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Blue Moon Beer Logo


Hey all,

I need help finding the blue moon beer logo including the trees on the label... Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all...


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murph, check your mail

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Thanks a million!!!

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might I grab this too?

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repost so I can subscribe to thread for emails...

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You still didn't post an email address.

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check your email

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I would also like this if its not too much trouble!


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Anyone still have the Blue Moon logo? I need a vector file if it's out there... :)
Sue O

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Sorry, looks like my email didn't make it in there,

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Jacques LeStrapp Wrote:
> murph, check your mail

is it possible to get this as well? thanks so much

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I would also like this logo if possible?

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Sorry guys, I didn't receive the logo... I tried to trace without much luck either.

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can i also get this emailed to me?

thanks! !!

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Hey, I would appreciate it if anyone could shoot the Blue Moon logo my way as well.

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hi, do you think i could get the logo too, it's for a school project. thanks,

jtbeck Wrote:
> Hey, I would appreciate it if anyone could shoot
> the Blue Moon logo my way as well.
> jeff@jef
> 02;beckdesi&
> #103;

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by any chance if anybody is still following this, could someone send me the logo as well?

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I need it as well! haha.


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Can i get the logo??


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CanI get in on this?

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I'd like it too, if possible.

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Need the following logos in vector .ai:

Blue Moon


Noodles and Co

Pom Wonderful


True Religion

Under Armour

Yellow Tail wine

Landshark beer


Quite the list, I know...anyone have any of these?


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Can any point me to or send me a vector logo for Blue Moon beer.? Many Thanks.

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You can pull Blue Moon Beer Logo from this .pdf file :

(download the PDF and open with Illustrtor)


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hey could i get that vector file as well please?