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vector trades


ive been in this business for almost 10 yrs and still find it useful to have vector packs on hand especially if at a show with no internet to grab something im in the market to trade among st the forum if you would like to trade around to build your personal profile lets do it

im currently looking for vehicle vectors that are to scale so i can see window door and panel measures without going to measure them

also looking for dirt bike art and panel vectors and measures

looking for fancy vectors like scroll work lace frill fancy glitter glam stuff

vehicle vectors (specifically tow trucks and flat bed tow trucks)

looking for vehicle stripes and lines for vehicles (specifically dodge charger side lines i need now)

stick family vector collections

jack daniels font (i need for a project) (used to be easily available but they have since cleared alot of them available)

also looking for bad ass font packs that are good with vinyl cutters packs that contain nice stuff you dont just find online

lets get this moving if your up for trading lets chat i have alot on my end i can work with but will only trade no freebies

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I Have hundreds of Factory bike Motorcycle, Bicycle and car stripes and decals
Huge database

I am only looking for car factory OEM decals to size and design or maybe retro bike or classic bike kits
I have tones of vector stuff and not crap either

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Hi, I have 3000 Motorcycle oem kits, A biicycle oem library, I have 25 years worth of oem car decal I have drawn to scale and design through accident centres we do work for, I have moto X templates and fills
It goes on what do you have?

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Hi topdoggraphix please contact me about colections of vectors