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Covering the pulse of New York media
Updated: 12 min 29 sec ago

Ezra Klein is Not a Member of Vampire Weekend

Sat, 02/14/2015 - 02:30

However, for a brief time today, the EIC of got as close as he ever will.


The correction above [click to enlarge] was added to New York Times LA bureau chief Adam Nagourney’s article about the revitalization of Hollywood. It is, as much as anythying, a reminder of the power of reader comments as that appears to be how editors became originally aware:

Carla Charlton Portland, OR
Do you mean Ezra Koenig of the band Vampire Weekend?

It’s actually very easy, while writing a blog post or newspaper article, to blank out on a proper name and substitute the wrong first or last one, without realizing. And in this particular case, since it was such a minor article detail, it’s easy to imagine how it might have escaped notice.

Both Ezras have substantial Twitter followings. At press time, the Vampire one had chimed in, replying to BuzzFeed’s culture executive editor Doree Shafrir.

@doreeshafrir LIVID

— Ezra Koenig (@arzE) February 13, 2015

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This Tweet Was So Not on the @CNNMoney

Sat, 02/14/2015 - 00:00

Today’s article by CNN Money media reporter Frank Pallotta, “Has There Ever Been a Sadder Week in Journalism?,” now sports the following addendum at the bottom:

Editor’s note: This story was written from a place of deep respect and admiration for Simon and Carr. We regret our original first sentence to this story, have amended it, and sincerely apologize.

All week, media observers have been having a hard time with the way many folks have been grouping together the sudden departures of Brian Williams and Jon Stewart with the sudden deaths of Bob Simon and David Carr. So when this tweet crossed the wire late Friday, it essentially broke that camel’s back.


The tweet was picking up on the first sentence from Pallotta’s item, and has since been deleted. On a brighter note, earlier today, Pallotta was recalling via Twitter his one and only meeting with the late New York Times media critic:

I met David Carr once. I told him who I was and that I worked with @brianstelter. He asked me smiling, “Did Brian make you shave your head?”

I was so, so nervous going up to him, but he knew exactly what to say to make me feel comfortable. I have to assume he did that for so many.

As Twitter user Steven Ross (@Promootheus) noted, the “absurd” CNN phrasing wouldn’t have been any more palatable even if it had managed to include another key media departure this week: Rosie O’Donnell.

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RD Recap: Ellis Jones Named EIC of Vice Magazine; Jared Keller Out at Mic

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 23:13

Revolving DoorVice promotes Ellis Jones to editor-in-chief. She had been executive editor and replaces Rocco Castoro, who resigned and announced the news during a panel at the University of Chicago. According to Politico‘s Dylan Byers, Jones — who becomes the first female EIC in Vice’s 20-year history — “has effectively been serving in that role for six months.” Castoro, not one to clear up matters, simply offered that “some stuff happened, let’s say.” Alex Miller, currently EIC of the U.K. edition, is now the company’s new global head of content. He’s in charge of all the digital channels and his Twitter profile lists his interests as “hard news, soft rock,” which is fantastic…

Jared Keller loses his job at Mic after Gawker’s J.K. Trotter published multiple examples of the former Bloomberg social media editor committing plagiarism. After an internal review, Mic EIC Jake Horowitz made the decision to part ways with his news editor. Keller took to Twitter to apologize, writing in part that, “there’s no excuse for my sloppiness,” which is a strange way to say you’re sorry. The scandal claims another person as well. Chris Miles – who was once managing editor of Mic – is out as Marketwatch’s viral news editor. He was on suspension at Mic due to plagiarism concerns when he moved to the Dow Jones site… Read More

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Media Minutiae

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 23:00

TVNewser: CNN New Day anchor Alisyn Camerota wakes up at 2:30 am. That’s pure insanity.

SocialTimes: Everyone on Twitter loves Better Call Saul. Perhaps because the show is awesome.

TVSpy: Kyle Kraska, the sports director who was shot Tuesday, is in critical, but stable condition.

