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Keith Grossman Named Global Chief Revenue Officer for Bloomberg Media

Unbeige - Wed, 08/10/2016 - 15:30

Bloomberg Media has promoted Keith Grossman from head of U.S. sales to global chief revenue officer.

Grossman joined Bloomberg Media in 2014. He previously worked for Wired and Ars Technica.

“Since Keith joined us at Bloomberg Media two years ago, he has worked tirelessly as our most enthusiastic ambassador in the marketplace, developing both incredibly strong client relationships while building a robust team,” said Bloomberg Media COO Jacki Kelley, in a statement. “Keith will build on our impressive double digit revenue growth to solidify our position as the leading global multi-platform business and financial media company.”

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Roger Ailes Bragged About Hiring Someone to Physically Assault Gabriel Sherman

Unbeige - Wed, 08/10/2016 - 15:05

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 8.35.22 AMAnother day, another accusation against former Fox News CEO and all around terrible guy Roger Ailes. According to Politico, Ailes bragged to “a source close to high-level Fox executives” that he could hire someone to physically assault New York reporter and national affairs editor Gabriel Sherman.

Sherman, as you know, has been the primary reporter on all the damning allegations against Ailes. Yet this account took place years ago, when Sherman was working on his Ailes biography The Loudest Voice in the Room. Ailes told the source “I know where he [Sherman] lives, and I’m gonna send people to beat the shit out of him.”

The source also said that if the truth ever came out about how he targeted Sherman, “multiple people at Fox would go to jail.” That’s a scenario we see as moving beyond possible to probable.

The Ailes tales are truly amazing. He’s supposed to be such a powerful guy, but he’s actually just a giant coward. Among other things.

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NY Times and WaPo Swap Staffers

Unbeige - Wed, 08/10/2016 - 14:50

The New York Times and The Washington Post have swapped staffers. The Times has added WaPo’s Adam Goldman, and the Times’ Kareem Fahim is joining WaPo.

Goldman joins the Times as a reporter covering the FBI and counterterrorism. He previously worked as a national security reporter for the Times.

Fahim, most recently the Times’ Middle East correspondent, is joining WaPo as its Istanbul bureau chief.

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FishbowlNY Newsstand: 2nd Amendment Moron

Unbeige - Wed, 08/10/2016 - 14:30


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Linked: Who's more Tasty?

Brand new - Wed, 08/10/2016 - 14:11
Tasty Burger claims Chipotle's new spin-off burger business, Tasty Made, is copying its logo and building on its brand equity of six locations in New England since 2010. A bit of a stretch but maybe, just maybe...... Armin
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Noted: New Logo for FanDuel

Brand new - Wed, 08/10/2016 - 13:58
(Est. 2009) "FanDuel is the leading daily fantasy sports provider with the sole mission of making sports more exciting. Founded in 2009, FanDuel has redefined fantasy sports; offering a multitude of one-day game options for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and college football and basketball, with... Armin
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Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Table Tennis X (TTX) by Brand Union

Brand new - Wed, 08/10/2016 - 13:04
Launched this week at the Olympics in Rio, TTX (Table Tennis X) is a new version of table tennis initiated by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), the governing body for all international table tennis associations, to attract younger players to the game. TTX is... Armin
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Australian Magazine Forced to Cover Up New York Artist’s Nude

Unbeige - Wed, 08/10/2016 - 12:00

A piece of art by New York artist Lisa Yuskavage is making headlines Down Under.

VaultCoverThe ten-year-old painting, part of composite “Brood,” depicts a naked, pregnant woman and connects a profile of Yuskavage inside Issue #15. But about half the run of 7,000 print copies of the Australian quarterly is being distributed with yellow-dot stickers covering the depicted woman’s nipples, after newsstand distributor Gordon and Gotch expressed concerns. From a piece in the Sydney Morning Herald:

Vault editor Neha Kale said it was interesting that the issue revolved around a female painter painting a female figure.

“In art, the female figure is so central to figurative painting but most often seen through the male gaze,” she said. “Why do we accept certain kinds of female nudes and not others?”

Kale previously told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that her magazine pushed back initially against the Gordon and Gotch edict, while the distributor would only hint that if felt marketplace regulations left it no choice. She hopes the decision will spark a broader conversation about Australian culture.


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On the Verge of Insanity: Van Gogh and his Illness - Wed, 08/10/2016 - 00:00

Van Gogh, who shot himself in 1890 at age 37, had a long history of illness. By 1889 he had reached the point where his neighbors in Arles, France, created a petition to have him committed. This was no doubt the result of the attacks that increasingly left him confused and unable to work for days or weeks.

