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How to make vectorized logos?


Lets say I have a logo that I wish to vectorize for a vinyl cutting plotter...any tutorials/tips out there?


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Use this web site ...

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You could use Adobe Illustrator to draw the vector and have the drawing or image of your logo as a reference picture.

(Or vectormagic works too)

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I use this for scanned images and the like.
Well worth the money.

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will the software allow me to save it as an eps that i could then import into corel draw and scale up to any size for cutting.

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Yes it will.
It is a raster to Vector tracing program.
Also saves in .CDR files.
Takes a bit of experience with it, But I still swear by it.

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Hey guys , you real helped me out with your link resources.

Thank you !

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I was wondering this as well - I've had plenty of clients give me .jpg files of their logo. Thanks!

//Jenn @

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Save yourself the hassle, try . those guys are pros. I think they use to advertise here long ago.

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3 pencils

Corel Trace, Adobe Illustrator, and maybe Gimp does it as well. Or you could always pay someone to do it for you.