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Can't find the logo you're searching for? HERE'S HOW.


Here's a problem I run into all too often:

I'm a designer in the sign industry. Someone in sales needs me to draw a tenant panel, a logo for a lobby wall, or some vinyl lettering for a glass door. This isn't print work, so I need vector art. Predictably, all the salesperson can come up with is a crappy lo-res .jpg ripped from the client's website.

Of course, the first place I turn to is Brands of The World (I suspect a similar scenario is how most of us found this page in the first place).

A quick search of the site here and... sorry, no dice. A subsequent search of similar websites fares no better.

The solution? On the client's website, it's very common to find .pdf files, usually in the form of catalogs, newsletters, or forms.

And a great many of those .pdf files contain the vector art you're looking for, often with PMS colors embedded. Assuming the file isn't locked from editing, you're good to go.