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New Yorker Cartoonist Envisions a Ride on the Subway Sofa

Unbeige - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 21:42

In an era when the prospect of venturing down to the subway sparks apprehension among most urban residents, Roz Chast, longtime cartoonist for The New Yorker, has the perfect antidote: a larger than life portrayal of a subway ride on the fictitious “X” train to destination “unknown.”

The installation will be showcased at the entrance to an exhibit at MCNY/ Museum of the City of New York, entitled Roz Chast: Cartoon Memoirs. Over 200 works will be on display, many never before published, and will open to the public April 14.

For now the mural is a work in progress, and FishbowlNY got a preview last week. “I’ve never done anything on this scale before,” said Chast as she painted the outline of her sketch projected onto a wall-sized canvas. As she completes the multi-day project, cameras are recording for a time-lapse video. (The final work will be in black and white, while the cartoon version is in color).

Chast, a native New Yorker who now resides in Connecticut, prefers to convey timeless themes rather than the latest topic of the day. “Here she combined a couple of her favorite subjects, cramped NYC apartments and the hassles of taking the subway,” said exhibition curator Frances Rosenfeld. The result is an interesting mix of interior and exterior settings.

The cast of seven characters on this metro ride are a quirky and eclectic group, engaged in separate activities to pass the time. With all the cozy amenities, like the couch, reading lamp, scenic paintings and coffee table stocked with cocktail peanuts, this ride seems to be going quite smoothly. Though as anyone who has taken the subway knows–even the possible future commander-in-chief–that could change in a New York minute.

Roz Chast Subway Sofa in Color

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Merle Haggard and the IRS Agent

Unbeige - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 21:00

In memory of the legendary country singer, Robert Hilburn, who served as pop music critic and pop music editor at the L.A. Times from 1970 to 2005, tweeted that of all the articles he wrote about Merle Haggard, his favorite was a June 20, 1994 feature. And certainly, it’s hard to beat the first four paragraphs of “Hard Times, Truth and Inspiration:”

Redding, Calif. – Merle Haggard, the country music star who really did turn 21 in prison, just like it says in one of his songs, figures it cost the IRS nearly $100,000 the day an agent came to his ranch near here to try to figure out what goes into writing a hit.

Haggard’s tax return was apparently kicked out by the computer for too many business deductions and the agent wanted the songwriter to show him how the 200-acre spread in the mountains helped him do his work.

During a walk around the grounds, Haggard explained how a creek inspired one song, a flower bed led to another and a bulldog jump-started a third.

“Finally, this fellow looks at me and says, ‘Why, Mr. Haggard, everything you do is a write-off,’ and he started pointing out other things I should have declared,” the songwriter says, laughing so hard his whole body shakes.

Hilburn’s next book will be an authorized biography of Paul Simon. Haggard was honored by the Kennedy Center in 2010 and was set to resume touring next month. Read the rest of Hilburn’s extensive L.A. Times article here.

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Screen grab via: YouTube

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Cover Battle: New Republic or NY Times Magazine

Unbeige - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 19:26

Welcome back to another edition of FishbowlNY’s weekly Cover Battle. This round we have New Republic taking on The New York Times Magazine.

TNR’s latest features an illustration of what it’s like to watch Donald Trump speak while on acid.


Meanwhile, the Times Mag cover focuses on what Trump supporters will tell you is yet another downside of immigration — dirty, metaphorical welcome mats.


So readers, which cover is better? You can vote, comment, or do both.

Which Cover is Better, TNR or Times Mag?

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ProPublica Revamps iOS App

Unbeige - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 18:45

ios-device-spread-01ProPublica has launched a completely revamped version of its iOS app. The new app—available at the Apple App Store—is cleaner, faster and features a notifications function.

Another nice addition? An online and offline mode.

“A smart offline mode connects you to the live version of our big feature articles when you’ve got an internet connection, and a simplified text-only version when you don’t,” explained ProPublica design director David Sleight, in an announcement.

