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Illinois State Seal


It seems that there is not a EPS file for the Illinois State Seal.
Can someone help me locate it in a EPS format.



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I will send you one tomorrow if you post your email addy.

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Can you send it in EPS format.

My email is:

Thanks a bunch for your help.


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I would like a copy of that also please or in vector graphics if it is available

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Thank You very much

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It is also available in .svg (scalable vector graphic) format from the "Seal of Illinois" entry at Wikipedia.

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I'm looking for the State of Illinois seal in a vector format. Does anyone have one?

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can someone send me one as well

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can I get that too.

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I converted to AI from the SVG vector file at, and sent it by e-mail.

John Conti
So. Salem, NY