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Mike14017's picture

Colin McRae signature



Would anybody have the Colin McRae signature vector.



mike "at"

Jacques LeStrapp's picture

Check your email.

Mike14017's picture

Got it thanks

jezza's picture

any chance of getting a copy of the signature as well, the one on my car is looking quite old now and neds to be replaced

jezza's picture

could i have a copy of this as well thanks.

Jacques LeStrapp's picture

I'd be happy to send it to you if you leave your email address.

Just like eras37 and Marshal, you need to leave your email address when you ask for something.

Marshal's picture


When have I ever ASKED for something and not left an address?

mike's picture

Hey Jacques I'm not leaving my email either Just like Marshal we are not asking for anything at this time

modd1uk's picture

Cheeky bump for Jacques LeStrapp, do you still happen to have the colin mcrae signature vector ? if so is there any chance i could have it.


demertzis's picture

can you please send me colins signature as well? my mail is "info at demertzis dot gr"

marketdrayton's picture

Hi, does anyone still have this they can email to me?


Ken Quinlan's picture

i would also like this if it is still available please

Cheers for all the help


shimen's picture

Do you still have it?
Can you send it to:

Thank you,

kiler82's picture

If any can send it also to me please:
Thank You

LukeDukeDecals's picture

If i could bother you to get this also i would greatly appreciate it

lokito33's picture

I would be also very grateful for one

marky mark's picture

Been a great fan since i bought a subaru would be very greatful if you could email me at

Cheers's picture

Can you let me know if you still have this vector please my email is if you woundnt mind sending it to me or directing me to where I can get it