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any idea who's logo this is?


Hi everybody. I'm not new to the site by any means but am new to the fact I didnt even realize this site had a forum until just a few minutes ago!

Just wondering if anybody has any idea who's logo this is?!?!? (Hopefully I am adding this right.)

I need it in an eps format. the outline with the fade isnt important......just the basic layout.

Thanks in advance for any help or direction you can shove me in!

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I have this as an EPS. Have an email address?

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Awesome! Thanx millions.

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I cant get it to open in any of my programs

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no biggie...I vectorized it myself....thx.

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This logo is that of the Texas Tornado Hockey team.

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Hey do you by any chance still have the eps of this???


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Hi MelTMedia,

download the PDF here :

open the file with illustrator, there is vector logo inside