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C&C electric cargo bikes

Brief from client 

Lettermark or emblem reading C&C, modern & minimal, blue or green colours.

Tried to make a bike-shaped monogram which was tricky for a cargo bike. They have a trike double wheel at the front so there isn't a front fork as I've drawn, but I wanted to get an electric spark in there somewhere.

Any ideas how I could improve it or make it more balanced? Still feels a bit off to me.


cooperads's picture
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I think the imbalance is coming from the right angle piece on the right. I also wouldn't put the TM in such a conspicuous spot.

Print365's picture
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I really like this. As cooperads noted - the right angle piece on the right throws it off a little. Obviously it's a cargo bike but maybe remove it altogether. You mentioned that as a cargo bike it doesn't have forks so does it really need to show the load area at the front too? Maybe aesthetics should be more prominent than accuracy in this case? Great potential for a truly memorable logo.

Matt_B's picture
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thanks, you're both right about the cargo box so here's a few alternatives:

cooperads's picture
161 pencils

I think the top one is the best. The bottom two look more like cameras or binoculars...I know, that sounds silly.

Shawali's picture
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I think it works as a symbol but not without a proper wordmark. On its own, it's not really legible.

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