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Updated: 4 min 54 sec ago

Univision Gives Isaac Lee New Role

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 16:30

Univision Communications and Mexico’s Televisa are combining their programming divisions, and as a result, Isaac Lee has been named chief content officer for both companies.

Lee most recently served as Univision’s chief news, entertainment and digital officer. He has been with Univision since 2010.

On the Univision side, Lee will continue to report to president and CEO Randy Falco. On the Televisa side, Lee will report to president Emilio Azcárraga Jean.

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Cover Model Sports Off-the-Shoulder Cockroach Look

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 16:00

A few months ago, we wrote about perplexed reaction in Nigeria to an October issue cover of digital magazine House of Maliq. A chicken was involved.


Now, the same script has begun to play out with a new critter. That’s model and fashion designer Tania Omotayo above, on one of the magazine’s just-released January 2017 issue covers. Website can’t fathom why the editors chose to frame her this way:

Why in the world is a cockroach on her body? What kind of concept is this? Who thought this would make sense? Wasn’t there any old person in the room that told them this wouldn’t make sense?

Ha ha. Yes, perhaps a Nigerian equivalent to General Larry Platt could have talked some sense into that editorial meeting. On the other hand, a clue here may be the cover line at the very top-right: ‘Wizkid: Why He’s So Famous.’

You see, until a few months ago, Omotayo and the famous Nigerian musical artist were an item. Perhaps the cockroach is meant to symbolize her ex-boyfriend in some way?

The sub-headline for the takedown reads: ‘House of Maliq magazine is on a constant mission to annoy Nigerians.’ At the very end of the article, senior associate Ayomide O. Tayo suggests that covers like this may be attempts to generate Instagram likes and comments. Check out some of the responses to the Omotayo responses here.

Previously on FishbowlNY:
The Beyonce-Chicken Photo Came First

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Condé Entertainment Names Senior Vice President of Programming

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 15:45

Condé Nast Entertainment (CNE) has named Croi McNamara senior vice president of programming for digital video.

McNamara most recently served as vice president and general manager for Upworthy Media. Prior to her time with Upworthy, McNamara worked for Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property and Science.

“Our digital video network finished 2016 as number one in comScore’s lifestyle category, and we were number one for ten of the past twelve months,” said CNE president Dawn Ostroff, in a statement. “Croi’s creative expertise will help us innovate our video storytelling as we take our network to the next level.”

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Quartz Acquires Artificial Intelligence Research Firm

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 15:30

Atlantic Media’s Quartz has acquired the artificial intelligence research firm This is Quartz’s first acquisition since launching four years ago.

As part of the deal,’s co-founders Dave Edwards and Helen Edwards will have some work published on Quartz.

“In the short term, you’ll likely see Dave and Helen’s bylines on posts on, and their research enriching our tech reporting team’s coverage of artificial intelligence,” wrote Quartz co-presidents Kevin Delaney and Jay Lauf, in a note about the acquisition. “We’re also working with the team on a new specialized product aimed at providing global business professionals with valuable insights into how AI affects their organizations.”

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Vanity Fair Adds 80,000 Subscriptions Since Trump Attack

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 15:02

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 8.29.05 AMThe media Trump Bump—wherein a media outlet gets a boost after being criticized by our tiny brained president-elect—is real. Just ask anyone at Vanity Fair.

According to Politico, VF added 80,000 subscriptions after Donald Trump called the magazine “way down” and “dead” on Twitter. What prompted this attack from Little Boy Trump? He was upset that VF didn’t like one of his restaurants.

VF is just the latest outlet to experience the media Trump Bump. The New York Times also added a heap of subscriptions following Trump’s win.

For news outlet execs, the best business strategy for 2017 and beyond is to simply report on Trump and wait for him to inevitably lash out like a toddler who missed his nap. Then the execs can sit back, put their feet on a desk, and watch the money pile up.

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NY Times Makes Changes to Washington Team

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 14:50

The New York Times has made a few changes to its Washington bureau. Details are below.