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The 5 Most Popular FBNY Posts for The Week

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 21:00

Here’s a look at the posts that made the most buzz the past seven days.

NY Post Gives Brian Williams a Solid Nickname NBC News Hangs Brian Williams Out to Dry Publisher to Charge Student Journalists for Bylines David Carr Doesn’t Think Brian Williams Should be Fired InStyle Blames it on the Lighting

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David Carr and the ‘Badass’ Breastfeeding BBC Staffer

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 20:45

ReganMorrisTwitterPicSo many of the remembrances of the late New York Times media critic have been about \"smaller\" moments. Moments that, nonetheless, spoke volumes about the man’s M.O. and his ability to resonate with the recipient(s).

Here’s one more from Regan Morris (pictured), a Los Angeles-based producer for BBC News. She recalls how, at the outset of her U.S. career, her newborn son needed to be breastfed at the office. Right when she was tasked with welcoming Carr to the studio for a remote satellite TV interview.

But she needn’t have worried about her flushed face or the loud sounds of suckling that could be heard from inside her chest sling:

Carr was not only polite and gracious, he was impressed. “Wow, talk about the modern face of broadcasting,” I remember him saying. He followed that with a string of compliments, which included words like “amazing,” “strong” and “powerful.” He may have even used the word “badass” instead of amazing, and he said it was the most memorable and beautiful greeting he’d ever had at a BBC bureau.

As a new mom just starting the juggle of career and motherhood, his words and his reaction meant a great deal to me. It actually affected the way I raise my sons and nurture them publicly – sometimes while I’m working – without shame.

Morris regrets never having been able to thank Carr for this treatment. RIP.

[Photo via: @reganmorris1]
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NY Jobs: Lumentus, Baltz & Company, Market America

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 20:30

This week, Lumentus is hiring a multimedia managing editor, while Baltz & Company needs a community manager. Market America is seeking a fashion blog writer, and Kaplan Test Prep is on the hunt for a web editorial director. Get the scoop on these openings below, and find additional just-posted gigs on Mediabistro.

Multimedia Managing Editor Lumentus (New York, NY) Community Manager Baltz & Company (New York, NY) Fashion Blog Writer Market America (New York, NY) Web Editorial Director Kaplan Test Prep (New York, NY) Senior Editor Brick Underground (New York, NY)

Find more great NY jobs on the Mediabistro job board. Looking to hire? Tap into our network of talented media pros and post a risk-free job listing. For real-time openings and employment news, follow @MBJobPost.

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Five David Carr Memories

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 18:15

In the ten years of this blog, there have been more than three hundred items referencing the great David Carr. Looking through the FishbowlNY archives this morning, we were struck by the following passages.

DavidCarrCarpetbagger1) Kurt Andersen on Carr’s Carpetbagger Skill Set:

He is preternaturally perfect for the Web — a friendly, wisecracking 50-year-old character with a Minnesota rasp, the very opposite of self-serious. His years at alternative weeklies make him \"predisposed to try whatever. ‘Video would be nice,’ they [the Times] said,\" when the blog started. \"And I thought, in for a penny, in for a pound. I said, ‘I’ll go around in Times Square and hop around like an idiot and that should be sufficient.’\" His videos are an alt version of the Today show out in Rockefeller Plaza, or as if Tom Waits had Ryan Seacrest‘s job.

2) Carr Answering Howard Kurtz’ Question About Potential Night of the Gun Conflicts:

“You know, two weeks ago I would have said, Howard, that is a non-issue. Not going to happen. But right now, I’m in the thicket of coverage, and many of the people that I write about are currently writing about me. And it’s created at least a temporary sort of problem for me.”

