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Linda Douglass Joins Bloomberg Media

Unbeige - 51 min 39 sec ago

Bloomberg Media has named Linda Douglass global head of communications. She served most recently as Atlantic Media’s senior vp of global communications.

Prior to her time at Atlantic Media, Douglass served in a variety of roles for President Obama, including The White House Office of Health Reform’s director of communications.

“We are thrilled to welcome Linda to Bloomberg Media,” said Justin Smith, Bloomberg Media’s CEO, in an announcement. “She is a force of nature, a gifted strategist, and a forward-thinking, creative media executive.”

Douglass begins her new role in September.

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Observer Releases Inaugural L.A. Power 25 List

Unbeige - 1 hour 15 min ago


As it aims to broaden its scope outside New York, Observer is releasing its first L.A. Power 25 list this morning and is getting help from Ray Donovan. The Showtime drama returns for its third season Sunday along with Masters of Sex.

Liev Schrieber‘s fictional L.A. fixer will appear alongside the list of the city’s true power players, which will run online and in the magazine.”It aligns very well with the season three launch initiative of Ray Donovan,” said Matthew Talomie, Observer’s chief revenue officer. “We’ve integrated Ray into that.”

The inaugural list is part of Observer’s goal to become a more national online outlet, having dropped “New York” from the title. “We realized that 72 percent of our readers were outside the northeast,” said editor in chief Ken Kurson. “We realized that we had to provide them content that was relevant to their lives.” Kurson said the brand’s home base will remain in New York.

“We’re opening the aperture,” added Talomie.

In addition to publishing heavyweights Janice Min, co-president and COO of Guggenheim Media, and PMC CEO Jay Penske, the list includes:

• Shonda Rhimes
• Eli Broad
• Eric Garcetti
• Bryan Lourd
• Elon Musk
• Steven Spielberg
• Ellen DeGeneres
• Jeffrey Katzenberg
• Magic Johnson
• JJ Abrams
• Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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Journo’s Pro Tip: ‘Avoid Travel-Writerese’

Unbeige - 1 hour 22 min ago

FionnDavenportTwitterCurrently open for submissions, The Irish Times Amateur Travel Writing Competition will send one lucky winner abroad and publish the resulting article in the newspaper’s weekend magazine supplement. To help guide potential participants, the paper rounded up some tips from its professional writers.

There’s a lot of great advice here, starting with this bit from Fionn Davenport (pictured):

Avoid using the particularly noxious language that is travel-writerese. The sea is rarely (sadly) emerald green and there’s never been a “breathtaking” sunset, unless someone has punched you in the solar plexus just as the sun was going down. And, speaking of precious stones, the only time you can describe something as a ‘hidden gem’ is if you’ve actually unearthed a diamond from the dirt, in which case you’re in Clover and can write anything you want – but it’s never acceptable to describe a restaurant as an “eatery.”

Others chiming in with guidance are Saturday magazine editor Orna Mulcahy, travel writer Manchan Magan, feature writer Rosita Boland, feature writer Patrick Freyne, health editor Joyce Hickey, features editor Conor Goodman, features digital editor Gary Quinn, feature writer Ciara Kenny, food writer Marie-Claire Digby and special reports editor Edel Morgan. The beauty of this compilation is that it’s useful advice for any and all engaged in the travel writing game.
[Photo via: @fionndavenport]

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Amy Schumer Covers Glamour

Unbeige - 1 hour 38 min ago

August Cover

Amy Schumer is Glamour’s latest cover star. The comedian told the magazine that one uncomfortable aspect of fame is that strangers assume they know her.

“It’s overwhelming for somebody to come up and want to just be friends right away,” said Schumer. “People think comics are always funny and on. And we’re not. We’re pretty quiet.”

People, please stop being weird.

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Reuters Makes Changes to Banking Team

Unbeige - 2 hours 5 min ago

Reuters has made some changes to its banking team. Details are below.

Lauren Tara LaCapra will add the intersection of technology and the financial sector to her beat. She has been with Reuters since 2011. Olivia Oran will cover Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. She most recently worked for Reuters’ mergers and acquisitions team. Oran has been with the company since 2012. Dan Freed joins Reuters to cover Bank of America and Wells Fargo. He has been covering Wall Street for more than 15 years, most recently for TheStreet. Lawrence Delevingne will join the banking team to pen long-form stories on hedge funds. He most recently worked for
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Package Central Updated for Adobe InDesign Workflow Automation - 17 hours 23 min ago
Package Central automates Adobe InDesign packaging by processing files from hot folders.
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Horn Please: The Decorated Trucks of India - 17 hours 23 min ago

"Horn Please" could be considered the mantra of the Indian highway, and some version of the phrase is written on the back of practically every truck on the road in India today.

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A Mystery Novel Tied to the Idea of Googling Yourself

Unbeige - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 21:45

3WomenCoverAt one point or another, most people have Googled themselves to see what kind of illustrious and not so illustrious people share the same name. Per a fun roundup for the Syracuse Post-Standard of novels set in central New York, that idea is the plot spark for Linda Sands‘ mystery tome 3 Women Walk Into a Bar.

From Nicki Giorny‘s piece:

“I played with that idea,” said Sands, who grew up in Baldwinsville and currently lives in Georgia. “The story began to roll from that.”

The “bad guy” in Sands’ mystery novel decides to assume the life of a man who shares his name after doing one of these Internet searches. That’s how he winds up tending bar in an Irish pub in Syracuse, where three women are found murdered in the book’s first pages. With a clearly guilty bartender, the mystery behind the murders is not so much who as why. Private investigator Bill “Free Willy” Tedesco sets out to find an answer.

Sands will be back in the area August 1 for a book release party at Coleman’s Irish pub (the bar in the book is also of the Irish pub variety). As a side note, Giorny first started writing for the paper in the fall of 2014, while enrolled in journalism at Syracuse University. Read the rest of her piece here.
[Jacket cover courtesy: Kindle Press]

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New Ratter to be Just as Dumb as Old Ratter

Unbeige - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 21:28

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 3.24.00 PM

Gawker alum A.J. Daulerio is ready to give Ratter—a site he launched just last year—another go. According to Capital New York, Daulerio is preparing a new version of Ratter, after the old version crapped out. The problem is that the new Ratter sounds just as stupid as the old Ratter.

Daulerio launched Ratter to much fanfare. Investors (Mark Cuban! Gawker Media!) were excited about the “Network of local city tabloids.”

“My hope is that the editors in Ratter cities will be tenacious distractions to their respective power-elites and consistently entertaining to everyone else,” said Daulerio. Yet Ratter’s biggest post was about texts from Justin Bieber that ended up not actually being from Bieber. Tenacious!

Ratter never really gained traction and so, last May, Daulerio cut every editorial staffer. Daulerio labeled the gutting a “pivot,” which was hilarious to everyone aside from the people he just fired.

Now, though, now things will be different. The new Ratter, according to Daulerio, will be “a new Gawker.” How? By posting “Cool stuff,” including personal essays and commentary. There will also be a database of 2,500 celebrities’ addresses, because that’s something people desperately want. There will be no news, because “News f*cking sucks.”

Setting the over/under on number of months the new Ratter lasts at 11. Yes, even with so much “cool stuff.”

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Earn Up to $5 a Word Writing for MIT Technology Review

Unbeige - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 21:25

MIT-Tech-Review-ArtFor a deeply reported investigative piece at this tech-focused pub, MIT Technology Review will pay $5 a word. But, young grasshopper, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

To work your way to a place where editors will entrust you with that type of blockbuster piece, prove yourself with a shorter piece, which for this magazine means 750 to 1,500 words. Try your hand at a very nontraditional review.

“Our reviews are very strange creatures,” said [editor in chief and publisher Jason] Pontin. “They’re more akin to an essay [related to] the release of new software, a book, a journal publication, a film or an event like the Venice [Art] Biennale.” In other words, the reviews aren’t product reviews. Rather, said Pontin, the pieces are comparable to what you might find in The New York Review of Books. In the May/June 2015 issue, for example, a review looked at “The Problem with Fake Meat.” In it, the writer explores if it’s possible to create a burger that helps the environment, improves your health and also tastes good.

For more, read: How To Pitch: MIT Technology Review

The full version of this article is exclusively available to Mediabistro AvantGuild subscribers. If you’re not a member yet, register now for as little as $55 a year for access to hundreds of articles like this one, discounts on Mediabistro seminars and workshops, and all sorts of other bonuses.

