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Man From UNCLE Vector Logo Seems Corrupt.


Hi everyone, I have just downloaded the "Man From UNCLE" logo from this site from the page at, and I cannot open it properly. It seems to be a corrupt CDR file, or from a version later than CorelDraw! 9 that I use. If anyone has successfully opened this, I would like to know it's version or any other info that would help me get to it.


- Techowl -

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I got a CorelDraw! 13 user to load it and save it as a CorelDraw! 9.0 so I could access it.

FYI, It's a CorelDraw! 12 file version.

Hope this info helps someone else.

If you read the .CDR file with a hex editor, you can find out the version that created it. In this case it was a CDRCVrsn which means it was created with CorelDraw 12. The count is in hex, so CDRC C Vrsn means version C, which is 12 in decimal. Similarly, my CorelDraw! 9 has CDR9Vrsn in it's file header info, showing it is a CorelDraw! 9 file.

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Sent info to Techowl