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JDM Vectors


How can i find jdm vectors all the diffrent kinds there is ony a few
here on brands.

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Put up your e-mail and i'll send you on a few that i have in eps or ai format

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could you possibly send them onto me aswell please??



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Sent ^^

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cheers dude

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If you wouldn't mind sending me some of the ones you had as well.. Thanks

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@posse82 and other could you send some for me also??


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could I please receive too?

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@posse82 can you please email the JDM logos to

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Sent to all above :)

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Can i be cheeky and ask for some to be sent to please, fancy doing some for mine and my mates civics.

thanks !

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Could you also send me some please? Thanks!

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could you sent to me too please? thanks mate!

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Send me too please tnx

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send to me too please. thanks in advance!

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1 pencil

I'd really apreciate it if I could get a copy of these or any other vectors related.

aliezter (at) gmail (dot) com

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Thanks a lot

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Could you please send them to me aswell

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Please send me to!

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^^Sent to all^^

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Please send me to

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Hi posse82

If your not overspent from all the request, Could I also get some from you Please?

Thx Mate,


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Apologize thought it was set to automatically show.

BTW: Man that was a fast reply......

Thanks again, posse82,

Hope I can help you out some day.

Have a great week too.

Cheers from Ottawa Canada,


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hi posse82 can you send it to me too? ,and if you have some other jdm design can you please send it aswell like parking stickers,jdm emission,DO NOT TOUCH ME! w/ haragana or katakana word and those NA's and like that.this would help to me a lot & to my ride.thanks in advance posse82..

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Please send me to!

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I would also like some if anyone has them

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Hey posse82 !

You Rock brother !!

Thanks for sharing .

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please send me to :

thx ^^

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Sent ^^

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Would love these if u would so kindly me also I'm also after any funny car sticker vectors if u have any
Cheers I owe u one

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could you please email it to me

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please send email to me

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possibly send to me too please? eps if possible? thanks in advance.

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Please send them to:
Thank you!

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Could you also send me some please? thank you

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could they be sent to me please

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please send me JDM logos vectors :)

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please do send me too. a big thanks in advance!

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please send to
Thank you!!!

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Please send

Thank you.

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please sent me too . thanks a lot

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hi please send mo jdm vector files @

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If you wouldn't mind sending me some of the ones you had as well.. Thanks

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Me tooo... Please send all

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Me too please send all

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hi can you send you send me all thanks