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Logo critique platform


Hi guys. It has been some time that i was wondering in creating a professional and intsant logo critique patform for logo designers who is seeking to improve their work or need some advice after all.

The idea why to do it is simple. Brands of the world is great communicty with great guys in it. But it lacks of insights and resposne time is quote long. Dont wanna be rude but its outdated...

In my vision i see a clean minimal platform with great UI and UX experience where you can get inspired, publish your logos and seek useful advices and critiques for your from other communicty members.

Lets say similar to Dribbble but specialised for Logo Critiques.

What do you think guys? Would you love to join this new community

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Yes! Doing a good thing for a community is always appreciated by the people. Best of luck for your future work.