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ALLSTATE Insurance Logo Needed


Hey whats up. I've looked everwhere and can't find an Allstate insurance logo, you know the one with the two hands cupping ech other. Thir tag line is "your in good hands". Would anyone hae one or kow where i can get one??

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Seriously - thank you so much. none of my searched found that!!!

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sent you one more

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I was looking for that too. Thanks

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Anyone know the pms color of the Allstate blue? I need to color match and I can't seem to find the one with the pms color.

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PMS 288 from what I can tell. It was that in a pdf advertisement by them and in a legal document I came across.

"The Board discussed the Certificate of Appropriateness application completed by Allstate Insurance Company for the installation of a permanent wooden sign.

The Board agreed to recommend approval to install one (1) permanent wooden sign. The sign would be 12 Sq. Ft. The sign colors would be blue (PMS 288) with white lettering and trim. The lettering would be painted on. The type of wood would be 6.0. The footers would be 36??? deep. "

Couldn't find an actual guideline document though.

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PMS 2935 is the color of the blue and "Whitney" is the font per the signage standard booklet my sign shop has