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  • Logo of Energbank Energbank
  • Logo of FC Spicul Chiscareni FC Spicul Chiscareni
  • Logo of FC Zaria Bălţi FC Zaria Bălţi
  • Logo of FC Ungheni FC Ungheni
  • Logo of FC Ungheni FC Ungheni
  • Logo of FMF FMF
  • Logo of FC Saxan Gagauz Yeri FC Saxan Gagauz Yeri
  • Logo of FC Gagauziya-Oguzsport Komrat FC Gagauziya-Oguzsport Komrat
  • Logo of FC Codru Lozova FC Codru Lozova
  • Logo of FC Codru Lozova FC Codru Lozova
  • Logo of FC Saxan Ceadîr Lunga FC Saxan Ceadîr Lunga
  • Logo of FC Dinamo-Auto Tiraspol FC Dinamo-Auto Tiraspol
  • Logo of Bestseller Bestseller
  • Logo of Elite 2 Elite 2
  • Logo of Speranța Nisporeni Speranța Nisporeni
  • Logo of CF Intersport-Aroma Cobusca Nouă CF Intersport-Aroma Cobusca Nouă
  • Logo of FC Speranţa FC Speranţa
  • Logo of CSCT Dacia-2 Buiucani CSCT Dacia-2 Buiucani
  • Logo of CS Real Succes Chişinău CS Real Succes Chişinău
  • Logo of FC Victoria Chişinău FC Victoria Chişinău
  • Logo of CS Petrocub Hincesti CS Petrocub Hincesti
  • Logo of Patria Riscani Patria Riscani
  • Logo of Rodals Rodals
  • Logo of Wibe Wibe
  • Logo of sonaris-com sonaris-com
  • Logo of BTS BTS
  • Logo of MIF MIF
  • Logo of Metro Quadro Metro Quadro
  • Logo of AAP Moldova AAP Moldova
  • Logo of soondoock soondoock
  • Logo of EPPO EPPO


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