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Bernie Sanders: ‘I Have a Real Problem With The NY Times’

Unbeige - Tue, 05/31/2016 - 15:15

Bernie Sanders is coming for you, New York Times.

During an interview on Meet The Press, Sanders was asked about a Times story that featured his supporters expressing hope that Hillary Clinton would be jailed over her email scandal. Uncle Bernie—surprisingly—didn’t hold back.

“I have a real problem with The New York Times,” said Sanders. “From day one, [the Times] has been dismissive of our campaign and very negative about our campaign.”

Sanders then delivered his standard message about “breaking up the big banks” etc, etc. and added “If the New York Times goes around and talks to a handful of people for a big front page story, then that’s a problem for the New York Times, not for our campaign.”

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FishbowlNY Newsstand: Interesting

Unbeige - Tue, 05/31/2016 - 14:29

scan copy


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Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Frameline by Mucho

Brand new - Tue, 05/31/2016 - 12:30
Established in 1977, Frameline is a nonprofit organization dedicated to "the funding, exhibition, distribution and promotion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender media arts". Its most well-known initiative is the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, the longest-running LGBTQ film exhibition event in the world... Armin
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ESPN Radio Host Heartened by Reaction to His Coming Out

Unbeige - Tue, 05/31/2016 - 06:00

At the recent NFL Combine, a member of the Atlanta Falcons asked Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple if he liked men. During a recent edition of “Mason & Ireland,” the popular weekday program on 710 ESPN Radio Los Angeles, Steve Mason instructed John Ireland to bring up that same question.

Mason has since done several interviews about his decision to come out publicly, including a May 27 conversation with KCRW news producer Darrell Satzman:

“In taking this [Apple] story, I asked John to ask me the same question… And of course I said, ‘Yes, I do like men.’ And I told him to ask me again, and I again answered the question. And I think I did it five times, just to make the point. And then we moved on.”

“That was the opportunity to organically sort of get it out there. And I was really happy that we did it that way.”

Mason says he had been thinking about coming out for several months and that after he did on air, he received just one negative tweet. The Toledo, Ohio native also told Satzman that this aspect of his personal life had been known for some time among his immediate ESPN co-workers.

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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Enhanced for Image Editing and Vector Illustration - Tue, 05/31/2016 - 00:00

The latest version of the Windows vector graphics and image editing application shifts to a model that provides an inexpensive alternative to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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GraphicConverter Enhanced for Mac Image Editing and Conversion - Tue, 05/31/2016 - 00:00
The latest version of Lemke Software's Mac graphics utility adds a wide range of new features and improvements, including including face recognition, collage creation, custom brushes and the ability to work with Apple's new Live Photos file format.
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Drake Happily Makes Time for Nardwuar

Unbeige - Mon, 05/30/2016 - 20:30

For a long time now, people have periodically asked, “Who Is Nardwuar?” In the wake of the Canadian media personality’s one-hour interview with Drake and colleague 40 earlier this month in Toronto, the latest to pose that question include Guardian US deputy arts editor Lanre Bakare.

Nardwuar first hit the airwaves of University of British Colombia student radio station CITR 101.9 FM in 1987, just a few years after SCTV had gone dark. Had Martin Short been at the time still actively parodying Canadian media figures, he almost certainly would have zeroed in on Nardwuar.

And in at least one respect, Nardwuar (real name: John Ruskin) shares a journalistic method with one-time CITY-TV Toronto interviewer Brian Linehan, who was spoofed by Short. From Bakare’s May 27 piece:

Nardwuar spends around a week researching each guest and – here’s his key sell – brings them gifts to jog their memories. His deep dives reveal anything from guilty pleasures and seminal records from their pasts to more intimate nuggets, like the fact DJ Khaled used to put his mixtapes in trainers when he worked at a sports shop, or that Hudson Mohawke’s dad rapped on a song for the defunct Glasgow Diamonds American footie team.

Next year will mark Nardwuar’s 30th anniversary on-air year. Expect some extra-special gifts.

H/T: Christopher Inoa

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New York Post Interviews the ‘Vegan Bernie Madoff’

Unbeige - Mon, 05/30/2016 - 12:00

PureFoodWineLasagnaIf you catch up to just one bit of New York-tastic smartphone barbecue reading this holiday Monday, let it be “The Downfall of NYC’s Hottest Vegan.”

