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  • Logo of KS Pogradeci KS Pogradeci
  • Logo of KS Luftetari Gjirokaster KS Luftetari Gjirokaster
  • Logo of KS Kastrioti Kruje KS Kastrioti Kruje
  • Logo of Emancipimi Civil (EC) ma ndryshe Emancipimi Civil (EC) ma ndryshe
  • Logo of KS Dinamo Tirana KS Dinamo Tirana
  • Logo of KF Elbasani KF Elbasani
  • Logo of FK Tomori FK Tomori
  • Logo of Bank of Albania Bank of Albania
  • Logo of Kosova Airlines Kosova Airlines
  • Logo of Dinamo Tirana (old logo) Dinamo Tirana (old logo)
  • Logo of KS Vllaznia Shkoder (old logo) KS Vllaznia Shkoder (old logo)
  • Logo of IDEA graphics IDEA graphics
  • Logo of 17 Nentori Tirana (old logo) 17 Nentori Tirana (old logo)
  • Logo of Snowculture Snowculture
  • Logo of 17 Nentori Tirana 17 Nentori Tirana
  • Logo of KS Shkenderbeu Korce KS Shkenderbeu Korce
  • Logo of KS Labinoti Elbasan KS Labinoti Elbasan
  • Logo of Besa Kavaja Besa Kavaja
  • Logo of Visual Art Studio Visual Art Studio
  • Logo of FC Egnatia Rrogozhin FC Egnatia Rrogozhin
  • Logo of KF Tirana KF Tirana
  • Logo of KF Elbasani KF Elbasani
  • Logo of FK Vllaznia Shkoder FK Vllaznia Shkoder
  • Logo of Shkumbini Peqin Shkumbini Peqin
  • Logo of Beselidhja Lezha Beselidhja Lezha
  • Logo of Luftetari Gjirokaster Luftetari Gjirokaster
  • Logo of KS Skiponja Gjirokaster KS Skiponja Gjirokaster
  • Logo of Erzeni Shijak Erzeni Shijak
  • Logo of Shqiponjat Fan Club Shqiponjat Fan Club
  • Logo of XHAD studio XHAD studio
  • Logo of Albania logo Albania logo
  • Logo of Quick Advertising Quick Advertising