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Brief from client 

Uppercase M stylized to look like a star (or two)


cooperads's picture
153 pencils

two vastly different submissions and still no brief. What is it you're trying to convey. the first one was a horrible Jesus figure, now you have a modified pentagram. Make up your mind, heaven or hell. And for the love of all that is or isn't holy, give us a brief!

Carlo_5's picture
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I don't think this execution is working I'm sorry.

It looks very Satanic. As in as cooperads mentioned a distorted Pentagram not a M stylized into a star.

Or I even see a Goat which is used in Satanic imagery.

Need brief please. The other one was so far to the other side it looked like a cartoon God.

The font is boring, but since we don't know what you are doing, maybe it works.

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