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2016 Gerald Loeb Award Finalists Announced

Unbeige - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 17:10

The finalists for the 2016 Gerald Loeb Awards—which celebrate the best of business journalism—have been announced. The winners will be unveiled at the Loeb Awards banquet Tuesday, June 28, at Capitale.

The following finalists were chosen from more than 450 entries. Good luck to all.

Audio Category Finalists

Dana Wolfe, John Donvan, Robert Rosenkranz, Clea Conner Chang, Kris Kamikawa, Alison Russell, Amy Krafft, Adelaide Mandeville, Lia Matthow, Shea O’Meara, Taylor Quimby, Rob Christiansen, Damon Whittemore, and Katie Kemple for “Central Banks Can Print Prosperity” – Intelligence Squared U.S. Rebecca Plevin for “Navigating the Costly World of Health Care” – KPCC Chris Arnold, Uri Berliner, Neal Carruth, Lori Todd, and Heidi Glenn for “Your Money and Your Life” – NPR Colleen DeBaise, Sue Williams, Victoria Wang, Nusha Balyan, Sam Shinn, and Michelle Ciotta for “Succeeding as a Woman in Tech – Shaan Kandawalla, Melody McCloskey, Amy Sheng” – The Story Exchange

Beat Reporting Category Finalists

Dan Murtaugh, Lynn Doan, Harry R. Weber, and David Wethe for “The Shale Boom Blows Up” – Bloomberg News Jenny Deam for “Healthcare Reporting” – Houston Chronicle Paul Kiel, Annie Waldman, and Al Shaw for “The Color of Debt” – ProPublica John Carreyrou, Michael Siconolfi, and Christopher Weaver for “Testing Theranos” – The Wall Street Journal

Breaking News Category Finalists

David McLaughlin, Todd Shields, Gerry Smith, Lucas Shaw, Alex Sherman, and Ed Hammond for “Cable Cut” – Bloomberg News Kavita Kumar, Adam Belz, Mike Hughlett, Joe Carlson, and Kristen Leigh Painter for “Target Exits Canada” – Minneapolis Star Tribune Jason Del Rey, Kurt Wagner, and Kara Swisher for “Jack Dorsey’s Third Act” – Re/code John Hilsenrath, Ben Leubsdorf, Greg Ip, Sudeep Reddy, Josh Zumbrun, Jeffrey Sparshott, Patricia Minczeski, Martin Burch, Elliot Bentley and Rachel Louise Ensign for “Fed Rate Increase” – The Wall Street Journal David Benoit, Jacob Bunge, Dana Cimilluca, Dana Mattioli, and Dennis K. Berman for “Inside the Dow-DuPont Merger” – The Wall Street Journal

Commentary Category Finalists

Peter Coy and Dimitra Kessenides for “‘Opening Remarks’ Columns” – Bloomberg Businessweek Michael Hiltzik for “The Economy Hub” – Los Angeles Times Joe Nocera for “Commentary from Joe Nocera” – The New York Times James B. Stewart for “Inside the Boardroom” – The New York Times Matt O’Brien for “International Turbulence” – The Washington Post

Explanatory Category Finalists

Paul Ford for “Code: An Essay” – Bloomberg Businessweek Ellen Gabler for “Hidden Errors” – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld for “Inside Amazon” – The New York Times Michael Grabell and Howard Berkes for “Insult to Injury: America’s Vanishing Worker Protections” – ProPublica & NPR Karen Bretell, David Gaffen, David Rohde, and Timothy Aeppel for “The Cannibalized Company” – Reuters

Feature Category Finalists

Jason Clenfield for “The Passport King” – Bloomberg Markets Laurie Segall, Erica Fink, Jason Farkas, Contessa Gayles, Greg Chen, Megan Pendergrass, and Daniel Ho for “Revenge Porn: The Cyberwar Against Women” – CNNMoney Jennifer Hiller for “Smell of Money: Oil and Ranching in South Texas” – San Antonio Express-News David Enrich for “The Unraveling of Tom Hayes” – The Wall Street Journal Chico Harlan for “A Region Left Behind: Lost Opportunity in the Deep South” – The Washington Post

Images/Graphics/Interactives Category Finalists

Wes Kosova for “Bloomberg: Interactive Graphics” – Bloomberg News Eleanor Bell, Will Fitzgibbon, and Chris Zubak-Skees for “Fatal Extraction” – The Center for Public Integrity & The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Amanda Cox, Gregor Aisch, Kevin Quealy, Matthew Bloch, Wilson Andrews, Josh Keller, Karen Yourish, Eric Buth, Nicholas Confessore and Sarah Cohen for “Making Data Visual” – The New York Times Annie Waldman and Sisi Wei for “Debt by Degrees” – ProPublica

