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bamava's picture

JDM style vectors


Hi guys,

If anyone has any JDM style decals could you please forward them to karlbala[a]

Thanks guys! Anything is appreciated!


samopangy's picture

what kind of decals are you looking for? There are lots of them here you can find already.

bamava's picture

I've downloaded all the ones that I could find on here...

I'm looking for 'eat sleep jdm' and anything else.

street sensation's picture

I also am looking for the same one.. ALso the Domo vector is another im looking for

LukeDukeDecals's picture

Yes i have also been looking for the Domo vector image for some time now. If you could email it to me that would be great.

billybob123's picture

i am looking for eat sleep drift one if yiu could send it to

jayyzhao's picture

if you can send me some vectors it would be great!