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MX & ATV Templates


I am looking for templates for 99-09 all models, does anyone have these templates?

I would highly appreciate it.

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Do you have templates for racing bikes and scooters:
please answer me "psycho69"

T H A N K S !!!

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Hey psycho69 please contact me about some Honda thanks..Tim

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Hi does anyone has the TM 2 and 4 stroke kit?
Im willing to trade ,

thanks already

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Hey psycho69...

Please get in contact with me at I would be interested in some templates from the long lists you have provided on here, that I currently do not have.

Possible trades to be done

Look forward to hearing from you soon


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Hey psycho69 im also wanna trade, my mailis, trow me a mail and im willing to trade, im most interested in the template for the cr250 2004 and the kx 85 and 100

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add me to trade

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Hi Guys

Psycho69 could you also contact me regarding MX templates.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Psycho69

I cant belive I found this.. I have been looking everywhere and couldn't find anything!
Im looking for Honda XR 400 R 1996 Templates and can you help me with that?

My mail is:

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

Allan Petersen / Denmark

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Hi Psyscho69

Please could you get in contact with me ASAP also please.

do you have any of the 2010 templates?

my email:

many thanks

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Im looking for a template for a

2004 Yamaha YZ 125cc dirtbike!

Please send me that one individually or a bunch of them, whatever is easier for you. Thank you so much in advance!!

my email is

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hello psycho69 i'm interested with your alls templates ,please
contact me quickly by email
thank you so much

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please send all templates my email
thank you son much_!!

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I am very interested in the ATV templates. Willing to trade or purchase. Have awesome vectors and other templates to trade. Send me an email to "" without the quotes. Thanks.

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Is anyone sharing anything in this post ? I have a TON of stuff to share , and a t3 internet connection so I can send stuff at very high speed .

I need the MX templates and would LOVVVVE to get the sportbike templates .. even if its for 1 bike I would love to have some .

Please let me know !!

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hallo sales, please
All who want to exchange vector files for motorcycle decals sets for all bikes and years of manufacture please send me your offer to:

I have a lots off decals templates in vector formats for all years (aprilia, honda, suzuki, kawasaki, yamaha ....) I will exchange these for yours vector sets of decals. FILE for FILE via mail.

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I'm not too sure what you mean by Decal Templates ? If you talking about logo's in ai or eps then thats nothing I need . I need actual motorcycle outlines , or MX Outlines so I know the exact dimension to cut with my vinyl cutter .


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Just a recap on this , bugmenot is not really wanting to share , he's actually loking for the same thing that he aready has ,

I still need some motorcycle stuff , something is better then nothing .

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I have decal templates in vector format for vinyl cutter with fabric dimension. Of course I have not all of models for all years but I want to exchange these I have with some modes that I haven't. (only street and race bikes)

Is that clear to you ?

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HI psycho69, i would like to buy your template for kawasaki kx60 and kx 80. How does it cost? Reply me : thanks

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sales Wrote:
> I'm not too sure what you mean by Decal Templates
> ? If you talking about logo's in ai or eps then
> thats nothing I need . I need actual motorcycle
> outlines , or MX Outlines so I know the exact
> dimension to cut with my vinyl cutter .
> Thanks
If I have an A.I. file I can scale it to whatever you specify the dimensions of the product needed to be created are.

jetcutter's picture

(Sorry dont see edit option anywhere.)

In otherwords, I can prettymuch create the cuttable file.

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Hi psyhco69
Im intrested in Suzuki drz 400 template


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has anyone got KTM LC4 (year 1997) template?
We could trade for it.
Please email me

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hello im looking for mx decals template above 2009, is anybody already have it? contack my email

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Can someone please email me these files. Please send them to:

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psycho69 i need templates for 2 bikes u have at list, I can trade it for others I have please contact me,

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I will buy all off your templates, contact me!

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I am looking for complete templates for Kawasaki KX65 00-09 and KTM 85 sx -08 vector format eps or ai

I got comlete set for ktm 250/450 exc -08 in .ai format

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Wow Psycho69, you have an exhaustive list, that is for sure.

I need 1990 yz125, 1987 yz250, 1999 xr200r, and 1999 kx 250. what is your price? reply back at thank you so much in advance!!

If you want to do some trading, i don't have any vectors, but i do have some sweet background graphics to fill in those empty vector outlines...

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I have some templates, se below list.
I want to trade for motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile etc templates that I don´t have yet.