International Category Finalists

Sasha Chavkin, Ben Hallman, Michael Hudson, Cecille Schilis-Gallego, Shane Shifflett, and Jocelyn Zuckerman for “Evicted & Abandoned” – The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists & The Huffington Post Ian Urbina for “The Outlaw Ocean” – The New York Times Stephen Grey, Audrey Kuzmin, Jack Stubbs, Roman Anin, and Elizabeth Piper for “Comrade Capitalism” – Reuters Tom Wright, Bradley Hope, Simon Clark, Mia Lamar, Justin Baer, Tom Di Fonzo and Paolo Bosonin for “Malaysia’s Missing Millions” – The Wall Street Journal

Investigative Category Finalists

Margie Mason, Martha Mendoza, Robin McDowell, and Esther Htusan for “Seafood from Slaves” – The Associated Press Peter Elkind for “Inside the Hack of the Century” – Fortune Jessica Silver-Greenberg, Michael Corkery, and Robert Gebeloff for “Beware the Fine Print” – The New York Times Mike Baker and Daniel Wagner for “The Mobile-Home Trap” – The Seattle Times, The Center for Public Integrity & BuzzFeed News

Local Category Finalists

Jeffrey Meitrodt for “Tragic Harvest” – Minneapolis Star Tribune Denise M. Bonilla, Carl MacGowan, Maura McDermott, and Deon J. Hampton for “Zombie Houses” – Newsday Fedor Zarkhin for “Unsettling Dust” – The Oregonian Whit Richardson and Steve Mistler for “Payday at the Mill” – Portland Press Herald & Maine Sunday Telegram

Personal Finance Category Finalists

Daniel Miller for “Selling Stardom” – Los Angeles Times Jillian Berman for “Student Debt Crisis Coverage” – MarketWatch Donna Rosato, Kate Santichen, Alexandra Mondalek, and Shayla Hunter for “Aging’s Costliest Challenge” – MONEY Magazine Morgan Housel for “Morgan Housel Columns” – The Wall Street Journal & The Motley Fool

Video Category Finalists

Pamela McClintock and Kim Masters for “Studio Chiefs Unleashed: 6 Top Execs Spar Over Gender Pay, Sony Hack and ‘Star Wars’ Box Office” – The Hollywood Reporter Jennifer Gollan, David Ritsher, Amanda Pike, Fernando Diaz, Richard Coolidge, and Sara Just for “Are Bakken Oil Field Workers Dying for Cheap Gas?” – Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting & PBS NewsHour Sharyl Attkisson, Kim Skeen, Batt Humphreys, Bryan Barr, Lance Ing, and Johnalynn Holland for “Taxpayer Beware: Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson” – Sinclair Broadcast Group Robert Libetti, Todd Cross and Lucette Lagnado for “The Double-Mastectomy Rebellion” – The Wall Street Journal Joanna Stern for “Joanna Stern’s Videos” – The Wall Street Journal
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David Carr’s Twitter Account Overrun by Porn Spambot

Unbeige - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 16:39

The internet is unkind. Case in point — a porn spambot has overtaken the Twitter account for the late New York Times media columnist David Carr.

Around 10 am this morning, the @Carr2n account suddenly sent this to all those who still follow Carr:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.32.37 AM

Needless to say, many people have already asked Twitter to intervene. Thankfully, CNN’s Brian Stelter said that the company is “working on fixing this.

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Tumblr Adds Marketing Exec

Unbeige - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 16:00

Tumblr has named Tatiana Simonian head of marketing partnerships. Simonian comes to the blogging platform from Nielsen Entertainment, where she served as vp of branded music.

Before her time with Nielsen, Simonian served as Twitter’s first head of music. Simonian also previously worked for Disney and Hot Topic.

Simonian’s appointment is effective immediately. She reports to Tumblr CMO Stephanie Dolgins.