As for Android users, your version of the app will be available soon.

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Mashable Cuts CRO and Chief Content Officer

Unbeige - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 18:02

Mashable is undergoing a restructuring, and as always, that comes with layoffs. In a memo to staffers, Mashable founder and CEO Pete Cashmore said chief revenue officer Seth Rogin and executive editor, chief content officer Jim Roberts are both out.

Replacing Rogin and Roberts are Ed Wise and Greg Gittrich, respectively. Wise was formerly an advertising executive for Funny or Die; Gittrich was formerly with NBC News.

Other cuts have also been implemented, as Mashable moves to focus more on video, lifestyle, entertainment, business, tech and web culture. Politics and news will no longer be separate verticals on

“We are certain this is the right direction for Mashable,” wrote Cashmore, in the note. “But that doesn’t make it any less difficult to say goodbye to our friends and teammates. Mashable is a very close-knit family and I value the contributions of each and every member. Every one of these people has made an indelible impact on our company and our lives. They have earned our respect and our friendship, and we are very fortunate to have worked alongside them.”

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Reuters Names Foreign Affairs Editor

Unbeige - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 17:30

Reuters has named John Walcott foreign affairs and national security editor. Walcott previously served as Bloomberg Media’s team leader for foreign affairs and national security.

Prior to his time at Bloomberg, Walcott served as Washington bureau chief for McClatchy and Knight Ridder, and foreign editor and national editor of U.S. News & World Report.

Walcott will be based in Reuters’ Washington bureau.

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IRE Award Winners Announced

Unbeige - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 16:50

Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. has announced the winners of its IRE Awards, which honor excellence in investigative journalism.

The 2015 winners included three IRE Medals, the highest honor of the IRE Awards:

Seafood from Slaves,” The Associated Press (Category: Innovation Large)
Margie Mason, Robin McDowell, Martha Mendoza and Esther Htusan
Insult to Injury: America’s Vanishing Worker Protections,”  ProPublica and NPR (Category: Print/Online Large)
Michael Grabell (ProPublica), Howard Berkes (NPR), Lena Groeger (ProPublica), Yue Qiu (ProPublica) and Sisi Wei (ProPublica). “Failure Factories,” Tampa Bay Times (Category: Print/Online Medium)
Cara Fitzpatrick, Lisa Gartner, Michael LaForgia and Nathaniel Lash

The full list of IRE Award winners is here.

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SI to Unveil ‘Fashionable 50’

Unbeige - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 16:30

Sports Illustrated is calling out the most stylish pro athletes with a new editorial package titled Fashionable 50.

According to InStyle, the 50—38 men and 12 women—will be featured in a 12-page print spread in SI as well as online. New Yorker athletes making the list include Victor Cruz, Swin Cash, and Michael Strahan.

The Fashionable 50 will be announced April 11 and honored at an event April 12. The list will also be published in the April 13 edition of SI.

Let the record show that if Clyde Frazier isn’t number one on this list, we will be extremely upset.

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Jayson Blair Returns to His Alma Mater

Unbeige - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 15:45

For the first time since the 2003 New York Times plagiarism scandal, Jayson Blair was back at the University of Maryland, which he attended from 1995 to 1999 without graduating. Per a report by The Frederick News-Post’s Alana Pedalino, he remains deeply apologetic:

“It kills me personally that [my plagiarism and fabrication] damaged the profession,” Blair said when prompted by university lecturer Sharon O’Malley. “The part that really kills me are the people that I hurt in my personal and professional life who had done absolutely nothing wrong. I’m definitely sorry about it.”

Kudos to American studies and journalism major Shannon Gallagher. It was her idea to invite Blair to come speak at her journalism ethics class.

Pedalino’s report has lots more about Blair’s Q&A and student reaction to what he shared. Read the full article here.

