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Central Jersey 12th Night Boar's Head Festival

Brief from client 

Looking for critique for this logo. It's for an annual festival held at my church.

Looking for critique on this logo, please. Not sure how it will scale up or down. Too many colors? Need some kind of outline? I don't know....


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I love the illustration. I feel the text around could be a bit more legible. But all in all its great!

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I'm liking the complex illustration-based logos lately on here. Could this be a modern resurgence of ye-olde complex logos?

Agree that the typography is weak. But I like the picture, very unique.

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Thank designers like Olly Moss for stuff like this. Breaking boundaries is always fun.

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So I agree,

I think the illustration is great. It could be simplified a little bit more for a logo, but it is still well crafted, assuming you did it yourself.

The typography absolutely doesn't do it justice. It is very obviously squished, you didn't take advantage of tools in illustrator to shape it correctly around the illustration, the font itself is honestly hideous as it stands right now. There isn't much class or elegance or even sturdiness to it, especially in its squished state.

Your best bet is to do a little more research into typography tools to help you shape this correctly, and work with fonts that compliment this well crafted illustration.

These are all great free logo websites that have great selections.

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