That was the headline for a recent New York Post item by Dana Schuster and Georgett Roberts. The centerpiece of the article is a Rikers Island conversation with Sarma MeIngailis, the former doyenne of Gramercy Park vegan restaurant Pure Food and Wine:

“It’s the worst nightmare you can think of,” Melngailis revealed to The Post in an exclusive jailhouse interview Saturday morning at Rikers. “If I had terminal cancer, it would be better than this, because at least [then] I did not cause it.”

For the past 10 months, Melngailis and [husband Anthony] Strangis had been on the lam after allegedly stealing nearly $2 million from her trendy “raw organic” restaurant — blowing $1.2 million at Connecticut casinos. The 43-year-old restaurateur and Strangis, 35, were arrested last week at a $99-a-night Fairfield Inn & Suites in Sevierville, Tenn., after a delivery of unorganic Domino’s outed them.

MeIngailis has been derided by an attorney representing a group of former Pure employees as “the vegan Bernie Madoff.” An equally colorful quote comes from a law enforcement authority who helped capture the fugitive couple:

Sevierville Detective Kevin Bush tells The Post: “I have excellent intelligence that [Strangis] ordered the pizza and wings.”

The couple will be arraigned shortly. They face 24 counts of theft, labor fraud and tax crimes.

Image via: Yelp

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Announced: 2016 Brand Nieuwe Conference: Ticket Giveaway

Brand new - Mon, 05/30/2016 - 03:10
We have 46 (!) free tickets up for grabs today for the Brand Nieuwe Conference in Amsterdam on June 20 – 21. Read on for details.... Armin
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Photoshop-challenger Pixelmator Updated for Mac Image Editing - Mon, 05/30/2016 - 00:00
Version 3.5 of Mac image-editing application Pixelmator adds two smart selection tools and a Retouch Extension for the Apple Photos app, making it a viable Photoshop alternative for many users.
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Q2ID Plugin Updated for QuarkXPress 2016 to Adobe InDesign CC Import - Mon, 05/30/2016 - 00:00
Markzware's plugin provides a quick way to convert XPress files by simply opening them within Adobe InDesign.
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QuarkXPress 2016 Updated for Print and HTML5 Output - Mon, 05/30/2016 - 00:00

The latest version of QuarkXPress adds conversion of PDF, Illustrator and EPS files to native objects, as well as the possibility to create fixed-layout HTML5 versions of XPress documents. And it maintains its appeal as an alternative to subscribing to Adobe's Creative Cloud.

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Morley Safer’s Hotel and Motel Room Art

Unbeige - Sun, 05/29/2016 - 12:00

MorleySaferHeadshotThe late Morley Safer liked to describe himself as a “Sunday painter.” Although he was referring to his sideline hobby of crafting watercolors, that description could just as easily apply to the way he deftly spun 60 Minutes narratives.

On this holiday-weekend Sunday, the best place to turn to learn more about Safer’s art is a piece in the new issue of New York magazine by art critic Jerry Saltz. Canadian-born journalist Safer was known for painting a still life of his hotel and motel rooms while on the road for stories, and interestingly enough, when Saltz received a bundle of Safer’s artwork in the early 1990s, that was the subject matter that jumped out:

I wouldn’t have bought any of these [paintings] if I saw them at a yard sale, except one. His motel-room picture has everything you’d want it to have, and even a little bit more. Which is to say banality, blankness, something sweet, neat, forlorn, and soul-killing. The space is cramped, the décor drab and sterile; a rotary dial phone sits on the bare night table next to one generic lamp. Over the small double bed is just the kind of cliché landscape that Safer liked to paint: two trees on a hill with a yellow sun in the white sky. Ironies extend. The rumpled bed with only one side turned down lets us know Safer has been here, alone on the road. A plain poignancy lingers, even in the uninspired style.

The first exhibit of Safer’s paintings, held in 1980, focused on hotel rooms. The second, a traveling show in 1985 titled “Travels in Provence,” sparked this fun New York Times lede:

Fourteen paintings were sold in 60 minutes the other night at an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Morley Safer.

Among the buyers was the late Mike Wallace, who admitted “collegiality” had something to do with the purchase.