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WSJ Nears 1 Million Digital Subscriptions

Unbeige - Tue, 08/09/2016 - 21:40

The Wall Street Journal is closing in on landmark number: One million digital-only subscribers.

In its latest earnings report, the Journal said it now boasts 948,000 digital subscriptions, an uptick of 25 percent compared to last year.

While Journal staffers should be proud of that number, the paper still lags behind crosstown rival The New York Times. The Times’ latest report showed it had more than 1.4 million digital subscribers.

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USA Today Taps Managing Editor for News

Unbeige - Tue, 08/09/2016 - 21:15

Journal-isms editor Richard Prince has the scoop on a choice position at USA Today and the person who will be filling it starting Sept. 19. The paper’s new managing editor for news is Ron Smith, who also serves as deputy managing editor for news and production at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, whose acquisition by Gannett was finalized earlier this year.

From Prince’s item:

“In his role at USA Today, Ron will be responsible for overseeing our coverage as it translates from digital to print, working with both the Page One desk and all teams across the newsroom to make this happen,” Patty Michalski, managing editor for digital and interim editor in chief, wrote in a staff memo.

“Some of you are already familiar with Ron. He visited USA Today several times over the past few months on behalf of the Journal Sentinel, learning about the network and our workflow for his work overseeing the breaking news and production teams for Milwaukee. But many of you also got to know Ron when he was here in July helping with Page One for a week after Andria Yu’s departure. In that one week, he was hands-on, working with stories and aspects of production.”

According to AAM figures for the second quarter of 2016, USA Today’s print circulation is 3.7 million. On the digital side, comScore numbers for June place the traffic for USA Today sites at 88.3 million unique visitors and those of USA Today Network sites at 107.4 million uniques.

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Malaria, Shakespeare and Jessica Alba

Unbeige - Tue, 08/09/2016 - 19:45

At first glance, it would seem difficult to imagine a connection between the three elements in our headline. But writer David Denicolo managed to cram them into the first two paragraphs of his profile of the actress-turned-mega-entrepreneur for the September issue of Allure:

Enthusiasm is infectious, unstoppable, a primal force of nature. Kind of like malaria. Those of us born with a natural immunity to it are called pessimists – or journalists. (The terms are pretty much interchangeable.) We are adept at spotting the canker in the rose, to paraphrase Shakespeare, and truth be told, we strain to see it even when it’s not there.

That is why I feel sorry for any journalist who has to profile Jessica Alba, an actress of uncommon beauty who has become an extraordinarily successful and savvy businesswoman. Her enthusiasm is genuine, her success is earned, and her disarming smile and sweet demeanor make you ashamed of all the mean questions you wanted to ask.

Well done. The word “malaria” cuts through here and drops on to the reader’s psyche like an anvil from Wily Coyote. It perfectly sets up the observations that follow in these first two paragraphs, as well as provides a vivid contrast to the rosiness of the subject at hand. (Sensitivity points to the article author for not using zika.)

Read the rest of Denicolo’s piece here. Among the other contrasts captured by the writer are his countenance, to hers, when he met up with Alba at New York’s Edition hotel.

Photo by: Will Davidson

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Anatomy of a Zayn Malik PR Score

Unbeige - Tue, 08/09/2016 - 18:30

SocialRankLogoThere’s an interesting example of social media PR cited in James Covert’s New York Post article about music “superfans.” It highlights the power of people with the necessary follower count. In this case:

Step 1

Aaro Entertainment, the promoters of Zayn Malik, used New York-based app SocialRank to identify some of his superfans.

Step 2

They then sent off a Malik T-shirt to one of those fans.

Step 3

The superfan in question, Andrea Russett, posted the following photo on her Instagram account.


Russett went on to post three more shots on Instagram of her wearing the T-shirt.

Another equally clever PR campaign leveraging SocialRank involves sending stilettos of the kind featured in Fergie’s “M.I.L.F.$” music video to moms. Good anecdotal info also in the Covert piece from Wynter Mitchell, who manages social media outreach for comedian Margaret Cho.

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A Daily Caller Columnist’s Strange Correspondence With Dean Baquet

Unbeige - Tue, 08/09/2016 - 17:45

Ken Kurson has a whale of a tale today in The Observer.

In one corner, there is Daily Caller columnist Evan Gahr. In the other, New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet. Read the full column for all the juicy details, but at one point, Baquet admonished Gahr for initially communicating under the false name of Fang Wu. From Kurson’s piece:

On August 1, in an email for which the subject reads, “Ron Nixon stole my scoop about DHS firing an ICE whistlebloer [sic],” Gahr wrote, “Dean, maybe you email this to the right person as quickly as you did Fang Wu’s email about [NYT Co. chief revenue officer] Meredith [Levien]’s Wiki page. Seriously. You can’t go around stealing stories from me just because I don’t write for Politico. [Nixon] reported it five weeks after I did and ONLY knew about the whole thing because I sent him my story and supporting documents. You need to follow NYTimes policy and give me credit. Please don’t tell me to talk to the standards editor. He ignored multiple inquiries. Thanks.”

