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alzhe's picture

i cant download any logo..


hi everyone!

i cant download any logo!
i click agree and click download button but nothing happens =(
can anyone help me?

ty ty!

mike's picture

any certain logo ?

elvisp31's picture

I can't download any either!

arainny27's picture

me either... it just goes back up to the blurb about sharing vector logos...

doberzamm's picture

any solution????

doberzamm's picture

any solution????

ChickenPush's picture

Anything from the tech department yet?? Also can't download anything.....

tracy_smith's picture

Not just me then, Still can't download anything today either, was hoping it would be fixed by now.

Conteco's picture

i can't download anything either. :(

Caroline Porter's picture

Same here :(

Jaster's picture

Even I can not download anything .... but it is only a problem today or it is a bit of days that goes on ???

ericbicz's picture

Same here, the page is reloaded again and again

mike's picture

The download function is now working

VanSignwriting's picture

Same problem, signed up and logged in and click 'agree' button and download and nothing. So frustrating!
I thought it maybe a preferences issue?
No FAQ tab to find out...

Charles Villa's picture

So no one's got a solution for this one hm?

mike's picture

well it worked this morning now it's not

I put another request into support staff

harley82's picture

same here! frustrating!

jaohlma's picture

It's clearly a site issue. It started sometime Wednesday 03-June or possibly earlier.
For some period Thursday morning the site loaded a generic "site down for maintenance" message.
Following that, on the download page, in addition to the 'I agree" checkbox there was a new Captcha thing ("I am not a robot") that had to be completed, and then the download worked.
Then later on Thursday the Captcha was gone and downloading again did not work.
Clearly a work in progress and they are testing in Prod instead of in Dev!
Stay tuned and keep trying, I guess.

Update: as of mid-day Thursday, this message appears on the main page: "Logo downloads are temporarily broken. We're working on it, and it will be fixed within 24h."