Photo courtesy: CBS News

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From the NBC Peacock to the TYT Iguana

Unbeige - Sat, 05/28/2016 - 18:15

It was 60 years ago almost exactly – May 22, 1956 – that NBC unveiled its famous peacock logo to highlight the wonders of color TV. All these decades later, if another creature can encapsulate the powers of online news upstarts, it might as well be the iguana. From Dave Weigel’s profile of The Young Turks co-founder and main on-air man Cenk Uygur:

“In the old days, TV had a lot of power, but that’s shifting now,” Uygur said in an interview at TYT’s Culver City headquarters, a former bar that’s home to two fully outfitted studios, a shelf of awards and an iguana mascot – Mayaguana – who just showed up one day. “So we’d better figure out how to use that power for the issues we care about, because cable TV is worse than propaganda. It’s marketing for the rich and powerful.”

What would happen in a zoo setting if a peacock was thrown into the same pen as an iguana? We’re not sure. Perhaps some expert can educate us in the comments.

But we do know, as longtime chroniclers of the TYT Network, what occurs metaphorically in the TV news business. Katie Couric winds up at Yahoo; Brian Williams becomes a social media punching bag; and Lester Holt holds on to the 25-to-54 demo lead while the TYT Network caters to the 13-to-24’s. (April comScore stats placed TYT Network at the top of this category in a number of U.S. measurement categories, well ahead of CNN Politics, Salon, Fox News Politics and MSNBC.)

Washington Post national affairs correspondent Weigel revisits, with interesting detail, Uygur’s pivotal decision moment at MSNBC. On this holoday weekend, the online version of the article, thanks to an equal focus on Bernie Sanders, is off an running with hundreds of reader comments at press time, such as this one:

FaithBK: I am so f’in tired of smug media columnists (it’s a stretch to call them “reporters”) dismissively referring to the millions of people who support – not JUST Senator Sanders, but the positions he’s articulating – as “followers”, “Sanders-Philiac” or “Sanders – Obsessed”. Then when large swatches of the voting public call you for the B/S, you turn around and mock that. What you fail to address is that members of your club (Amy Goodman, John Nichols, Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald) agree with the assessment that the corporate-owned media has failed. The endless efforts of dime a dozen media outlets to create their own memes, reframe the discussion and cherry-pick what is reported as well as how it is reported is patently obvious. So, too , is the shameful fact that network news frequently gives us political guest “commentators” without bothering to identify who is paying these people. And yes, whether or not you place the word corporate in quotes, when you are a corporate-owned media outlet, that is in fact what you are…

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Tribune Publishing CEO Receives Hefty Moving Allowance

Unbeige - Sat, 05/28/2016 - 12:00

TribunePublishingLogoAccording to a May 26 SEC filing dug up by Politico Media deputy editor Alex Weprin, there is a parachute-like element included in the moving-expenses package granted to Tribune Publishing CEO Justin Dearborn. Not to mention some very generous coverage of Chicago-to-L.A. overhead:

The Company will pay Mr. Dearborn $262,000 for relocation expenses. In addition, the Company will provide Mr. Dearborn with temporary housing and a rental car for up to four months. The Company also will provide a $75,000 return-home allowance for expenses for relocating back to Chicago if Mr. Dearborn’s employment is terminated on or prior to February 21, 2018 by the Company without cause or by Mr. Dearborn for good reason.

In Dearborn’s West Coast destination, one of the media observers geographically closest to the L.A. Times’ Spring Street headquarters is Los Angeles Downtown News executive editor Jon Regardie. His weekly publication’s offices are just up 1st Street. From Regardie’s latest piece:

I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones, but the real-life media power plays and twists of the last few weeks have taught me one thing: The battle to rule the Seven Kingdoms has got nothing on the war to control the Eight Media Groups of Tribune Publishing.

Via Twitter, Chris Krewson, editor of Philadelphia website Billy Penn, channeled an older TV reference, linking to the SEC filing we mention above with the words “As Tribune Turns.” Krewson no doubt would have loved such C-level executive expense calculations when he relocated a few years ago back to the east coast from L.A., where he was web editor for our sister publication The Hollywood Reporter.