Baquet writes back, “You also can’t go around using fake names.”

It rapidly devolved from there, and once Gahr crassly invoked the specters of slavery and reparations, Baquet let loose with a epithet. That epithet is in the Observer article headline.

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Let’s Get Ready to Checkmate!

Unbeige - Tue, 08/09/2016 - 17:15

Would it help attract attention and media coverage to the sport of chess if Michael Buffer introduced a championship match with the exclamation in our headline?

MagnusCarlsenPicAs Guardian feature writer (and Surrey chess champion) Stephen Moss hints, that general sort of postulation hangs over the sport and is a big reason why our fair city has been chosen as the location of the next World Championship. The contest will pit Norwegian world champion Magnus Carlsen (pictured) against Russian challenger Sergey Karjakin:

The 12-game match will start on November 11 and be played over a three-week period at the newly refurbished Fulton Market building in central New York. “We are thrilled to hold the championship in such a fantastic venue,” said Ilya Merenzon, the chief executive of Agon, which holds the commercial rights to the world championship. “The location befits the status of chess as one of the world’s fastest growing sports both in terms of participation and commercial appeal.”

As the current, hilarious trending hashtag #PhelpsFace attests, social media traction for sports is often about the smallest of details. No doubt when these two square off in the fall, it will be the same.

Corporate sponsorship has been a challenge for this event in the past, but according to a source quoted by Moss, two “seven-figure” patrons are lined up and will be announced later this month. Agon is also hoping to work out some kinks that would prevent seamless streaming of match action over the web.

News of New York as the world championship site was first shared in the spring, but this week marks the finalization of the exact location, dates and participants. If you’re so inclined, the app Play Magnus allows a user to square off virtually against the world champ. Carlsen became an international chess Grandmaster at the age of 13.

Photo via:

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News Corp’s Digital Real Estate Business Boosts Overall Revenue

Unbeige - Tue, 08/09/2016 - 17:00

Backed by a booming digital real estate business, News Corp reported a five percent increase in revenue for the fourth quarter compared to last year.

In its earnings report, News Corp said overall revenue jumped from $2.12 billion last year to $2.23 billion. That was thanks in large part to the company’s real estate business, which saw revenue jump 21 percent, to $229 million.

Another bright spot for News Corp was its book publishing unit, which includes the powerhouse HarperCollins. Revenue at the division increased by 11 percent, to $433 million.

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Gawker Staffers Urge New Owners to Respect Union Contract

Unbeige - Tue, 08/09/2016 - 16:30

Ahead of Gawker Media’s bankruptcy auction next week, the company’s editorial staffers are urging the eventual new owners to respect its union contract.

Last summer, Gawker staffers overwhelmingly voted to join the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE). Now, with an impending sale looming, the company’s staffers have said a good relationship with new owners is only possible under the terms of that contract.

“This contract, the product of much painstaking work, is the framework under which we have all agreed to work for a period of three years,” read the Gawker statement. “We have no desire or inclination to work under terms other than our existing union contract. We wish to state as clearly as possible that it would be a profound mistake for any buyer to try to alter or renegotiate the terms of our contract in any way. We know that this message has been communicated to all potential buyers, and we trust that they will take it to heart in order to maintain a happy, productive, and functional workplace. We look forward to building a constructive relationship of mutual respect with the new owners. This can only happen under the terms of our union contract.”

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Linked: Glaser on Olympic Logos

Brand new - Tue, 08/09/2016 - 16:26
Milton Glaser ranks every Summer and Winter Olympics logo on a scale from 0 to 100.... Armin
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NY Times Launches Politics Podcast ‘The Run-Up’

Unbeige - Tue, 08/09/2016 - 15:50

With roughly three months left until the election, the New York Times is dialing up its coverage with the launch of a new politics podcast.

The Run-Up, airing twice a week, is hosted by Times national political reporter Michael Barbaro. Each episode will cover the latest news and interviews with Times politics reporters, opinion columnists and more.

New episodes of The Run-Up will air every Tuesday and Friday. The show’s debut—which discusses Hillary Clinton’s odds of winning—is available now.

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Noted: New Logo for Guadalajara

Brand new - Tue, 08/09/2016 - 15:43
"Guadalajara is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Jalisco. […] With a population of 1,495,189 it is Mexico's fourth most populous municipality. The Guadalajara Metropolitan Area includes seven adjacent municipalities with a reported population of 4,328,584 in 2009, making it the... Armin
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