3) Carr on the Modest Virtues of Celebrity Gossip:

“While I am a sucker for a Page Six item revealing that Paris Hilton has achieved detente with a former frenemy, I’m not about to pay for that information. Much of the news that News Corporation produces is already a commodity by the time it hits the Web.\"

4) Carr, Page One Movie Star (as Reviewed by Michael Kinsley in His Own Paper):

The moviemakers must have felt that they had found their Jimmy Breslin or their Hildy Johnson (the real and fictional archetypes of the crusty, hard-living journalist)… The movie swoons for Mr. Carr. We are told again and again — at least twice by Mr. Carr himself — that he used to be a cocaine addict and a single parent on welfare and has seen some things in his day… The only flaw in this act is his inability to be cynical about his employer. As he freely admits, David Carr loves the New York Times.

5) Carr’s First Quick Take on the Late Philip Seymour Hoffman:

Hoffman had a belly, but the man was not soft — he gave as good as he got, huffing and puffing the whole time.
Somewhere in there, his pants slipped, and he was selling a fair amount of crack. It was not his best feature, but he did not seem to care, instead concentrating on the matter at hand, which was fighting [Rainn] Wilson to a joyous and crowd-pleasing standstill.

[Jacket cover courtesy: Simon & Schuster]
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Forbes Gives Up, Puts Sponsored Ad on Cover

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 17:35

forbes copyPerhaps the only way to do sponsored content is to go as big as possible. That’s exactly what Forbes has done by placing a native ad on its latest cover.

Forbes isn’t the first magazine to take this route. Last May, Time featured Verizon ads on its cover, which prompted us to throw our hands up and shout expletives.

The Forbes sponsored ad makes us just as angry, but for a slightly different reason. The ad — for an infographic from Fidelity — was part of a larger buy that also includes digital ads. But get this — the cover tease didn’t come at a premium. It was thrown in as a byproduct of the deal!

Mark Howard, Forbes’ chief revenue officer, explained this brilliant idea by telling Ad Age it was “appropriate for Fidelity to be called out on the cover just like any other great piece of content would be.” Typing that sentence felt gross.

Look. FishbowlNY hates the idea of ads taking over magazine covers, but we get that it might be inevitable. However, if you’re going to sell your soul, at least charge a little extra for it.

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Anna Wintour Encounters Human Baby, is Unsure What to Do

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 16:45

A photo posted by WDW (@whatsdaword13) on Feb 12, 2015 at 2:42pm PST

Like the big shot that she is, Vogue editor and Condé Nast artistic director Anna Wintour had a front row seat to Kanye West’s fashion show. Unfortunately for her, that meant sitting next to West’s daughter, North.

As you can see, North was more concerned with being a baby than fashion. Wintour, faced with a human baby, was unsure what to do. How could she be? This was a baby. Not only that, it was a baby in close proximity. Everyone knows that nearby babies are the most dangerous babies.

Thankfully, Wintour’s natural instincts kicked in and she did what she does best: Wear sunglasses indoors and look mildly disappointed.

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Crain’s New York Cuts 40 Percent of Staff

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 16:24

This Friday is off to a shitty start. According to Talking Biz News, 11 staffers were given the axe at Crain’s New York. That represents about 40 percent of its staff.

Publisher Jill Kaplan told staffers the cuts were necessary to “re-align the brand’s costs with its revenues.” Those let go included the following:

Valerie Block and Erik Ipsen – deputy managing editors Steve Krupinski – art director Theresa Agovino and Lisa Fickenscher – senior reporters Chris Bragg and Thornton McEnery – reporters Nazish Dholakia – web reporter, producer Suzanne Panara – data editor Thad Rutkowski – copy editor Jessica Kramer – researcher

As for those left, editor Glen Coleman has transitioned to editor-at-large and managing editor Jeremy Smerd has been promoted to executive editor.

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Time Inc. Editors Created Google Ad

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 16:05

Time Inc. is pulling out all the stops for its native advertising. According to Ad Age, editors at 11 Time Inc. magazines helped create an ad for Google’s mobile app last fall.

Joe Ripp, Time Inc.’s CEO, explained that each editor had to create an ad that fit the magazine’s theme. For Time, an article on flags showed the app with copy reading “OK Google, how many American flags are there on the moon?” For InStyle, the Google ad featured a question on ABC’s hit show Scandal.

