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Acura Logo?


I have typed in just about everything, Acura, Acura Cars, Acura Logo, etc.... and I get 0 search results. Does anyone know if the Acura logo is on here? If not can someone upload it if they have it (vector art, CS4 or lower).

TIA! :)

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It took me literally 10 sec to google "Acura logo vector" and find this :

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Thanks guys! When I do a Google search for logos, etc I usually only get low res jpgs, etc... I have a business card that I am re-creating and it has just about every high end car logo on the back and they need to be screened (40% of K) that's why I need the vector logo. I will upload the Acura logo to this website that @Shawali found online. ;)

Thanks Guys!

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Google is the best device you can found any logo through search the keyword or the brand name.. I just search the query about the Acura logo in vector form so i found many on the link below at: