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Logo for Cyber Security Tech Firm

Brief from client 

The aDolus product is a highly reliable service to the manufacturers and owners of “smart devices” used in the industrial and medical fields. Our technology detects malicious and counterfeit software before it is installed in critical systems such as refineries, medical pacemakers or aircraft flight control. Large companies subscribe to the aDolus service so that their engineers or medical technicians can validate new software patches before installing them in critical equipment.

Our typical customers are the executives, managers and senior engineers at either the companies supplying the equipment (such as major medical device manufacturers), or the companies managing the equipment (such as hospitals and health providers). These customers value reliability and professionalism above all else and do not want to risk the lives of their customers and their company’s reputation on something that is trendy or cute.

Since cyber security can be technically complex and our customers are often not technically focused (they are trying to manage a company and not worry about bits and bytes), we pride ourselves in being able to distill a complex problem into a simple and clear plan of action. Finally, since security is often a very sensitive topic for our clients, discretion and confidentiality is always critical.

Conveying concepts like professionalism, discretion, confidentiality and reliability is the most critical part of our branding exercise. We are not interested in looking too trendy – we want to look reliable and trustworthy. We wanted a modern, abstract logo that looks simple and professional to convey our message.

A simple aqua stylized 'a" that could be used for everything from software icons to tee-shirts


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