous samples include a pair of Warriors illustrations created for a Dec. 25, 2015 New York Times piece as well as a personal illustration inspired by Michaelangelo’s “The Creation of David.”

For the latter, Barco drew Lakers No. 24 reaching out an extended arm to Bulls No. 23. Many are calling last night the greatest night in NBA regular season history, what with Kobe dropping 60 in his final game and the Warriors reaching 73 victories. The Barco Curry illustration is also on the front of today’s East Bay Times, the other Bay area paper resulting from the recent consolidation of dailies by the Bay Area News Group.

Image via:

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Vice Adds NY Times Media Reporter

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 15:00

Vice has added Ravi Somaiya to its upcoming Vice On HBO news show. Somaiya most recently served as a media reporter for The New York Times.

Somaiya previously worked with Gawker. He joined the Times in 2012.

“Ravi has been a collegial presence in the newsroom, quick to help colleagues and offer insight into stories on the media beat and elsewhere,” wrote Times business editor Dean Murphy, in a memo.

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FishbowlNY Newsstand: Best Friends

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 14:30


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