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ambit energy logo


i see the logo i want when i use the search button but it says its obsolete so when i download it the file will not open if anyone has a file of the orange ambit energy logo could you please send it to me or on any suggestions how to open it i was using ai3

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Check your email

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I sort of need this logo, if anyone can help me out by sending it to this address I tried recreating it, I can't get to do a whole circle with the A's together.. I'm using AI CS5.

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Im in the same pickle, I can't open the one available for download. I need to be able to open it in AI CS5. Any help would be appreciated.

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Same here would be awesome if someone could send it my way.

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you can pull it from this .pdf file:
(download the PDF and open with illustrator or the like)


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Does anyone have his logo ready to use? I downloaded the one on here and it does not open... ??? my email is
Thank you in advance for your time.