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Los Angeles Times Embraces the Digital Divide

Unbeige - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 19:15

These are interesting times at the west coast’s flagship newspaper. Over the weekend, there was much discussion about the fact that the paper had auctioned off its Sunday front page nameplate (as well as inside section portions) to Universal Pictures’ Minions. Even more interesting to FishbowlNY was this assertion in the coverage by Kevin Roderick’s LAObserved:

The ad inventory in the print paper some days is just unbelievably thin. In the colony of current and past LAT staffers, a lot of heads were shaking when an A section a couple of months ago dropped below 12 pages for the first time that anyone could remember. On some days, most of the ads in the Los Angeles Times appear to be unpaid house ads.

“I’ve been keeping informal track and the LAT’s biggest advertiser now is — the LAT,” a former senior editor told me recently. In a recent print paper, the editor observed, there were 42 pages and 27 house ads. “That’s stunning and unsustainable.”

Echoing the increasing importance of the digital side, the paper today has announced a promotion and three additions to its social engagement team. All will report to Alexandra Manzano. From today’s memo by managing editor S. Mitra Kalita:

This will no longer be a team that only tweets or posts to Facebook. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are simply one component of our strategy to build readership. For our stories to \"do better on social,\" we must think about audience and shareability at the outset. Our new colleagues will work across the newsroom to guide experimental storytelling, story selection, distribution and partnerships, and conversations with and among Times readers.

Michelle Maltais [@mmaltaisLA] becomes deputy director for audience engagement. Together, she and Ali will develop strategies that strengthen The Times’ connection to community and conversation. She’ll also help train staff around the newsroom on new tools and techniques, and resuscitate efforts around our coverage of parenting. Michelle started with the Times in 1996. She has been an award-winning copy editor, multimedia producer, web deputy, the newsroom’s first broadcast manager, a tech blogger and a reader engagement emissary. She earned her bachelor’s from Scripps College and a master’s in journalism from Columbia and is a proud graduate of the Metpro copy editing program. Michelle and her husband live in Baldwin Vista with their two kids, who are already huge fans of the LA Times and Star Wars.

Dexter Thomas [@dexdigi] joins us today to cover Black Twitter (which really is so much more complicated than that). He will work closely with the newsroom and #EmergingUS to find communities online (Black Medium to Latino Tumblr to Line in Japan) and both create stories with and pull stories from those worlds. Dexter is from San Bernardino and is a doctoral candidate in East Asian studies at Cornell University. He has taught media studies and Japanese and is writing a book about Japanese hip-hop. He began working in digital media at UC Riverside as a student director of programming at KUCR-FM (88.3), independently producing podcasts, music and news programs. He writes regularly on social justice, Internet and youth culture, and video games.

Annie Yu [@AnnieZYu] arrived recently as a producer. She will help define the voice of the LA Times and infuse shareability into our journalism through creative storytelling and packaging. Annie joins us after working at ProPublica in New York City as an audience engagement fellow. This video she created became ProPublica’s most successful piece of Facebook content ever. Before that, Annie reported on city hall for the Arizona Republic and local news for the Orange County Register. She is a Bay Area native and graduated from Azusa Pacific University, where she served as editor in chief of the newspaper.

Lisa Biagiotti [@lisabiagiotti] joins us July 13 in a role straddling video and social. She will work closely with our photo, video, social, RealTime and Metro desks to help make multimedia offerings newsy, creative and shareable. Lisa, a New Jersey native who has been in L.A. for two years, has been an independent journalist and filmmaker. She was an inaugural Sundance New Frontier artist in residence at the MIT Media Lab. Lisa is the director-producer of \"deepsouth\" (2014), an award-winning documentary about poverty, HIV and LGBTQ issues in the rural American South. Lisa has produced work for the New Yorker, the Atlantic, The Times, PBS and NPR, among other media platforms. Her work in eastern Congo won the 2009 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for International Television. In 2001, she received a Fulbright Award to research Italian colonialism in Africa and Muslim immigration patterns throughout Europe. Lisa holds a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

It all points to the fact that with each passing day, the Los Angeles Times is less a newspaper and more a website. Extra, extra, click all about it!
[Image: Gil C/]

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Perusing the Pizza Hall of Fame

Unbeige - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 18:45

Launched in 2005 by industry trade magazine PMQ Pizza Magazine, the Pizza Hall of Fame has today at the ten-year mark the same simple rule of eligibility. For consideration, a pie joint must have been in business at least 50 years.