Lara Jakes has been named Washington night editor. She joins from Foreign Policy, where she served as managing editor for news. Sharon LaFraniere moves from the general investigations team to the Washington investigations team. Yamiche Alcindor has joined as a reporter covering the Trump admin’s impact on everyday life. Jeremy Peters is rejoining the bureau to cover conservatives. Matt Rosenberg will focus on the C.I.A. Michael Gordon shifts to covering the Pentagon. Alan Rappeport will now cover the Treasury Department. Katie Rogers will cover the cultural impact of the Trump admin. Gardiner Harris will shift to the State Department beat.
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FishbowlNY Newsstand: Easy Does It

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 14:30


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Artists Collective Declares War on Outdoor Advertising

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 03:15

This could get interesting. For Week #1, the group Art in Ad Places (AiAP) put up an Adam Wallacavage poster at a payphone kiosk in Williamsburg. For Week #2, the target was another phone kiosk in The Bowery, papered over this time with Kristen Liu-Wong art.


The group plans to continue the weekly campaign through the end of the year. Per their manifesto, AiAP equates the guerrilla effort with public service:

Outdoor advertising is visual pollution.
Outdoor advertising can be psychologically damaging.
Outdoor advertising is pushed on viewers without their consent.
Outdoor advertising marks underutilized venues for other messages.
By replacing advertisements with artwork, Art in Ad Places provides a public service and alternative vision of our public environment.

There is definitely a touch of Banksy at play here. Along with a continuation of the trend Canadian filmmaker Jill Sharpe profiled in her excellent 2002 documentary Culture Jammers.

H/T:; image via:

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North Carolina Third Grader Set for Fox & Friends

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 02:30

Every Thursday on the 5 p.m. newscast on FOX8-TV in High Point, N.C., weatherman Van Denton gives local kids a chance to show their weather-map stuff. Nine-year-old Charlie Warren recently seized that opportunity and as a result, is now visiting New York.

Warren’s captivating appearance was seen by Fox & Friends show producers, who have flown the Grade 3 student up the coast (with mom) for an appearance on tomorrow morning’s program. Should be a memorable time with hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade.

FOX8 reporter Amber Roberts did a nice job with her profile of the young “viral” star. His main career aspiration, at least for the moment, is to become a race car driver. Watch Warren’s Jan. 12 appearance here.

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Mobile Advertising Firm Kargo Expands to Detroit

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 01:00

The About Us page for premium mobile ads seller Kargo screams smartphone. All caps, short, sweet and sassy, with some alternate bold thrown in to further make it an easy read on the smallest of screens:


Today, those GO GETTERS and BAR SETTERS have their eye fixed on a sixth U.S. office location. Detroit is in the planning stages and will soon join locations in New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. From today’s announcement:

In 2016, the company opened its first international office in London, grew its workforce by nearly 60%, launched its programmatic and software businesses and completed its first major mobile ad research initiative.

Kargo creates rich-media campaigns for brands in partnership with publishers such as Hearst, The New York Times and CBS Interactive. Sarah Jazwiecki has been hired to serve as the Detroit office’s first account director.

Previously on Adweek:
Dentsu Aegis and Kargo Are Collaborating to Bring More Creativity to Mobile Ads

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TV Commercials: It Started With a Bulova Test Pattern

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 20:15

SuperBowlLI_FeaturedAs we march towards Super Bowl LI and the NFL’s annual showcase for multi-million dollar TV commercial placements, it’s worth recalling on this Tuesday another Tuesday, many decades hence. The one that fell on July 1, 1941.