KIT & Shrouds
Gas-Gas -08 Kit

Gas-Gas EC -2008


KIT & Shrouds
Honda CR 80 93-95 kit
Honda CR 80 96-02 kit
Honda CR 85 00-09 Shrouds and Plates
Honda CR 85 03-08 kit
Honda CR 125-250 00-01 kit
Honda CR 125-250 02-07 kit
Honda CR 125 98-99 kit
Honda CR 250 95-96 kit
Honda CR 250 97-99 kit
Honda CR 500 96-01 Shrouds
Honda CRF 50 04-08 kit
Honda CRF 70 -08 Rear fender and Plates
Honda CRF 150 07-11
Honda CRF 230 07 Kit
Honda CRF 250 04-05 Kit
Honda CRF 250 06-09 Kit
Honda CRF 250 07-08 Shrouds
Honda CRF 250 10-11 Kit and Plates
Honda CRF 450 09-11 Kit and Plates
Honda CRF 250r 07-08 Kit and Plates
Honda CRF 450 02-04 Kit
Honda CRF 450 05-07 Kit
Honda CRF 450 08 Kit
Honda CRF 450r 09-11 Kit and Plates
Honda CRF 450x 07-11 Plates and Fork
Honda XR 50 00-03 kit
Honda XR 80-100 01-04 kit
Honda XR 100 01-04 kit

Honda CR 80 90-95 Plates
Honda CR 80 96-02 Plates
Honda CR 85 03-08 Plates
Honda CR 125-250 00-01 Plates
Honda CR 125-250 02-05 Plates
Honda CR 125 88-90 Plates
Honda CR 125 91-92
Honda CR 125 95-97 Plates
Honda CR 125 98-99 Plates
Honda CR 250 88-89 Plates
Honda CR 250 90-91 Plates
Honda CR 250 90-92 Plates
Honda CR 250 95-96 Plates
Honda CR 250 97-99 Plates
Honda CR 500 88-90 Plates
Honda CR 500 91-01 Plates
Honda CR 500 91-93 Plates
Honda CRF 50 04-08 Plates
Honda CRF 150 07-11 Plates
Honda CRF 230 07 Plates
Honda CRF 250 10-11 CRF 450 09-11 Plates
Honda CRF 250r 04-05 Plates
Honda CRF 250r 06-09 Plates
Honda CRF 450 02-04 Plates revised
Honda CRF 450 05-07 Plates
Honda CRF 450 08 Plates
Honda XR 50 Sideplates
Honda XR 250 96-99 Plates
Honda XR 400 96-99 Plates

KIT & Shrouds
Husaberg TE 250 300 -11 Plates and fork and rear
Husaberg 450 -10 Full kit

Husaberg 125-450 00-04 Plates
Husaberg TE 250 300 -11
Husaberg 450 -10


KIT & Shrouds
Husky 06-08 Shrouds
Husky Shrouds and kit

Husky 125-450 00-04 Plates
Husky 125-450 06-08 Plates


KIT & Shrouds
Kawasaki KDX 94-05
Kawasaki KDX 200-220_95-07 shrouds
Kawasaki KLX 110 00-08_kit
Kawasaki KLX 450 08-09 Kit
Kawasaki KX 60 85-04 Kit
Kawasaki KX 65 07-08 Kit
Kawasaki KX 80-100 98-00 Kit
Kawasaki KX 85-100 01-08 Kit
Kawasaki KX 125-250 03-08 Kit
Kawasaki KX 125-250 94-98 Kit
Kawasaki KX 125-250 99-02 Kit
Kawasaki KXF 250-450 09-11 plates and rear fender
Kawasaki KXF 250-450 09-11 Kit and Plates
Kawasaki KXF 250 04-05 Kit
Kawasaki KXF 250 06-08 Kit
Kawasaki KXF 250 06-08 Kit2
Kawasaki KXF 250 09-11 shrouds
Kawasaki KXF 450 06-08 Kit
Kawasaki KXF 450 09-11 shrouds

Kawasaki KLX 110 00-08 Plates
Kawasaki KLX 400 00-04 Plates
Kawasaki KX 60 86-05
Kawasaki KX 65 00-08 Plates
Kawasaki KX 80-85-100 98-07 Plates
Kawasaki KX 125-250 03-08 Plates
Kawasaki KX 125-250 03-08 Plates2
Kawasaki KX 125-250 88-89 Plates
Kawasaki KX 125-250 90-93 Plates
Kawasaki KX 125-250 94-95 Plates
Kawasaki KX 125-250 96-98 Plates
Kawasaki KX 500 88-98 Plates
Kawasaki KXF 125-250 99-02 Plates
Kawasaki KXF 250-450 09-11 Kit and Plates - Kopia
Kawasaki KXF 250-450 09-11 Plates
Kawasaki KXF 250 04-05 Plates
Kawasaki KXF 250 06-08 Plates
Kawasaki KXF 250 06-08plt.FS
Kawasaki KXF 450 05-08 plates
Kawasaki KXF 450 05-08 Plates2


