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Looking for a vector of Jesus carrying the cross


Need this vector for a church band t-shirt logo. If you have anyting like this please send it to me.

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See your e-mail
Cheers Kingfob

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may i get it too please?

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See your e-mail

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Anyone else have any??? Thanks!

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If it isn't too late could you please send me this clipart to me. Thanks! ol-h@hotmail.

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Hi Luis
Check your e-mail
King Fob

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Anyway that I could get this as well? Thanks for sending the file!

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Can I have this as well, thank you.

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can i have it please...

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I'll take this if anyone's willing to share...


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Can I please have this as well, thank you.

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can i please get a copy also.
thanks for sharing

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Can I have this also?

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can i have a copy too? thanks much

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May I have this also?