It was on that day that NBC’s WBNT-TV in New York aired the first-ever U.S. TV commercial. Here’s how a subsequent report in Broadcasting magazine framed the newfangled format:

Combining sight and sound and motion and—television’s own unique attribute, immediacy—this newcomer to the media family is reckoned by many advertising men to have the greatest potential selling power of all. Five advertisers participated in making the opening day of commercial really commercial by sponsoring telecasts on WBNT, the only station to be ready for business with a commercial license and a rate card. …

Bulova Watch Co., New York, opened and closed the day’s transmissions on WBNT with a visual adaptation of its familiar radio time signal. A standard test pattern, fitted with hands like a clock and bearing the name of the sponsor, ticked off a full minute at 2:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. For the edification of the viewers-in.

July 1 was also the first day that people in New York with properly adjusted TV sets could choose between more than one channel. In addition to WBNT, they could tune in CBS’s WCBW or Dumont’s W2XWV.

According to Sponsor magazine, Bulova paid $4 for each chunk of air time and $5 for the facilities. In other words, the first U.S. TV commercial was placed for a grand total of $9. Immediately following the opening one, viewers were taken to Ebbets Field for a game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies, with play-by-play provided by Ray Forrest.

Sun Oil Co., a.k.a. Sunoco, based in Philadelphia, was the featured sponsor on the July 1 WBNT evening news featuring Lowell Thomas. The program was simulcast over the Blue radio network as Hugh James read commercial scripts, during breaks, from a desk stacked with the company’s oil cans.

WNBTTransmissionRatesOther commercial imprints on this historic launch day included Lever Brothers Co. presenting the program Uncle Jim’s Question Bee. Helper Aunt Jennie, played by Edith Spencer, plugged the cooking product Spry early on and then, at the end of the program, served chocolate cake made with it to cast and crew. There was also July 1 on WBNT an episode of Truth or Consequences sponsored by Proctor and Gamble. The estimated amount of TV sets in use that day: 500.

A few days later, on Friday July 4, Missouri Pacific Lines, based in St. Louis, placed a half-hour travel film on WBNT. In a sense, this ranks as the earliest form of an infomercial. Meanwhile, when NBC vice-president in charge of television Alfred H. Morton sent out letters to advertisers and agencies before July 1, he joked that some day the original rate card ‘might be worth some money!’

Finally, getting back to the Super Bowl, the 1941 National Football League Championship was played at Wrigley Field two weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. As a result, a scant paid attendance of 13,341 watched the Chicago Bears defeat the New York Giants 37-9. It remains the smallest-live audience for an NFL title game.

Screen grab via Sponsor magazine. Our thanks to Martin Gostanian, supervisor of visitor services at The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles, for providing the magazine articles referenced herein and alerting us to the historic July 1, 1941 events.

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Politico Names National Editor

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 18:13

Politico has named Allison Hoffman a national editor responsible for overseeing coverage of the Trump admin.

Hoffman previously worked for Businessweek, Tablet, the AP and LA Times.

“Allison impressed us with her deep understanding of the political landscape, her big-picture approach to storytelling, her enterprise sensibility, and her creative ideas for breaking through the clutter and making sure we’re always telling readers something they didn’t already know,” wrote Politico’s Carrie Budoff Brown, Paul Volpe and Karey Van Hall, in a memo obtained by Talking Biz News.

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Lee Zellweger Named Reader’s Digest Publisher

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 17:30

Trusted Media Brands, Inc. (TMBI) has named Lee Zellweger publisher of Reader’s Digest. Zellweger was most recently RD’s West Coast integrated sales director.

“We are committed to our digital strategy and are experiencing an exciting time of growth,” said TMBI’s CRO Rich Sutton, in a statement. “As sales director for Reader’s Digest, Lee achieved solid revenue growth for the brand, and as publisher, we know his strong leadership style and innovative ideas will continue to support our digital strategy helping Reader’s Digest reach even greater levels of success.”

Prior to joining TMBI, Zellweger was the West Coast corporate advertising sales director for Meredith Corporation.

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NY Times Dedicates $5 Million to Covering Trump

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 16:53

The New York Times is dedicating $5 million to covering Donald Trump’s administration.

In a memo accompanying the Times’ 2020 Report, Times executive editor Dean Baquet and managing editor Joe Kahn explained the reasoning behind the additional funds.