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Linked: Lots of Logos

Brand new - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 15:33
Michael Johns, Chris Shuttleworth, and Glen Thorpe have each been designing logos for 173 days, each day all three tackling the same one. Some are purely execution-based while others, like 4 Kings, have richer visual explorations. Keep up with them on Twitter or on Tumblr... Armin
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Noted: New Logo for Los 40 by Gold Mercury International

Brand new - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 15:26
(Est. 1966) "Los 40 (formerly Los 40 Principales) is a Top 40 contemporary hit radio musical radio network and radio station brand in many Spanish-speaking countries from Prisa Radio. The station has its origins as a music show at Radio Madrid, today Cadena SER in... Armin
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Mark Zuckerberg Meets with Conservative Leaders

Unbeige - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 15:15

Mark Zuckerberg’s meeting with more than a dozen conservative figures apparently went as well as it could have.

The powwow was assembled after former Facebook staffers said their bosses made them suppress conservative news stories from Facebook’s Trending feature.

In a post on Facebook, Zuckerberg explained that despite what people think, it wouldn’t make any business sense to omit news from conservative sites that are constantly spewing hate and incorrect information. Well, it was something close to that:

We’ve built Facebook to be a platform for all ideas. Our community’s success depends on everyone feeling comfortable sharing anything they want. It doesn’t make sense for our mission or our business to suppress political content or prevent anyone from seeing what matters most to them.

Still, Zuckerberg admitted that there was work to be done.

“I know many conservatives don’t trust that our platform surfaces content without a political bias,” he wrote. “I wanted to hear their concerns personally and have an open conversation about how we can build trust. I want to do everything I can to make sure our teams uphold the integrity of our products.”

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Google Partners With Media Outlets for Virtual Reality Platform

Unbeige - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 15:00

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 8.33.16 AMGoogle is expanding its virtual reality empire with the launch of Daydream, a platform that will feature content from a variety of media outlets and more.

Daydream is expected to launch later this year, with “Daydream ready” smartphones, controllers and headsets.

According to The Verge, initial Daydream media partners include Lionsgate, USA Today, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, the NBA and MLB.

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FishbowlNY Newsstand: Hard Homecoming

Unbeige - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 14:34


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Reviewed: New Logo and Packaging for Itaipava by Futurebrand

Brand new - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 12:53
First brewed in 1994, Itaipava is a line of beers available in Brazil produced by Grupo Petrópolis. Its signature beer, a pilsner (or pislen in Portuguese), is the fourth most popular beer behind powerhouse brands from AmBev (Skol, Brahma, Antarctica). Itaipava will begin rolling out... Armin
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Frere and Loathing in Los Angeles

Unbeige - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 04:30

The geographical elements of the Sasha Frere-Jones Los Angeles Times scandal – a Las Vegas strip club, Joshua Tree, the 2016 Coachella Music and Arts Festival – are gonzo-worthy. Add in a phantom rapper, a fellow writer’s emphatic pleas for personal-expense reimbursement and some apparent resentment among SFJ’s Spring Street confreres of the privileges that came with his reporting directly to managing editor S. Mitra Kalita and, well, you wind up with our headline pun.


Let’s start with the Dom Perignon-sponsored April junket, which Frere-Jones was initially supposed to cover but then backed out of. Although he may have been guilty of bending a few L.A. Times rules by accepting the invitation, the event is quite honestly nothing out of the ordinary.

In addition to the 1998 P2 tasting in the Joshua Tree desert (for which Frere-Jones would have been helicoptered in), the three-day event included deluxe accommodation at a hotel in Rancho Mirage, a swanky dinner at the John Lautner-designed Elrod House in Palm Springs and more. Among those who did the Dom Perignon dirty was Blouin Info lifestyle editor Michelle Tay – check out her report and slide show here.

The Vegas details are a little harder to evaluate. On Twitter, Frere-Jones recently followed Kendrick Lamar, so perhaps the alleged $5,000 strip club expense reimbursement request – a round-dollar amount which typically, at places like Sapphire and Spearmint Rhino, is racked up by VIP groups of 10 – was pinned to the “The Blacker the Berry” artist.

Certainly, from our point of view, the gonzo high point of all this has to be that phone call or email exchange. As relayed by TheWrap’s Itay Hood:

Asked to explain [the $5,000], Frere-Jones said he was writing an article about a rapper. But according to the insider, the rapper’s representatives told the paper that no interview had taken place.

Think about that for a moment. An editor or accounting person at the Times called a major rapper’s representatives and asked along the lines of, ‘Hey, we just wanted to double check something…’ It’s likely that Frere-Jones’ cred with this artist instantly went through the roof.

Finally, if SFJ was willing to try and expense 5K in Vegas entertainment, one wonders why he didn’t also go for the Coachella Uber copter, rather than reportedly barter for free transportation with a potential article subject. All in all, this series of events is the craziest thing to happen to the L.A. Times music department since Devon Maloney explained her reasons for leaving last fall.

