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Pyre Frog

Brief from client 

Personal logo - The logo should be simple and recognizable.
It represents an experience I had last summer, where I was enjoying a bonfire in the woods. A tiny frog came jumping by and for some reason jumped right into the bonfire. Soon after, I came up with the name Pyre Frog.

I have been working on a logo for my motion graphics studio called Pyre Frog.

I would appreciate your opinion about the logo and use of font.
Thank you


Shawali's picture
1310 pencils

Not bad at all.

My only comments would be to remove the separator between the symbol and the word mark, as it serves no real purpose and not have a gradient as I don't think it brings anything to the logo.

I'm also not 100% sold on the font.

But this is a pretty good effort overall.

Pyre Frog's picture

Hey, thanks for the reply. I will consider your response. I'm not so sure which font to use though. But ill experiment with it

mikegrost's picture
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I love the logo !
I agree with Shawali about separator, but first I'd try to thicken it and balance it better into the composition. I find it too thin + too low.
But anyway this logo kicked my butt.

Pyre Frog's picture

Thank you for your kind words. I decided to remove the line completely, mirror the symbol so the two words underneath match the two pieces above. And then I played with the type. I want the symbol and title to work together as well as independently. What do you think?
I'm also working on my portfolio at the moment if you're interested in checking it out -

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