During a conference call, Ripp downplayed the significance of editors working on ads. “Our native initiatives are a natural complement to our creative process and consistent with our commitment to editorial standards and integrity,” Ripp said.

Surely advertisers are excited about this “natural complement.” We’re taking bets on if editors are overjoyed as well.

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Time Promotes Jorg Stratmann

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 15:35

baby-finalTime has promoted Jorg Stratmann from executive sales director, Northeast, to associate publisher. Stratmann has been with Time Inc. since 2011, when he joined as an account manager.

“Jorg’s strategic and disciplined leadership approach has consistently driven revenue and results for the Time brand,” wrote Time publisher Meredith Long, in a memo. “He is one of the best leaders I’ve seen. He’s a natural at managing and inspiring sales teams and will be instrumental in Time’s continued evolution and growth across all franchises and extensions.”

Stratmann will report to Long. His appointment is effective immediately.

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Remembering David Carr Through His Work

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 15:20

David Carr, who died late last night at 58, was a giant among media reporters. His weekly New York Times column was a must read in era when very few pieces qualify as such. Even when we disagreed with Carr, he presented a point of view that demanded attention and respect.

In our own little way, FishbowlNY wanted to honor Carr by highlighting some of our favorite columns. Below are just a few.

Flocking to buy Charlie Hebdo, Citizens Signal Their Support of Free Speech Both Hero and Villain, and Irresistible Calling Out Bill Cosby’s Media Enablers, Including Myself AOL Chief’s White Whale Finally Slips His Grasp The Pressure to be the TV News Leader Tarnishes a Big Brand When Reporters Become Targets, War Coverage is Reduced to a Stream of Videos
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FishbowlNY Newsstand: Your Morning at a Glance

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 15:00



(Images: Newseum)

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Morning Media Newsfeed: David Carr Dies at 58 | AJ Journalists Freed

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 14:18
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David Carr, Times Critic And Champion of Media, Dies at 58 (NYT)
David Carr, a writer who wriggled away from the demon of drug addiction to become an unlikely name-brand media columnist at The New York Times, and the star of a documentary about the newspaper, died on Thursday in Manhattan. He was 58. TVNewser \"He was the finest media reporter of his generation,\" said executive editor Dean Baquet. \"He was our biggest champion, and his unending passion for journalism and for truth will be missed by his family at the Times, by his readers around the world, and by people who love journalism.\" The Daily Beast According to Baquet, Carr collapsed in the paper’s newsroom in Midtown Manhattan and died after being rushed by ambulance to nearby Roosevelt Hospital. The cause of death had not been determined late Thursday night, Baquet told The Daily Beast in a brief phone conversation. Adweek Carr chronicled his long-running struggles with substance abuse in a candid 2008 memoir called The Night of The Gun. In the book and its associated website, Carr described how addictions to cocaine and alcohol initially derailed his family life, but his hard road to sobriety allowed him to reunite with his twin daughters, raise another daughter with his wife and achieve great success in his career. Politico / Dylan Byers on Media In a statement, publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. called Carr “one of the most gifted journalists who has ever worked at the Times.” NYT A.O. Scott: For a while, a few years ago, there was a weekly video on the Times‘ website called The Sweet Spot, taped during off hours in the cafeteria on the 14th floor. The idea was that it would be an informal, incisive discussion of various developments in the world of culture and media. Sometimes it managed to live up to its name, and sometimes it didn’t, but for me the show — or webcast, or schmooze fest, or whatever it was — had a much simpler reason for being: It guaranteed that I would have a few hours a week in the company of David Carr. For anyone who cared about journalism, there was simply no better place to be. FishbowlDC Long before he took over the 4 p.m. hour on CNN, Jake Tapper was scraping together a living at the Washington City Paper. His boss — his first as a legit newspaper reporter — was Carr, who would quickly become a mentor, then a legend. He was the Times’ media columnist, but was so much more. We talked with Tapper several years ago for our \"So What Do You Do?\" series. NYT Carr was often more quotable than the personalities he wrote about. His plainspoken style was sometimes blunt and searingly honest about himself. The effect was both folksy and sophisticated, a voice from a shrewd and well-informed skeptic. Here’s a selection of his writing and public statements.

