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cdr to ai or eps


Hello, i know it's an old problem ... but i have to say it again

I collect hiqh quality soccer logos for ages :-)
but - i don't have corel draw

and it's so bad for me ... more and more logo's are CDR-types!

so may anybody know a programm to convert in the meantime??

or is there a guy who can convert some of the last logo's for me?
off course i will pay for it


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Send them to me and I'll do them for ya bud.

Not everybody has all the tools all the time, so no problemo.

The only thing is I won't have the time to come here to download them all and change the format.

So you'll have to send them to me then I'll do them for ya.

Who knows maybe you've got stuff I need too.

Best wishes,


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Max and Dan one of you should leave an email and Dan the only problem with converting those logos is sometimes the original cdr didn't have the fonts converted to curves So if you don't have the correct font it gets a little time consuming I've done over 1,000 of these conversions
Thanks Mike

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Good point Mike, I didn't even notice the email issue either. LOL

Thx bud!

My email is:


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mike, thank you in advance :-)

my email:

greetz from austria

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I need a logo converted from cdr to AI. Can you help me?