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Dylan Howard Details His Roller-Coaster Ride With Charlie Sheen

Unbeige - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 15:30

Dylan Howard’s unusual relationship with Charlie Sheen started via text message in the fall of 2010. As the current AMI, Inc. vice president and chief content officer recounts in this week’s Hollywood Reporter first-person essay “The Tabloid Tale of Charlie Sheen and Me,” he was quickly dubbed a “mensch” by the Two and a Half Men star for reaching out directly.

A few months later, on Feb. 11 2011, Howard was being commended by Sheen for having “big balls.” The occasion was a visit by the journalist to the star’s Sherman Oaks home, where the actor had agreed to submit for Radar and The National Enquirer to professionally administered urine and blood tests. On Feb. 28, Howard would appear on Good Morning America to talk about the fact that Sheen passed both tests.

Although Howard’s AMI, Inc. outlets have previously reported on the bacchanalian ways of Sheen, many who read the THR piece will be shocked by bedroom details involving not just porn stars but also other men and a transsexual. There is a disclaimer appended to the end of the piece from the office of Sheen’s attorney Marty Singer. Howard though tells us he stands by everything in the piece.

“This is not a vendetta against Charlie Sheen,” Howard states, “but rather investigative journalism. We delivered an exposé into the power, corruption and lies orchestrated by Charlie and his flunkies, the likes of which are practically unprecedented in Hollywood history. It is disconcerting that even when he is exposed as a narcissistic sociopath who peddled lies to the world, as evidenced in audio tapes that the LAPD is seeking to subpoena, Mr. Sheen remains committed to blaming the victims, like Brett Rossi, and so many others. Any suggestion that there is any “anger” on the part of The National Enquirer, or its editor, as his reps have claimed, is ludicrous; we have merely done what we have been renowned for doing for more than 90 years — telling the truth and exposing lies.”

It’s a long way from the days when Howard was a regular visitor to Sheen’s “Sober Valley Lodge,” where he was gifted with a personalized “Vatican Assassin” dog tag and special walkie talkie to further facilitate direct communication. During another one of the journalist’s many visits, the actor entrusted him with his cell phone before retiring with his “goddesses.” Howard also made a short film with Sheen titled Operation Greyhound and, in the most literal sense, saw warts and all:

Another night, Sheen invited me over to watch a TV interview – the now-infamous 20/20 episode in which he declared: “I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen.”…

Suddenly, he insisted on doing another drug test. “We gotta do it now,” he yelled – and during an ad break, he dragged me into the bathroom, passed me an empty water bottle and had me hold it while he relived himself. On the shelf was an over-the-counter testing kit. He passed again.

Howard goes on to detail how, necessarily and inevitably, his relationship with Sheen imploded as he put together a “ghost team” of reporters in the summer of 2013 to investigate rumors that Sheen was HIV-positive and supported those efforts with extensive coast-to-coast travel and administered lie detector tests. Today, on the front page of Radar Online, the site states that it will contest an LAPD subpeona for Sheen materials. Oddly, after all that has transpired, this puts Howard back in the position of defending the actor.

William Walsh illustration via

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Time Inc. Adds to ‘The Drive’ Team

Unbeige - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 15:00

Time Inc.’s auto site has added Tyler Rogoway to cover defense and aviation topics. Rogoway will also contribute to Time Inc.’s /Drive video network.

Rogoway comes to Time Inc. from Gawker Media’s Jalopnik, where he served as editor of the Foxtrot Alpha subsite.

“Our job as the editorial branch of The Foundry is to identify new audiences and grow along with them, and I can’t think of a more rapidly developing space than the one Tyler covers,” said Matt Bean, Time Inc. senior vp, editorial innovation and editorial director for the automotive group. He’s a killer addition to the team, and we want to build around him.”


