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Faroe Islands

  • Logo of Vagar Vagar
  • Logo of Sumba Sumba
  • Logo of TB Tvoroyri TB Tvoroyri
  • Logo of VB Vagur VB Vagur
  • Logo of Royn Royn
  • Logo of Skala Skala
  • Logo of NSI Runavik NSI Runavik
  • Logo of EB Eidi EB Eidi
  • Logo of EB Streymur EB Streymur
  • Logo of Faroe Football Association Faroe Football Association
  • Logo of Fram Fram
  • Logo of FS Vagar FS Vagar
  • Logo of Fuglafjordur Fuglafjordur
  • Logo of Gotu Gotu
  • Logo of HB Torshavn HB Torshavn
  • Logo of Klaksvik Klaksvik
  • Logo of Lif Leirvik Lif Leirvik
  • Logo of AB Argir AB Argir
  • Logo of Argja Argja
  • Logo of B36 Torshavn B36 Torshavn
  • Logo of B68 Toftir B68 Toftir
  • Logo of B71 Sandoy B71 Sandoy


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