Imprisoned Al Jazeera Journalists Freed, Pending Retrial (TVNewser)
Al Jazeera journalists Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed, who had been imprisoned in Egypt, were released on bail on Thursday as they await a retrial. Fahmy and Mohamed are accused of supporting the banned Muslim Brotherhood. Al Jazeera A retrial was ordered by the country’s Court of Cassation last month, overturning a lower court’s verdict that had falsely found them guilty of helping the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group. “Bail is a small step in the right direction, and allows Baher and Mohamed to spend time with their families after 411 days apart,” an Al Jazeera spokesman said on Thursday. Politico / Dylan Byers on Media Mohamed and Fahmy are two of a group of Al Jazeera journalists, including Australian Peter Greste, who were imprisoned more than a year ago in Egypt for allegedly “spreading false news, belonging to a terrorist organization and operating without a permit.” Al Jazeera and the journalists have vehemently denied the charges and their plight kicked off the worldwide campaign #FreeAJStaff. NYT The release followed the publication this week of a previously undisclosed opinion by Egypt’s highest appeals court condemning the journalists’ conviction as baseless when it ordered a retrial at the beginning of this year. The release also comes at a time when the Egyptian government appears to be trying to allay some of the international criticism it has received over a series of harsh and hasty criminal convictions issued during a crackdown on dissent after the military takeover in July 2013. HuffPost / AP A solution was found for Greste when he was deported two weeks ago to his great relief.

Mic Fires Jared Keller for Plagiarism (Gawker)
Mic’s news director Jared Keller has been fired. Mic issued the following statement from co-founder Jake Horowitz: \"Jared Keller is no longer employed at Mic. Plagiarism is unacceptable in any form and our editorial policies make that very clear.\" Politico / Dylan Byers on Media On Wednesday, Gawker published 20 instances where Keller had allegedly lifted material without attribution or did not give full and proper attribution to other sources, mostly wire services like the AP and Reuters. Horowitz said they appreciated Gawker bringing the issue to light. Poynter / MediaWire Mic confirmed Wednesday it was investigating Keller. The plagiarized passages appeared in stories written by Keller between the months of July and February. Capital New York Chris Miles, who previously served as managing editor of news for Mic and recently joined Marketwatch as viral news editor, has left the company, a Dow Jones spokesperson said. On Wednesday, Gawker, as part of the larger exposé of plagiarism at Mic, reported that the site “placed editor’s notes on several dozen articles” written by Miles during his tenure there.

CBS Sees Record Fourth Quarter Revenue (THR)
CBS reported better-than-expected revenue in the most recent quarter, benefiting from political advertising, its broadcasting of NFL games, and rising retransmission and affiliate fees. In fact, CBS said its results represent the company’s best-ever fourth quarter revenue and diluted earnings per share. Variety CBS said advertising from its new Thursday Night Football franchise helped boost a 3 percent increase in overall revenue in the New York broadcaster’s fourth quarter, even as net income in the period fell. Deadline CBS reported net earnings of $413 million, down 12.1 percent vs. the last three months of 2013, on revenues of $3.68 billion, up 3.1 percent. Sales were just a hair lighter than the $3.69 billion that analysts expected. Adjusted earnings at 79 cents a share beat the Street’s forecast by 3 cents. WSJ The company, which has had the most-watched broadcast network in prime time for six straight years, said the popularity of its programming is allowing it to increase the carriage fees it gets from pay-TV distributors. Affiliate and subscription fees, including CBS and the premium cable channel Showtime, increased 11 percent to $601 million in the quarter. CBS has said it expects to reach $2 billion in annual revenue from broadcast subscription fees by 2020. A person familiar with the matter said CBS generated several hundred million dollars in such fees last year.

