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Infinite Adventures Press, LLC

Brief from client 

This is for a children's book publishing company.

I asked the designer to tweak the books, I think it looks less childish now. Per a previous comment about the sun and the clouds, I'm not sure if I love the placement or if they should be removed. If removed, I'm not sure people would understand the "book mountain" angle? I'm so grateful for your feedback!


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I like this presentation of the name better. I am not sure the clouds help much. Perhaps just the sun and maybe it would work coming up in the valley between the mountains/books. Just a thought.

Shawali's picture
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For me the symbol still needs some work and still looks too childish.

sboet's picture

Yea, someone thought it was just a vector from online but I did have someone else create it! Definitely agree adjustments are needed. Thanks so much for the feedback!

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