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arista5's picture

Stick Figure Family vectors? Please


wife just asked me to put these on the car, anyone have some images of stick figure families?


i will gladly trade something for it if i have.

NascarGirl24's picture

I've been looking for some, can't find them anywhere. If anyone has any can I get them to.

pinoy1's picture

Can I get them too please?

vector_man's picture

I would like them also. Thanks!

chaz's picture

Hi..Been searching for long time for these..Does anyone have them to share. Thanx

unome_too2000's picture

please send to me also
: )

Sandi Clark's picture

Looking and looking for them too

arista5's picture

nothing yet

porsche032's picture

I've also been searching for these also. Can someone email it to me also if theres updates. Thank you

ikeyg's picture

Could I get this also?? Please!

Atbravgirl's picture

I would really appreciate that also.

CruisinJohn's picture

Anyone ever find these if so could someone send them to me as well Thanks.

eman916's picture

can someone send me a copy also?

souldoubt's picture

same for me if anyone stumbles upon some (i bought some on ebay and will share them once i get my hands on them)

ihsclass's picture

May I also get a copy, please? They're very cool!


mr8500's picture

Can someone please send them to me? Thanks

chulowear's picture

chulowear Wrote:
> May I also get a copy, please? They're very
> cool!
We can do a trade.
> Thanks!

GKGraphX's picture

Has anyone found these. I have looked every where I know to look. I searched e-bay after reading above post and still nothing. If you got'em and willing to share please email me.

Scottoyo's picture

I would really appreciate a copy aswell. Thank you.

pyrographix33's picture

I have a set of them! Cut them for a friends car
Also have star wars people also.... I will send them out tomorrow afternoon.
Trades is a very nice gesture... but will pay it forward... I have been helped before converting images and just recently asked for help again (check my thread, maybe one of yous can help)
Might post pic of the peolple I have and then will send them to whoever wants them.

DOH! Just noticed the dates on the posts... if you still need them reply and I will send

gshull's picture

I would also like a copy of them as well. I have searched everywhere and cannot find them. If you wouldn't mind sending them to I would greatly appreciate it. I need it in .ai or preferably in .eps. Thanks.

ctx97's picture

If anyone has some stick family graphics they wouldn't care to send my way also!


dodgeman's picture

pyrographix33 would love to get the stick familys and starwars decals thx

mherdvilla's picture

that's all i have

signfx22's picture

Hi pyrographix33,
Been looking everywhere it seems and can't find much. Somebody asked me earlier for some but lost his email and cant find any on my computer!!!

Please help!!

Thanks so much!


dodgeman's picture

would still liker to fet the stick familys and starwars decals thx

yamahaviper15's picture

I would also like any of the stick family and star wars family sets. Thank you.

Rick Doney's picture

Hey bud, can I please have a copy of the starwars stick family? Im happy to trade anything if you need.

topdoggraphix's picture

email me lets talk trades my friend