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Hi I'm after the Misfits skull logo.
It is on here but for some reason I'm having problems downloading them.
Does anyone have an ai version of this.


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These are encrypted Corel Draw files. If they weren't encrypted, we could open them in Illustrator CS5. Whoever uploaded them as cdr files is an idiot who can't afford CS5, and doesn't have the decency or intelligence to upload them unencrypted.

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They all open for me fine in CS3.
Link me to the one in particular you are after, and i will convert it for you.

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I don't think you can encrypt any corel files and I don't believe you can open corel files in ai I run both corel x5 and cs5 However I do think instead of corel files they should be uploaded as eps that way anyone can use the file

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Beg to differ Mike. I open them daily ish in CS3, Granted< i must place them. In my experience on my rig, Also see your options for opening file types from the drop down,.
Hope it helps

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I totally forgot about the place option I'm just to used to using corel to open corel files
Just tried it and from what I can tell (using cs5) I can place older versions of corel files but not the newer ones (ie x5 )