P.S. The tweet above is one of about a half-dozen SFJ darts lofted this week by Ortberg, a writer for The Toast, about imaginary monies owed. Which of course just makes it all the more gonzo-perfect.

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Aaron Draplin Ships Pretty Much Everything - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 00:00

Pretty Much Everything is a mid-career survey of work, case studies, inspiration, road stories, lists, maps, how-tos, and advice. It includes examples of AAron Draplin's work—posters, record covers, logos—and presents the process behind his design with projects like Field Notes and the “Things We Love” State Posters. Draplin also offers valuable advice and hilarious commentary that illustrates how much more goes into design than just what appears on the page."

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The Tears of a Veteran Newspaper Reporter

Unbeige - Wed, 05/18/2016 - 23:40

When recently summarized a list of winners at the Syracuse Press Club’s annual awards banquet, they led with a mention of their own Tim Knauss (pictured). The longtime Syracuse Post-Standard reporter, who covers government and public spending, received the Selwyn Kershaw Professional Standards Award.


However, left out one important detail with regards to Knauss. For that, we turn to a report today by the Syracuse New Times:

Knauss began his April 30 speech at the Syracuse Press Club awards dinner by asking how many copy editors were in the room. He was surprised when more than three people raised their hands…

He spoke briefly about the challenge of doing journalism with fewer copy editors as a safety net and less time to report important stories. Knauss abruptly ended his speech when he could no longer hold back tears.

The New Times goes on to explain that the Post-Standard, currently published in print three times a week, will see those Syracuse Media Group print operations relocated to an Advance Local plant in Edison, N.J. in late June. As a result, a number of editor, page designer and graphic artist positions are expected to be lost.

The email to Post-Standard staff about this decision was sent May 4, the Wednesday immediately following the Saturday during which Knauss delivered his abbreviated remarks. And the week of the Syracuse Press Club Awards, another Advance Local paper, Pennsylvania’s Harrisburg Patriot-News, completed a similar move.

The award won by Knauss was first handed out in 1978. Its namesake Selwyn Kershaw is a past Syracuse Press Club president and copy editor at the Syracuse Herald-Journal.

Image via: Twitter

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Taking a Lunch Break…

Unbeige - Wed, 05/18/2016 - 23:00

DianeClehaneLunch_FeaturedOur intrepid reporter Diane Clehane is under the weather, so she skipped her usual rounds at Michael’s today.

She’ll be back to dine and dish at 55th and 5th next week. In the meantime, here are some recent columns to chew on:

The Dynamic Duo Who Are Thinking Big Thanks to Michael J.Fox and George Stephanopoulos

InStyle’s Publisher: Branded Content and the Affluent Consumer Is Our Winning Formula

Former LVMH CEO on Why the Apple Watch Is a Failure and ‘The Business of Aesthetics’

Lois Joy Johnson’s Message to Marketers: Stop Ignoring Women Over 50

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Forbes Media Loses 3 Execs

Unbeige - Wed, 05/18/2016 - 20:00

Three executives have departed Forbes Media in the past few weeks.

The New York Post reports Fred Poust, Bruce Upbin and Wendy Furrer Egan have all left the company to pursue other opportunities.

Poust served as senior vp of conferences; Upbin as vp and managing editor of technology; and Furrer Egan as senior director of editorial publicity.

A Forbes spokesperson told the Post, “We’re in the process of identifying candidates to fill those positions. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve added more than 30 employees.”

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Joe Biden Discusses Fatherhood With Popular Mechanics

Unbeige - Wed, 05/18/2016 - 19:05

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.16.43 AMVice President Joe Biden (dammit Joe, why didn’t you run??) and Hunter Biden are Popular Mechanics’ latest cover stars.

Inside the special issue on fatherhood, the pair discuss the bond between a man and his kids and the lessons they have learned from each other.

In the interview, Joe explained that his focus on family extends to everyone who works with him:

We have an expression in our family: If you have to ask for help, it’s too late. We’re there for each other. I have a rule for every single staff member who’s ever worked for me in forty-two years: If you ever come to work when your kid has an important function, no matter what you’re doing for me—if you ever show up for me and you miss your wife’s birthday or your husband’s birthday or your kid’s thing, don’t work for me. And I mean it. That is the God’s truth. I can swear on my word as a Biden.

The June issue of Popular Mechanics is on newsstands now.

