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Looking for free font


It's called "Local Brewery"
Does anybody have it for free.

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Problem is, Local Brewery is great font and as great fonts go, it's not free.

Those who paid for it won't be really willing to give it away for free.

Those who got it for free, ie illegally, won't go parading on forums handing it to anybody.

Finally, this font was made by a designer, in this case Cindy Kinash, who certainly put a lot of time and effort creating this font. Asking for it for free isn't really fair.

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Well, getting past Shawali's lecture it was pretty easy to find the font you're looking for available for free download. I searched for "Local Brewery font torrent" and a link came up on the psdkeys page that included several download links for this font. I didn't try them but I'm sure they work just fine.

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Thank you Jacques,
I found the font.
It was on a website with a similar name.