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blog ideas for feedback request


Hi all,

I would like to ask for your opinion on a blog idea that I have. I am currently involved in a marketing experiment of a startup launching a new product. We are running campaigns on different communication channels and then measure in Analytics the results that each channel brings for our business objectives. At this point, everything can go extremely well with impressing spiky results, or extremely bad that will kick our startup out of business. I am contemplating the idea of starting a blog about the learning process of a startup organization experimenting various communication channels and document each step, each lesson learnt about the process the startup is going through. Do you think the learning process of a startup could be of any interest for young entrepreneurs? Do you happen to know about a similar blog/website? Your feedback would be highly appreciated.

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sounds like a great idea! I believe alot of young entrepreneurs gladly would read about the experience of others... So I'd try it!

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Thanks! What would you be interesting for you to read about? The performance of the media channels? Or the individual learning process based on each's experience, budgets? What else would you be interested to know? Any idea is welcomed!

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Great idea! I'd love to read about the set up, the obstacles you meet, how you measure the results and take your decisions...

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I am thinking on subscribing to a service that provides me with legal photos and vectos lile fotolia. I will be very gratefull if somebody could recommend me the best. I am planning to use about 300 images a year for my blog.

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I think its a very good idea for new entrepreneurs and also for others to get a better understanding of the ups and downs in faced start ups.

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