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Logo request (MIGHT give €1.50 if before 15:00 GMT 17/1/2012)


Can someone PLEASE do this logo for me. It's my local club. If someone can do it before -15:00 GMT 15/1/2012-, I MIGHT give around €1.50 (That's all I have in at the moment, and I only might if it's that good). Logo is in attachments!

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In case no one knows what I mean, I want the logo in a Vector file!

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give me email to send it to

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If you can, send it to . Thanks a million if you done it. If you done it, be sure to leave your Paypal email and I'll send you around €1.50 (sorry that's all I have online).

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I'll still give you the €1.50 if you can email it to me (Need it for tomorrow!)

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Can you email it to me or what? I'll still pay €1.50 to anyone that does it (GOOD!).