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FAST and FURIOUS vehicle Graphics


Hey guys,

Anyone have the graphic files (EPS) for the fast and furious cars?

If not, anyone know where I can find them? Thanks!

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I got the F&F Vectors. Email?

theishkid's picture

I would like to get those too if you don't mind.

alois's picture

can you email them to me 2

Ludachris's picture

Files sent via.

Anonymous's picture

Could I get them as well?

alois's picture

Ludachris Thanks

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RatFink Wrote:
> Could I get them as well?
> Thanks

RFink, your email address rejected my message/file.


pat's picture

Could i have too .

Check at

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Ludachris Wrote:
> I got the F&F Vectors. Email?



Thanks so much!

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can i get them too please's picture

can i get them too please
thank you

autofx's picture

can i get them too please
thank you in advance

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autofx Wrote:
> can i get them too please
> thank you in advance
> Danno
Hey autofx is this your website?

eyeondesigns's picture

Can anyone who has it share with me also?

pk_signs's picture

can i get these too please

hoommey's picture

can i get these too please

hoommey's picture

can i hv them too

Ju2k's picture

can u send them 2 me, too ????


thx !!!

christopher's picture

I would like to get those too if you don't mind.

tkotchjr's picture

thanks very much

JaiMnemonic's picture

if you wish to upload them to my server, feel free to email me for login info and then everyone can just download them, or anything else you might want to share from there. thanks.

Instinctive's picture

I would like those files as well if it wouldn't be too much troubble. i would appreciate it

jetske2001's picture

Can I have them too please?

Thanx in advance!

dannyboy's picture

Hi Ludachris - desperately need F&F vector graphics! Any chance? would be VVVV grateful - cheers Db

topgear's picture

Would be grateful if someone could share thoose too me :D


JaiMnemonic's picture

if you all would, please email me for the ftp server information. thanks

stickerking7777's picture

I would really appreciate it if someone could send those my way to :)

MR VOCK's picture

hey bro!! can i have'em too, i really apreciate, thanks

perimbean's picture


Can i request for the graphic for F&F please?

Please email to


Vector2Go's picture

i wold appreciate it much if somebody can share them with me too.

vector2go at gmail com

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Well, if it hasn't been asked too much, and someone out there isn't too tired of sending this, I would take a copy of any files that you would send.


milmag's picture

beating a dead horse here, would anyone mind emailing me these vectors also.

much appreciated.

hilojet's picture
stick'mup's picture

would like these graphics if someone cares to share.

mcdodd's picture

please, please, email me these or links to them
many thanks

toxico13's picture

Good night to all

Also i you don´t mind i´m interested in this files, if someone send me i will trade for anything that i have, just submit your needs to my email.


Thunderhead's picture

please im begging send to

joncamo's picture

can i have those too

spike's picture

can I also get a copy? Thanks

ExodusDesign's picture
Love to get a copy.

valdetfushtica's picture

I would like to have a copy, Thanks

toxico13's picture

Seems no one have this file. If any of the new askers get it, please send me too.

itsposible's picture

can i get it too please

thank you so much

my email

JaiMnemonic's picture

hey all. sorry, but the server has limited access right now. i have saved everyones emails that have sent me inquiries about getting access. i will reply to those emails with access info once the server is back up full time. thanks!

racer11's picture

any chance this is still being sent i would love to have it thanks in advance

transamgta's picture

Is it possible to get them too?

toxico13's picture

Thx Jai

Finally received, if anyone more need it, just comment.

sertugsar's picture

Can have them too pls

toxico13's picture

Check email

toxico13's picture

For the the rest of people, try this link:

As always fill in the blank space with the rapid share web