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Kansas State Powercat Logo


Anyone have the Power Cat logo for Kansas State University. Need it in EPS, DWG, or DXF format. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have some K-State students coming in for a CNC router demo and would like to use it.

Thanks in advance,


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I hate it when I go through all the trouble of finding a logo for someone and then realize they don't have a email address.

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Email is I appreciate the help. I didn't relize there wasn't a way to email through forum.


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Sorry. That would be

Thanks again!

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Thanks! Greatly appreciated!


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Can I get that also? Thanks !

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I would like a copy of that file as well.

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Hi - I am also trying to find the Power Cat logo for Kansas State University. I am needing it in either a SVG file or TTIF file. Thanks so much!

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Hi Kansasfry,

download the PDF here :

open the file with Illustrator, there is a lot of vector inside


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Hi kounka!
Thank you so much!!!!

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Do you still have the powercat logo in DWG? Thanks

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Hey I need either .dxf or .dwg file of K-State logo. My email id is

Really appreciate your help