Paris City Council Moves Ahead With Lawsuit Against Fox News (TVNewser)
In January, the mayor of Paris vowed to sue Fox News for \"insulting\" the honor of the French capital with reports — for which Fox apologized — that suggested there were \"no-go zones\" in parts of Paris. At the time, a Fox executive, Michael Clemente, released a statement saying \"we find the mayor’s comments regarding a lawsuit misplaced.\" Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly went further, saying \"(the) suit’s going nowhere. It’s ridiculous.\" Mediaite The Paris City Council voted this week to authorize mayor Anne Hidalgo to sue Fox News. French comedians and TV hosts had a blast mocking Fox News, but CNN also engaged in similar reporting about \"no-go zones,\" for which Anderson Cooper apologized. HuffPost / AP A law firm representing Fox News said the broadcaster would fight any lawsuit brought in Paris. “The decision by the City of Paris to bring legal proceedings against a United States news organization is antithetical to free speech,” according to a statement provided by Fox News from lawyer Dori Ann Hanswirth of the Hogan Lovells law firm. “Fox News will invoke every protection afforded it under all applicable laws.”

Rosie O’Donnell Signs Off The View (TVNewser)
For the second time — this time after just six months — Rosie O’Donnell said goodbye to The View. Thursday the ABC daytime program wrapped up the taping of Rosie’s final show. Deadline \"I just wanted to say thank you to all the cast here and the crew — and mostly to Barbara Walters, who has always looked out for me and my life and career and is an amazing woman,\" O’Donnell said at the close of Thursday’s broadcast on ABC. O’Donnell promised/warned she’d come back to do an occasional crafting segment, then shouted out a plug for her Sunday HBO comedy special as confetti dropped and the studio audience chanted, \"Rosie! Rosie!\" Mediaite O’Donnell had previously co-hosted the show from 2006 to 2007, and only returned just last year, when The View was completely retooled. O’Donnell decided to leave the show again, this past week, explaining she is trying to reduce the amount of stress in her life.

Time Inc.’s Revenue, Circulation Decline (FishbowlNY)
Time Inc. reported its fourth quarter and full year earnings Thursday. The publisher endured a rough fourth quarter, with revenue dropping 8 percent to $895 million. Digital ad dollars were up slightly — from $85 million to $87 million — but that wasn’t enough to offset losses in print, which declined by 10 percent. Capital New York Time Inc., America’s largest magazine publisher, spun off last June from parent company Time Warner with $1.3 billion in debt. Time Inc. brought in $3.28 billion in revenue in 2014, a decrease of $73 million or 2 percent compared to the year before, according to the full-year financial results released by the company. Advertising revenues declined $32 million or 2 percent for the publisher of such titles as Time, People and Sports Illustrated in 2014, down to $1.78 billion.

News Orgs Set to Establish Industry-Wide Safety Guidelines for Freelancers (TVNewser)
The high-profile and horrific deaths of James Foley and Steven Sotloff — both freelancers — last year has led several news organizations, including the Associated Press and Reuters, to push for industry-wide guidelines on the safety of journalists. Those guidelines will be announced in response to the dramatic threat to journalists — freelance and staff — from groups like ISIS. Poynter / MediaWire Other news organizations that have signed on to the guidelines include Agence France-Presse, the BBC, McClatchy Newspapers, GlobalPost, the Pulitzer Center and The Groundtruth Project.

Fusion Gets Its Own Nightline (TVNewser)
Fusion, the joint venture between ABC and Univision, will begin airing a one-hour edition of Nightline next week. The first Nightline on Fusion, airing Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET, will include new and re-purposed stories from the late-night program meant for Fusion’s demographic: young, diverse millennials. Deadline Fusion’s edition to be hosted by ABC News’ Gio Benitez and Fusion’s Kimberly Brooks, along with contributions from additional ABC News and Fusion talent.