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Reuters Promotes Kevin Krolicki to Regional Editor of Americas

Unbeige - Wed, 05/18/2016 - 17:30

Reuters has named Kevin Krolicki regional editor of the Americas. He most recently held the same role on an interim basis.

Krolicki has been with Reuters since 1996. During his time with the company, he has served as a producer and bureau chief for the West Coast, Detroit, Japan and—more recently—Washington.

“Throughout his 20-year career at Reuters, Kevin has demonstrated exceptional news judgment and leadership skills,” wrote Reuters editor in chief Steve Adler, in a memo. “He has a deep understanding of the Americas region—our market, clients, bureaus and the stories that matter most—that will stand us in good stead as we move forward together.”

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Joe Ripp Talks Time Inc. and Yahoo

Unbeige - Wed, 05/18/2016 - 16:00

During Time Inc.’s Investor Open House, CEO Joe Ripp discussed a variety of subjects, including the publisher’s rumored interest in Yahoo.

While it seems now that the group led by Warren Buffett and Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is in the lead to acquire Yahoo, for a few weeks there was plenty of talk that Time Inc. was all in, too.

Ripp wouldn’t confirm or deny the rumors. Instead he said they were all part of the game.

“The reality is, Yahoo is one of those large media properties that only comes along every so often,” said Ripp, according to WWD. “I used to run AOL and I know an awful lot about the Yahoo business, so I suspect a lot of the media speculation was around that because of the experience I had running the AOL business.”

Then, in a tipping-of-the-hand moment, Ripp added “Yahoo lacks good content. We can prove that.”

“A lot of the digital properties don’t make a nickel,” continued Ripp. “People are starting to realize that.”

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A Bittersweet Anniversary for Costa Rica’s Tico Times

Unbeige - Wed, 05/18/2016 - 15:30

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the Tico Times, an English-language weekly launched in Costa Rica under the tutelage of a veteran New York journalist. Elisabeth “Betty” Dyer had wound up in the country, with a young daughter in tow, after husband Richard Dyer traded the life of a reporter for a PR position with United Fruit Company.

From today’s look-back:

A group of Lincoln School seniors asked Dyer to teach them about journalism. Her response? She urged them to learn by doing, and the result was the first edition of the paper, published on May 18, 1956 with a newsstand price of ¢1.

Betty had been a trailblazer in New York journalism as the “first woman rewrite man” and p.m. editor for the New York Post, covering traditionally male beats including crime, labor and politics. Richard’s journalism career had included stints as the news editor of the Oakland Post-Enquirer in California and the AP assistant bureau chief in Río de Janeiro.

The couple’s aforementioned daughter, Derry, would grow up to become editor and publisher of the Tico Times. The print side of things faded away in the fall o2 2012, undone by the disappearance of U.S. housing boom money and some poor decisions. But with the help of an Indiegogo campaign, the paper was reborn as a small, online outlet and keeps going today.

Another anniversary remembrance, from Derry, retraces the evolution of the paper’s print circulation department and the growth of the paper’s U.S.-Canada subscriber base. Derry’s letter is a reminder of just how logicistically different the newspaper business used to be.

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Time Inc. Launches Mobile Video Platform ‘Instant’

Unbeige - Wed, 05/18/2016 - 15:01

Time Inc. is betting on digital celebrities with the launch of Instant, a mobile-only video platform. Instant will feature video about and by what Time Inc. calls “The New Famous,” which is just another way to describe people who are famous on the internet but not in real life.

People, Entertainment Weekly and HelloGiggles are the initial launch partners of Instant. The platform’s content—short, shareable videos called “Instants”—will have a heavy presence across those brands’ sites and social media accounts. Instant will be supported by branded content.

The platform will be led by editorial director Kirstin Benson, who joins from WhoSay. Benson will report to Will Lee, head of digital editorial for People and Entertainment Weekly.

Instant is expected to launch next month.

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New York Times Names Elizabeth Spayd Public Editor

Unbeige - Wed, 05/18/2016 - 14:50

The New York Times has named Elizabeth Spayd its new public editor. Spayd comes to the paper from The Columbia Journalism Review (CJR), where she served as editor and publisher since 2014.

Prior to her time at CJR, Spayd was the managing editor for The Washington Post.

“Liz is an exceptionally accomplished journalist,” said Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr., in a statement. “Her work at CJR along with her long and successful history at The Washington Post have given her a broad range of experiences that will serve us well as she assumes this critical position serving as a reliable and engaged representative of our readers.”

Spayd succeeds Margaret Sullivan, who is joining WaPo as a media columnist.

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