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Baby Bedding


Angle posts should not make bigger more than 1/16 inch (1 1/2 mm) above the top of the end panel. Corner posts can be catch points for items located just about a child's neck or garments worn by the child. Mattress support hangers should be protected by bolts or closed hooks. All crib hardware should be securely tighten and checked repeatedly. Plentiful pads, if used, should (a) fit roughly the entire crib, (b) tie or snap into place, and (c) have straps or ties at least in each corner, in the middle of all one long side, and on both the top and the bottom edges. To prevent your baby from becoming entangled in the ties, trim off excess length after tying. Use the bumpers until the little one can pull up to a standing position, and then eliminate them so that the baby will not use them to try to climb out of the crib.
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