“This is not just a story of transformed government agencies. It is also about the stability of the global order that has prevailed since World War II and America’s place in that world. It is about what happens when a group of business moguls who built empires bring their free market philosophy to bear on everything from education to healthcare and national defense, and how that philosophical change will affect people’s lives. It is also a story about power in New York, as one of the biggest names in one of our largest industries actually takes over the country, often running it from from a penthouse on a heavily guarded Fifth Avenue.”

As for the massive 2020 Report, which details what the Times must do in the immediate future, it contains a multitude of suggestions. Some that stood out: The Times must become more diverse, more visual and digitally-native.

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Condé Nast International Names Multiple Execs

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 16:00

Condé Nast International has named Wolfgang Blau and Albert Read president of Condé Nast International and managing director of Condé Nast Britain, respectively.

Blau joined Condé Interntaional in 2015 as chief digital officer. He is suceeding Nicholas Coleridge, who is stepping down August 1. Read most recently served as general manager and deputy managing director of Condé Nast Britain.

Additionally, Jamie Jouning has been named Vogue digital director. Jouning most recently worked as publisher of British Glamour. James Woolhouse has also been named executive vp and COO of Condé Nast International.

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Lester Holt to Host Ellie Awards

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 15:41

Lester Holt will serve as the host of this year’s National Magazine Awards (better known as the Ellies), which honors the best in print and digital media.

Ellie Awards finalists will be announced January 19, with tickets to the 2017 award ceremony going on sale the next day. Winners will be celebrated February 7, at Cipriani Wall Street.

“At the beginning of every year more than 500 magazine editors and publishers gather to celebrate the best of print and digital journalism,” said Dana Points, president of the American Society of Magazine Editors, in a statement. “This year we are delighted to share the occasion with one of our most distinguished television colleagues, Lester Holt.”

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Time Inc. Begins Talking With Potential Buyers

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 15:02

For the current version of Time Inc., this week could be the beginning of the end.

Bloomberg reports that the publisher is about to meet with several parties who are interested in acquiring pieces of the company or the entire thing.

Those interested in Time Inc. include Meredith Corporation, AMI and a group led by Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Obviously if none of the proposed offers are sweet enough, nothing at Time Inc. will change. But as betting men, we’re putting money on some sort of Time Inc. deal happening within the next six months.

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Rodale’s Organic Life Goes Digital Only

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 14:50

Rodale is shuttering the print edition of Organic Life and shifting the brand to an all-digital publication. Organic Life’s February/March issue will be its last.

Organic Life was the result of Rodale rebranding the 70-year-old magazine Organic Gardening. The revamped title only last a little under two years.

Melanie Hansche, who was named editor in chief of Organic Life last March, has been appointed editorial director for the now digital only brand.

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FishbowlNY Newsstand: Knicks Fall

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 14:30


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Film Critic Exits With Star-Studded Highlight Reel

Sun, 01/15/2017 - 16:45

BruceKirklandTwitterAfter 36 years and three months, Bruce Kirkland has retired from his post as Toronto Sun film critic. In a farewell piece shared this weekend, he admits it’s a bittersweet moment.

Kirkland’s interview assignments started with Bette Midler in 1980 and ended last month in New York with Martin Scorsese. In between, there were many more, as Kirkland runs down alphabetically in an article-closing section titled “A Lifetime of Encounters.” A couple of these jump out because of the personal connections that were formed:

David Cronenberg: The now-legendary Canadian filmmaker is also a friend who attends my 2013 marriage to Rachel Sa.

William Hurt: Few actors have ever become so close; he is a true friend and rare bird indeed.

Kirkland’s wife joined the Toronto Sun in 1998 as a high school intern and today works on the PR side. As another member of Kirkland’s “Encounters” roll, Jack Nicholson, notes, the Canadian journalist was known to ask his fair share of questions at Cannes Film Festival press conferences.

Photo via: Twitter

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