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Dragonforce logo


Since the kids beat Guitar Hero 3 and unlocked Through the Fire and the Flames, I have been repeatedly been asked to do a Dragonforce theme on their guitars. Anyone have a vector of this logo?


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I just emailed you.

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I have been searching for this as well! Could you send it along to me please?


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rmarteny, check your email

again, Sam, thank you!

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I would be incredibly grateful if you would send that vector logo to me as well - my attempts to live trace it have been disastrous, and I'm trying to create a poster for a friend for Christmas...



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I was just about to begin tracing the logo when a brilliant idea stroke me - a voice whispered into my ear: "Ask Uncle Google first!" So here I am. And I'm begging you: PLEASE, PLEASE, send me the logo! My boyfriend is a great fan of the group, and I want to surprice him with a huge Dragonforce cup - I know it sounds a little bit crazy... :-)
My e-mail is:
PLEASE, don't let me down!
Thank you in advance!

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Hi guys, coud you also help me out with this logo? Thanks so much!
Have a good one!