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FishbowlNY Newsstand: Well Said

Unbeige - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 14:25


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Linked: Museum Diagonals

Brand new - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 14:06
Jim Fishwick explores the trend in using diagonal lines and structures in museum logos.... Armin
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Noted: New Name and Logo for Cycling UK

Brand new - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 14:01
(Est. 1878, originally Bicycle Touring Club, most recently Cyclists' Touring Club) "Cycling UK, formerly known as the Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC), is a charitable membership organization supporting cyclists and promoting bicycle use; it is the largest such organisation in the UK. It works at a... Armin
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Golf Digest Writer Lines Up His 50th Masters

Unbeige - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 13:00

DaveKindredPicIn a brief but telling byline bio, Golf Digest senior writer Dave Kindred (pictured) notes that he ‘has lost golf balls in 22 countries on four continents.’ That’s one way of putting it.

Another is “Reflections on Covering 50(!) Masters.” As Jordan Spieth prepares to defend his title, Kindred is there as he has been since Gary Brewer won the Augusta championship in 1967.

Kindred’s piece is tons of fun and features a championship finish:

My son made the mistake of getting married on April 13, 1986. That day, after the reception, I turned on the television. It was 8 o’clock. The first words I heard were, “Jack Nicklaus today shot 65 to win . . . “ And I said, “Oh, sh%t,” for Nicklaus was an old man, then 46, six years removed from his last major championship, doing what [Ben] Hogan hadn’t done, win one more time.

So I missed that Masters, and I soon advised my son, “The next time you get married, don’t do it in April.” Nicklaus, being Nicklaus, was kind enough to send me a letter saying I had my priorities in order, family first, and the great man added, “If you want to know anything about the 1986 Masters, I do remember some of the details.”

By the way, my son did marry a second time.

In December.

Over the years, Kindred has also written four books.

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Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Globetouch by Bunch

Brand new - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 12:47
Established in 2010, Globetouch offers access to a "cloud-based global ecosystem" for operators so that they can introduce mobile devices or Internet-of-things products that can plug and play anywhere in select markets around the world. (To be honest, I tried to read through the whole... Armin
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A Double Shot of Cahners Publishing Nostalgia

Unbeige - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 12:30

NormanCahnersCoverIn March, Folio: vice president Tony Silber, a self-avowed fan of Steve Maas’ 2015 book In a Niche by Himself: The Norman Cahners Story, decided to mark the 30th anniversary of the death of the trade publishing pioneer by highlighted four excerpts. The Cahners Publishing Company was founded in 1960, acquired by Reed Elsevier in 1977 and relocated from Boston to New York in 2002.

The weekly Folio: series culminated March 29 and included all sorts of colorful reminders of the pre-digital age. For example, during the earliest days of the magazine Modern Materials Handling, still publishing today via Peerless Media, Cahners recruited Western Union telegraph operators (!) across the U.S. to help identify key purchasing executives. That granular approach became a hallmark of The Cahners Publishing Company, necessitating some offshore support:

How did Cahners keep track of all the data? Through outsourcing, according to Walter Cahners. Every day a batch of information was flown down to an island on the Caribbean (which one, he couldn’t recall) to be punched into IBM data cards. “When that island had a hurricane, [Cahners] became the big supplier of first aid and food, because 90 percent of the island worked for him,” Walter said of his brother.

And this week, New York magazine’s Audie White has delightfully revisited some of her publication’s “Strictly Personals” ads from the 1980s and 1990s. By coincidence, the second item in her slide show – dated Nov. 22, 1999 – is from a former Cahners employee:


We hope Ms. Levitt’s search for a suitable son-in-law ended successfully. And on this throwback Thursday, we happily salute the days of Western Union telegraph operators and hard-copy personal ads.

