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Infinite Adventures Press, LLC

Brief from client 

This is for a children's book publishing company.

Simplifying the colors - but not sure if it is as obvious that these are books?


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Now we're talking!

For me, this is definitively a step in the right direction.

I think the symbol can still be simplified further. I'd remove that cloud altogether and maybe the book covers too. Try to boil it down to the bear minimum.

The font is ok but a bit too plain. Check out sites like to find professional fonts. And do not hesitate to buy some!

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Thank you! So remove the hardcover of the book so it's essentially just the "pages"? Agreed that the font is still boring! I was hoping to really finalize the actual symbol before asking to see more fonts.

I also just posted this in my "author's group" and pretty much everybody thought they were tents, which was a bit disappointing but also adventurous I guess? I'm also trying to think of something completely unrelated to this current symbol that could be simple, and yet somehow still portray "adventure". This is so much harder than I expected, and I'm not even the designer!!

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The way I read these images is that the purple shape in the book is the actual book hard back. I think you would be safe turning those white and losing the white glow (or thick covers) around the books. I agree with Shawali that the cloud is not really needed.

The fun thing about the books on their sides is not only do they look like mountains, they also remind me of teepee's or tents.

You could even go bigger on the sun and make it look like it's setting between the mountains as we are getting the last rays of light. Just a thought.

For typography, I'm not sure what you're going for but these are ones I would try for the following situations...
for "whimsy": Zooja
for "modern & clean": Nexa Bold
for "trustworthy & map-like": Hoefler Text

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Thanks so much for the suggestions! I posted this in one of my "author groups" and pretty much everyone thought they were tents - which was discouraging, but also adventurous I suppose? I'm also considering trying a simple symbol that is completely different but also somehow says "adventure" but I'm struggling. This is hard haha!

Ohh I like those font ideas, thank you so much!!

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