Travel + Leisure Adds Five (FishbowlNY)
Travel + Leisure has added five staffers to its team. Maura Egan has been named editor-at-large. Egan has previously worked as a senior editor at T: The New York Times Style Magazine. Amy Schellenbaum joins as digital editor. She comes to T+L from Vox Media, where she served as editor of Curbed’s national site. Flora Stubbs has been named articles editor. Stubbs most recently served as a senior editor for Vogue. WWD / Memo Pad New York Magazine’s Seen editor Thessaly LaForce will become T+L’s new senior editor, while Sean Flynn, a T+L freelance digital producer, will come aboard full time. In his note to employees, T+L’s editor-in-chief Nathan Lump pointed to the magazine’s relaunch with the May print issue and at in April as key dates that will show the future direction of the magazine.

FIFA Grants Fox U.S. TV Rights for 2026 World Cup (WSJ)
As FIFA prepares to move the 2022 Qatar World Cup to the fall, world soccer’s governing body announced that the English language U.S. media rights to the soccer tournament will remain with 21st Century Fox’s television units through 2026, and NBC Universal’s Telemundo will retain the Spanish Language U.S. rights through then as well.

BuzzFeed Hires Lee Brown as Chief Revenue Officer (FishbowlNY)
BuzzFeed has named Lee Brown chief revenue officer. Brown was most recently head of global sales for Tumblr. Prior to joining Tumblr, Brown served as senior VP of national sales for Groupon.

Barneys to Release Print Edition of Its Editorial Site, The Window (
Barneys New York has gradually been amping up the original content on its own online editorial site, The Window, and for spring 2015, the world-famous store has announced that it’s launching a print edition that’s inspired by the popular Web destination of the same name. FishbowlNY Articles in the debut issue include a visit to the Paris studio of Julien Dossena, creative director of Paco Rabanne, and an interview with designer Isabel Marant.

Scripps Networks Q4 Profit Rises 21 Percent on Affiliate Fees (Variety)
Scripps Networks Interactive, the owner of HGTV, Food Network and Travel Channel, said a tougher market for TV advertising and ratings declines resulted in a mild increase in revenue at its TV networks in the fourth quarter, even as the company notched a 21 percent increase in net income for the period.

Jerry Leo Upped at Bravo, Adds E! And Esquire Network Responsibilities (THR / The Live Feed)
Jerry Leo is getting a promotion. He has been named executive vice president of program strategy for Lifestyle Networks and production for Bravo Media, it was announced Thursday by NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment’s Lifestyle Networks president Frances Berwick.

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When David Carr Was Focused on the Hollywood Equation

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 08:30

AwardsDailyLogoAwards Daily’s Sasha Stone, along with explaining the great deal she owes David Carr for his mid-2000s friendship, advice and generous transcription assignments pay, also offers a wide-screen view of the man. A look back at those almost forgotten days when he patrolled the New York Times \"Carpetbagger\" beat:

The Oscar race had never seen anyone like David Carr and will never see anyone like him again. It’s sort of like driving a Ferrari to deliver the mail. Any old reporter would do but they got David Carr – whip smart, funny, fearless. His columns on the Oscars really did represent the high bar – that was as good as it gets.

… His covering the Oscar beat wouldn’t last long. He stood it until he couldn’t stand it anymore. He quit being the Carpetbagger and eventually wrote the media column at the Times, which was a much better fit. Coverage of the Oscar race would never get that good again.

As a result, Stone and Carr’s relationship shifted to more of an Awards Yearly pace, with she and Carr chatting once every 12 months ahead of the Oscars. Stone knows the film awards game as well as anyone, so when she deems Carr to be \"the best Oscar predictor I knew,\" that’s high west coast praise:

Carr thought Boyhood would have trouble winning because it was too subtle for Oscar voters… After we spoke for a while, catching up on things like we usually do, I got the chance to thank him for turning my life around.