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RD Recap: Buyouts at the NYT; Hires at the Washington Post

Unbeige - Fri, 05/27/2016 - 23:20

The New York Times will offer buyouts to 1,100 staffers in an effort to trim the budget and refocus its efforts on the digital landscape. “These plans will no doubt lead to new initiatives and investments,” Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and executive editor Dean Baquet wrote in a memo. “At the same time, we will also need to make tough decisions about what to stop doing. Wherever we can reduce costs without damaging the values, and value, of Times journalism, we will do so.” In another memo (so many memos!), Baquet said that there wouldn’t be layoffs, and while there’s no reason to doubt that statement, it’s impossible to know if it’s truly the case…

The Washington Post moves Ruth Marcus a deputy editorial page editor, where she’ll oversee “bylined opinion content, digital and in print.” She’s been on the editorial board since 2003 and will continue to write a weekly column focused on American politics and policy. WaPo also snags columnist Stuart Rothenberg, who left Roll Call after accusing the publication of “chasing the story of the day.” And Megan Chan joins the Post from Politico. She’ll be director of digital operations… The Telegraph Media Group chops a large contingent of jobs as it seeks to improve finances… The Wall Street Journal hires Tomio Geron and Alec Davis for its WSJ Pro subscription services. They come from Forbes and MarketWatch, respectively… And there are changes at Mic, Surface Media and more

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The Most Popular FishbowlNY Posts for The Week

Unbeige - Fri, 05/27/2016 - 21:00

Here’s a look at the posts that made the most buzz the past seven days.

Marissa Mayer Has a New Cover to Bear Dan Rather Contemplates The Idea of JFK as a Presidential Candidate Time Inc. Adds MaryAnn Bekkedahl, Promotes Charlie Kammerer Cover Battle: Wired or Time Out New York A New Look for Best Sellers Page

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A Profitable First Year for Montauk’s Whalebone Magazine

Unbeige - Fri, 05/27/2016 - 18:30

WhaleboneMagazineResiding both geographically and editorially beyond the bullseye of other Hamptons magazines, Whalebone officially turns one this weekend. According to a piece by Keith J. Kelly about just how swell print is doing on the strand heading into Memorial Day weekend, the Montauk-based publication has never been in the red:

“We’re the opposite of pretentious,” said publisher Eddie Berrang.

To start the magazine, the 34-year-old publisher said he approached Jesse James Joeckel, the 28-year-old one-time T-shirt designer who had started the successful Montauk retailer Whalebone Creative as “an expression of our lifestyle based around art, design, and surf culture.”

Grant Monahan, whose family runs the Ditch Witch food truck, served as guest editor of the current “Throwback” issue. Berrang says he’s been profitable from Day 1 and, this year, he’s branching out to do a Whalebone Beer in conjunction with the Montauk Brewing Company.

Speaking of beer, one of the features in the aforementioned “Throwback” issue is a look at a circa-1950s menu for local joint Shagwong. Back then, Budweiser, decades away from being rebranded as “America,” was just 45 cents.

Another article offers up DJ Pancakes’ “Throwback” playlist. The 11-song compilation is a good soundtrack for those willing to put on their ‘fricking leopard-print pants, take their shirt off and wave it ’round like a helicopter.’ For those who can’t get to the Hamptons, it’s possible to subscribe here.

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Vox, Penske Express Interest in Gawker

Unbeige - Fri, 05/27/2016 - 17:07

It appears there’s at least some truth to the rumor that Gawker might be for sale. According to The New York Post, Vox Media and Penske Media Corporation (PMC) are “looking over Gawker’s books.”

When rumors flew that Gawker Media was exploring a sale, the company responded by declaring “everyone take a breath.” Yet a PMC spokesperson said “At this time PMC has only been contacted by Gawker’s banker.”

In addition to Vox and PMC, Univision has expressed interest in Gawker.

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WSJ Editor Reminds Staff to be ‘Fair’ to Trump

Unbeige - Fri, 05/27/2016 - 16:00

The Wall Street Journal’s editor in chief Gerard Baker wants the paper’s coverage of Donald Trump to be “fair.”

According to Politico, during a recent morning staff meeting, Baker went on a “surreal tangent,” imploring his editors to cover Trump as a serious candidate. There’s definitely something hilarious about an editor reminding staffers that the paper’s coverage of a presidential candidate has to be mature.

As you might have guessed, Baker’s remarks did not go over well with staffers. Some of them considered the speech “an insult or admonition.”

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