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Dr. Robi Ludwig Says Today’s Women at Midlife Are Just Getting Started

Unbeige - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 00:00

DianeClehaneLunch_FeaturedThe joint was jumping at Michael’s today with a slew of PR mavens, moguls (Barry Diller) and talking heads (Greg Kelly). I was glad I got there early for my ‘Lunch’ with Dr. Robi Ludwig, who was fêted last night by Bella Magazine at Mamo in Soho in celebration of her new book, Your Best Age is Now (HarperOne). I first met Robi, one of television’s most popular and respected psychotherapists and a regular contributor for Investigation Discovery’s Scorned (“No one loves to talk about murder more than me!”), when she was one of Nancy Grace’s favorite guests on her HLN show and I was writing Nancy’s book, Objection! Let’s just say we’ve always had plenty to talk about. Robi always introduces me to interesting women and today was no exception. She invited publishing consultant Nancy Hancock, who acquired Robi’s book when she was an editor at HarperOne and former QVC host-turned-Nutrisystem pitchwoman Kathy Levine to join us. Between Robi’s new book, Kathy’s stories of working with the late, great Joan Rivers and Nancy’s take on the current climate in book publishing, we covered plenty of ground.

Dorinda Medley and Diane Clehane

Diane Clehane and Dr. Robi Ludwig

Robi’s book is a myth-buster on middle age and is a rallying cry for women in their 40s, 50s and beyond to reinvent themselves, take (calculated) risks and not be held back by outdated thinking. Robi told me she was somewhat inspired by her own experiences. “I was interviewing for television jobs and when people asked me how old I was, I wondered if this was going to be a deal breaker. I’m not insecure about my age but I thought, is this it for me?” Clearly not. Robi jumped into researching the new realities for women at midlife and was greatly encouraged by what she found. Women’s lives at midlife today are vastly different from anything our parents experienced. To wit: Meredith Vieira, Ellen DeGeneres, Viola Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and the ageless Christie Brinkley are in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Contrast those women with images with The Golden Girls’ Bea Arthur. Get the picture?

“There is science that shows what women experience in midlife is not unlike what happens in adolescence. At this stage, women are often more ambitious than men. Hormones change and it’s a time of passages where you ask yourself, ‘Who am I now?'” said Robi. “Women are living longer, so there’s a real need to reboot. Women need to rebel against this idea that youth is the only time of beauty and there’s an expiration date on our dreams. At this stage, women know themselves betters and in some cases look better than they did in earlier stages of their life.”

As Robi sees it, it’s all about staying relevant. Help in that department can come from a surprising source: the teenagers in a woman’s life. “They can be a tremendous source of information in terms of what’s modern and happening in areas like technology.” This does not, she explained, mean foolishly trying to act “young.” She advises women to “achieve agelessness” by truly believing one “gets better with age.” In the book, midlife mentors like Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb, Juju Chang, Kate White, Dari Alexander and Robi’s own mother, Helene Shalotsky, talk about the ways in which they have embraced this stage of their life and offer advice based on their own experiences.

Not so coincidentally, Nancy and Kathy had their own words of wisdom. Having left the security of a senior position at HarperOne, Nancy is now an independent consultant working with authors on all stage of their work, from polishing proposals to advise on where to spend (and where to scrimp) on publicity and promotion. “Every single book I’ve worked on with an author since I started doing this has gotten a book deal,” said Nancy. That’s because, she explained, she offering an essential service. “Every editor who edits and every writer who writes needs the other person to do that other job.” And here’s some good news: “It’s a very robust market for the right book.”

Kathy, who was one of QVC’s most popular hosts and worked with Joan Rivers on her segments, told me, “It’s a different world” since she left the home shopping network. “Young viewers are buying everything online.” Kathy and I traded stories about Joan’s legendary kindness and generosity. “Every time she saw me, she’s say, ‘Take a piece of jewelry.’ I’d say, ‘No, I can’t.’ It wasn’t hers to give — it was QVC stock. But she’s say, “I don’t care!” On Kathy’s last show Joan surprised her by giving her a piece of Faberge jewelry from her own personal collection. “There was no one like her.” Everyone at the table agreed that Joan was one of the best examples of how a woman in midlife can use change to her advantage by keeping up with the times. “That’s why even though she was in her 80s when she died, her death was so shocking,” observed Robi. These days Kathy has reinvented herself as Marie Osmond’s co-host on Nutrisystem’s infomercials. “Marie is a lot of fun to work with. I’m having a great time.”

