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Convert file from CDR to AI or EPS?


if someone could convert this file for me from a coreldraw file to either an ai or eps file i would really appreciate it.


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Hey Yipes,

try this link to do it your self :

hope this helps...

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Thanks Kounka, but i dont have coreldraw, so that doesnt really help me. Im looking for someone that has coreldraw to download the 4x4 decal and either reupload it as a.eps or .ai to brands, or email me the file direct. Thanks for your help tho.

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send me ALL you need to be converted. Have some time over the next few weeks.



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I also have some files to convert from a coreldraw file to AI. Is anyone do this for me.

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1339 pencils

If you'd just google "convert CDR to Ai", you'd find everything you need.

Like this for example

It took me 4 seconds.