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Vastu Company Logo

Brief from client 

Should consider five elements of earch, should be distintive and avoid traditonal symbls related with astrology


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Can you just upload the logo and not the other extraneous elements?

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The pentagonal mark over the "i" is nicely drawn, I like how it's tilted slightly and not straight up and down. It doesn't need the slight gradient though, it's too subtle. Perhaps make it a solid color, a different shade from the letters?

Did you draw those letters or is it a font? I like the style of the lettering, but it seems a little strange that the heavy weighted vertical strokes alternate left and right ("V", "U, "K" are to the left, while the "A"s go right. Not a huge problem but it makes the visual flow skip a beat, at least to my eye.

Pretty good overall, it's clean and classy.

Version history

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