All of this, said Robi, is exactly what the title of her new book espouses. “Your best age really is now. It’s time we reject the idea that midlife is a time of loss and not being noticed. If you’re true to yourself and remain passionate and purposeful, it can be an extraordinary time of your life.”

We’re gonna hold you to that.

Here’s the rundown on today’s crowd

1 .’s Bonnie Fuller presiding over the monthly schmoozefest. In attendance: Brandsway Creative PR’s Kelly Brady, Hitha Prabhakar-Herzog, Escada’s Buffy Hersly, Eyewitness News’ entertainment guy Sandy Kenyon, Coty’s Laurie Verbinski and Oskar Chabrowski, Michael Jaconi of Button (it’s an app), WWD’s Paul Jowdy, Foursquare’s Jeff Glueck and Allison Slater Ray of IT Cosmetics.

2. Accessories maven Mickey Ateyeh fresh off her trip to Florida, who told me she’s working with Angela Cummings while she’s in town.

3. Dov Seidman

4. Barry Diller and a young man we didn’t recognize. We noticed several people including Jon Steinberg made their way over to the table to pay their respects.

5. Dr. Robi Ludwig, Nancy Hancock, Kathy Levine and yours truly

6. Andrew Stein and a dark-haired gal we didn’t get to meet.

7. Bookseller Glenn Horowitz

8. New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia

9. Jack Myers

11. Fox 5’s Greg Kelly who kept his coat on all through lunch (it was chilly since the air conditioning was on!) and a fellow from WNET.

12. Cheri Kaufman of Kaufman Studios

14. Cosmetic connoisseur Marc Rosen and PR guru and politico Robert Zimmerman

15. Jack Kliger and Tanya Steel. Jack tells me he’s off to London where he’s got a jam packed schedule

16. Marshall Cohen and Jesse Kornbluth

17. Jim Casella

18. Peter Price and Randy Jones (Long time no see!)

20. Producer Joan Gelman and radio doyenne Joan Hamburg

21. Quest’s Chris Meigher

23. Bernard Schwartz

24. Philip Murphy

25. Steven Greenberg

26.  Jon Steinberg

27. Louis Iacovelli among a table full of execs from GQ and Testoni

81. Nest’s Nancy McKay

I will be on a NYC staycation next week. See you back at Michael’s on April 20!

Diane Clehane is a FishbowlNY contributor. Follow her on Twitter @DianeClehane. Send comments and corrections on this column to LUNCH at MEDIABISTRO dot COM.


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Bloomberg Media Names Global Ad Sales Head

Unbeige - Wed, 04/06/2016 - 20:52

Bloomberg has promoted Amy Marks from head of client solutions to global head of advertising sales marketing.

“In her new role, Amy will lead marketing ideas and campaigns across all of our platforms around the world: digital, TV, radio, print and live events,” wrote Bloomberg Media’s global chief revenue and client partnerships officer Paul Caine, in a memo. “She will continue to build upon the great foundation we have set, expanding our market-leading ideas and insights for all of our properties while driving superior, measurable results for our media partners. In short, Amy’s mandate is to work with the Global Marketing Team to continue to recognize Bloomberg Media as the leader in cross-platform, digitally-led marketing.”

Marks joined Bloomberg last year, after a 16-year stint at People.

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Oprah Magazine Adds 2 Columnists

Unbeige - Wed, 04/06/2016 - 19:56

O, The Oprah Magazine has named Elizabeth Gilbert and Farnoosh Torabi as columnists. Their first pieces will appear in O’s May issue, on newsstands April 12.

Gilbert is most widely known for her book Eat Pray Love. She’ll be contributing a column on self-expression and creative living. Gilbert will also contribute video features for O.

Torabi is the host of the So Money podcast and the CNBC show Follow The Leader. She’ll pen financial advice columns for O.

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