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Looking for a SWAT logo


Hi all,
I'm looking for a SWAT logo with the eagle, gun and knife in a vector format that I can open with Illustrator.
You can see it here:

If anyone has it, that would save me some time redrawing it this afternoon.


vwkris (at)

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Bump. I'm still looking for this logo if anyone has it.

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Hey kris i worked on this logo about 20minutes or so & sent you what i had. I sent eps & ai format.
only thing you might want to straighten out is the shield on the machine gun its still sloppy looking.

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Nice. Thank you. That will save me some work today.

Thanks again,

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Would you mind emailing what you have to me please???

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Hi, could i please have this one also?


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Cool logo

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Could you please email to me at ? Thanks so much!!'s picture

I am also in need of this logo....if someone could email me eps at i would very much appreciate it! THANKS!!!

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Looking for this logo as well
any line art would be great

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If it would be possible for me to get the logo too I would sooo appreciate it I am suppose to have this done for our sheriff's office by the end of the week and my drawing of it is horrible!!

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I'm looking for this logo to. Thanks in advance if I could get a copy.

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I'm also looking for this logo. It would be great not to have to recreate it! Thanks in advance!

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Could someone send me the logo as well, awesome

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Looking for SWAT logo with the eagle, gun and knife in a vector format ??

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Looking for this logo for a SWAT team truck, does anyone have vector version?