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One David Carr Lunch, A Thousand David Carr Memories

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 07:40

CasaNonnaFacadeExactly two months ago, Toronto Globe and Mail media reporter James Bradshaw outlined what it was like for him to meet the dean of his profession – for the very first time. His column, “David Carr: All The Views He’s Fit To Print,” is a wonderful way to remember the late journalist’s spirit.

Bradshaw actually did lunch with Carr at Casa Nonna many months earlier. The benefit of that print-delayed mid-August encounter wa that it afforded him the opportunity to ask about the dismissal of New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson while the dismissal was still fresh:

“It was incredibly unseemly how it all happened,” Carr tells me. “And it was a very difficult topic to cover from inside the paper.”

Mr. Carr would just as soon have kept the topic out of his column, “but we just thought, optically, that would be too weird. So, I wrote what I thought, including being fairly critical of our publisher [Arthur Sulzberger Jr.], and I saw him the next day. He came into the media editor’s office.”

“We don’t see him much on our floor, and we both kind of sucked in breath. He said: ‘I want to thank you for the story you did yesterday.’ I said: ‘I’m glad you feel that way – I think it was a little rugged, saying you had failed in your choices.’ He said: ‘I don’t care. Good for the readers, good for the paper, I’m happy you wrote it.’”

High praise, delivered under extremely trying circumstances. Tonight, upon hearing the terrible news of Carr’s passing, Bradshaw tweeted:

I knew David Carr only briefly. And he was lovely. And he was utterly unique. And he was a parent, fretting about one of his daughters.


P.S. Crowning the Globe and Mail piece is a great illustration of Carr by Rachel Idzerda. View it here.

[Photo courtesy: ESquared Hospitality]
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BREAKING: David Carr Passes Away at Age 58

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 04:45

DavidCarrNYTHeadshotThis simply cannot be true.

On the heels of Bob Simon‘s freak Wednesday night car accident, that’s the first, natural reaction. But sadly, the New York Times has confirmed the loss of another journalism giant:

Carr, who wrote about media as it intersects with business, culture and government in his Media Equation column for the New York Times, died at the office on Thursday. He was 58.

For the past 25 years, Mr. Carr wrote about media. He joined the Times in 2002 as a business reporter covering the magazine publishing industry. His column appeared in the Monday business section and focused on media issues, including print, digital, film, radio and television.


[Photo credit: Earl Wilson/New York Times]
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Marc Lawrence’s ‘Love Letter’ to Binghamton University

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 01:20

The other movie opening this weekend, The Rewrite, is about a struggling Hollywood screenwriter (Hugh Grant) who is gradually seduced by the charms of SUNY’s Binghamton University. Just as was the case, once upon a time, for writer-director Marc Lawrence, who graduated in 1981 with a degree in English.

When Lawrence spoke last year to fellow alum Mark Mendelsohn (Class of 1985) for a feature in Binghamton University Magazine, he explained that it was no stretch for Grant to get to that hate-love relationship starting point:

“I tried to make the movie mirror my own experience there. When you first see it – at least for me – it looked like a Norman Rockwell painting with the color drained out. And at the end of those four years it was The Wizard of Oz. The color was completely there, and that’s how I felt about it, too.”

Still, Lawrence belly laughs as he recalls picking up his leading actor at Greater Binghamton Airport. “Hugh gets to Binghamton and he starts to drive. We shot him driving on Route 17, we shot him driving through town, driving past the Red Robin [Diner], and it’s just kinda great.”

“He didn’t have to do much acting,” he says, slipping into an effete British accent: “Oh, my lord!”

Ha ha. The pair were back on campus this past Sunday for a special screening of The Rewrite. At one point during the Q&A, Grant was asked to name his favorite Binghamton locale:

“Well, it’s hard to choose,” Grant said to laughter and applause. “I think, in the end, it might be the Red Robin.”

The same place that hangs, in poster form, on one of the walls of Lawrence’s Upper West Side abode.
[Production still courtesy: Image Entertainment]

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