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  • Logo of iStar Design iStar Design
  • Logo of iStar Design Bureau iStar Design Bureau
  • Logo of FK Ingulets Petrove FK Ingulets Petrove
  • Logo of FC Balkany Zorya FC Balkany Zorya
  • Logo of FK Metallist 1925 Kharkiv FK Metallist 1925 Kharkiv
  • Logo of PFK Nyva Ternopil PFK Nyva Ternopil
  • Logo of FK Ingulets Petrove FK Ingulets Petrove
  • Logo of NK Veres Rivne NK Veres Rivne
  • Logo of FK Veres Rivne FK Veres Rivne
  • Logo of Sonoma Sonoma
  • Logo of Global InterGold Global InterGold
  • Logo of Ernte Meister Ernte Meister
  • Logo of DMK Stal Kamenskoe DMK Stal Kamenskoe
  • Logo of DMKD Stal Dneprodzerzhinsk DMKD Stal Dneprodzerzhinsk
  • Logo of Olimpik Donetsk Olimpik Donetsk
  • Logo of FK Metallurg Donetsk FK Metallurg Donetsk
  • Logo of FK Zirka Kropivnitskiy FK Zirka Kropivnitskiy
  • Logo of FK Goverla Uzhgorod FK Goverla Uzhgorod
  • Logo of FK Vorskla Poltava FK Vorskla Poltava
  • Logo of FK Aleksandria FK Aleksandria
  • Logo of FK Metalist Kharkiv FK Metalist Kharkiv
  • Logo of FC Metalurh Zaporizhya FC Metalurh Zaporizhya
  • Logo of OMIH OMIH
  • Logo of FC Girnyk Sosnivka FC Girnyk Sosnivka
  • Logo of Kyivstar Kyivstar
  • Logo of Pischane Pischane
  • Logo of Sokil Kyiv Hockey Club Sokil Kyiv Hockey Club
  • Logo of PFK Real Farma Odessa PFK Real Farma Odessa
  • Logo of Karpela Cont Karpela Cont
  • Logo of Chelentano Pizza Chelentano Pizza
  • Logo of Ukraine International Airlines Ukraine International Airlines
  • Logo of FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro


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