The latest local purveyor to make the cut is Rizzo’s Fine Pizza in Astoria, Queens. From the recent celebratory write-up:

The compact (just under 500 square feet) pizzeria-that-could has stayed amazingly popular through the decades, earning countless accolades and frequently appearing on \"Best of New York\" lists. (New York Magazine has described Rizzo’s crust as \"perfect.\") In more recent years, Rizzo’s has added locations on the Lower East Side and Upper East Side. But David Rizzo admits that finding good staff is the biggest challenge to expansion. \"There aren’t a lot of people who want to do this for a living,\" he says. \"What we do requires a deeper commitment. When you’re working with food, if you don’t love what you do, it will show in your cooking.\"

Rizzo’s was started in 1959 by David’s father Joe together with his uncle Sal. According to PMQ’s most recent stats, there are 73,097 pizza places in the U.S. And on a per capita basis, New Hampshire has the most.

[Image via:]
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WSJ to Publish First Chapter of ‘Go Set a Watchman’

Unbeige - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 18:05

BN-JF144_GSAW_DV_20150702115628Harper Lee’s first new book in more than 50 years will be available to the public July 14. However, thanks to The Wall Street Journal, Lee fans won’t have to wait that long. The paper will publish the first chapter of the book July 10.

As part of the event, the Journal will provide an audio version of the chapter, narrated by Reese Witherspoon.

Journal editors and reporters will also lead a discussion of Go Set a Watchman’s first chapter on Facebook.

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ESPN The Mag ‘Body Issue’ Features Six Covers

Unbeige - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 16:38

ESPN The Magazine’s annual Body Issue features six separate covers for readers to enjoy. The naked cover stars include Amanda Bingson, Bryce Harper, Chantae McMillan, Kevin Love, Natalie Coughlin and Odell Beckham, Jr.

The nakedness will be available on newsstands Friday, July 10. If you can’t wait until then, here is a link to photo galleries, videos and more. Yes, that includes naked Beckham.

Below are the Bingson, Coughlin and Beckham covers.

COVER_AmandaBingson COVER_NatalieCoughlin COVER_OdellBeckhamJr

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Hearst Names Finance VP

Unbeige - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 16:01

Hearst Corporation has named Denielle deWynter vice president of finance for Hearst Business Media. DeWynter most recently served as senior director of global finance operations at McGraw-Hill Financial.

In this new role, deWynter will oversee financial planning for Hearst Business Media, which owns a variety of healthcare, finance and transportation brands.

DeWynter’s appointment is effective immediately. She reports to Robert Wilbanks, vice president and chief financial officer of Hearst Business Media.

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Hillary Clinton to Give National Media Interviews

Unbeige - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 15:20

Hillary Clinton is about to open up. According to Fox News, the president-elect has decided to give interviews to the living, breathing devil that is the national media.

“She’s all on board,” said Jennifer Palmieri, the campaign’s communications director. “America will see more of her.” The goal here, is to make Clinton’s interviews less of a news story. “The more media interviews you do, the less any one interaction matters,” explained Palmieri.

We generally agree with that. Of course, that line of thinking goes out the window if the Clinton campaign continues to treat reporters like cattle:

Clinton advance aides create a rope line for the press, moving with the candidate

— Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) July 4, 2015

That will always be noteworthy. And funny.

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The Nation Relaunches Site

Unbeige - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 15:10

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 8.43.12 AMThe Nation, first published July 6 1865, is celebrating its birthday with a new website. Along with the great new look, the site is completely free for the next few months. A metered paywall will eventually be introduced.

A brief look at the revamped

Curated pages that bunch related articles together A tab for subscriptions, donations and petitions Everything designed with sharing in mind

“The digital revolution has empowered our single greatest asset — The Nation ambassador,” explained The Nation’s executive editor, Richard Kim. “Someone who subscribes, donates, follows us on social, signs our petitions. We’ve designed the home page and channel fronts with this reader in mind, to give a sense of The Nation as a digital magazine in real time, on a platform that enhances our ability to grow this vibrant, spirited community.”

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FishbowlNY Newsstand: Your Morning at a Glance

Unbeige - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 15:00



(Images: Newseum)

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Announced: Summer Vacay

Brand new - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 14:06
I am currently in Mexico City on a brief break. Regular content will resume next week. There is a chance I might post a couple of Noteds or Links but don't make any bets on it.... Armin
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