KTM 50 02-08_kit
KTM 50 97-01
KTM 50 -09
KTM 65 02-08
KTM 65 98-01 Kit
KTM 65 -09
KTM ALL 03-06 Front light plate
KTM EXC 01-02 Kit
KTM EXC 03-04 Kit
KTM EXC 98-00 Kit
KTM EXC 450 250 -2009-2011 Full Kit and Plates
KTM EXC-ALL 05-07 Kit
KTM SX 85 06-08 Kit
KTM SX 85 thru-05 Kit
KTM SX 93-97 2-STROKE Kit
KTM SX 250 450 07-10 Full Kit and Plates
KTM SX ALL 01-02 Kit
KTM SX ALL 03-04 Kit
KTM SX ALL 05-06 Kit
KTM SX ALL 98-00 Kit
KTM SX ALL 2007 Plates
KTM SX SXF 11 Kit and Plates
KTM SX-EXC-MXC 98-02 Plates
KTM SXF 2007 Kit
KTM XC 03-07 Plates

KTM 03-06 LIGHT Plate
KTM ALL 2-STROKE 93-97Plates
KTM LC4 Plates
KTM SX 50 02-08 Plates
KTM SX 50 95-97 Plates
KTM SX 50 98-01Plates
KTM SX 65 02-08 Plates
KTM SX 65 98-01Plates
KTM SX 85 Plates
KTM SX ALL 2007 Plates
KTM SX SXF 11 Plates
KTM SX-EXC-MXC 98-02 Plates
KTM XC 03-07 Plates


KIT & Shrouds
Suzuki DRZ 110 00-08 Kit
Suzuki DRZ 110 07 Kit
Suzuki DRZ 250 Kit
Suzuki DRZ 400 Shrouds
Suzuki RM 85 01-08 Kit
Suzuki RM 125-250 01-08 Kit
Suzuki RM 125-250 99-00 Kit
Suzuki RM KX 65 07 Kit
Suzuki RMZ 250 04-06 Kit
Suzuki RMZ 250 07-09 Kit
Suzuki RMZ 250 07-09 Shrouds and Plates
Suzuki RMZ 250 07-09 trim_temp rear fender
Suzuki RMZ 250 07_09 Shrouds and plates
Suzuki RMZ 250 10-11 Kit
Suzuki RMZ 250 10-11 Kit and Plates
Suzuki RMZ 450 05-06 Kit
Suzuki RMZ 450 07 Kit
Suzuki RMZ 450 08-11 Kit
Suzuki RMZ 450 08-11 Kit and Plates
SUZUKI RM65 05-07 Kit and Plates

Suzuki DRZ 400 00-04 Plates
Suzuki RM 65 00-05 Plates
Suzuki RM 80 00-01 Plates
Suzuki RM 80 90-99 Plates
Suzuki RM 85 02-08 Plates
Suzuki RM 125-250 01-02 Plates
Suzuki RM 125-250 03-08 Plates
Suzuki RM 125-250 89-92 Plates
Suzuki RM 125-250 93-95 Plates
Suzuki RM 125-250 96-98 Plates
Suzuki RMZ 250 04-06 Plates
Suzuki RMZ 250 07-09 Plates
Suzuki RMZ 450 07 Plates
Suzuki RMZ 450 08-11 Plates

TM 250F-450F 08-09 Kit and Plates


KIT & Shrouds
Yamaha fenders rear 2 [Converted]
Yamaha fenders rear 2
Yamaha fenders rear [Converted]
Yamaha PW 50 Shrouds and Plates
Yamaha PW 80 96-04 Kit
Yamaha TTR 50 06-08 Kit
Yamaha TTR 90 Kit
Yamaha TTR 125 00-04 Kit
Yamaha WR 250-450 Shrouds
Yamaha WR 450-250 07-09 Kit & plates
Yamaha YZ 80 93-01 Kit
Yamaha YZ 85 02-08 Kit
Yamaha YZ 125-250 00-02 Kit
Yamaha YZ 125-250 02-05 Kit
Yamaha YZ 125-250 06-07 Kit
Yamaha YZ 125-250 93-95 Kit
Yamaha YZ 125-250 96-01 Kit
Yamaha YZ 125 06-07 Kit
Yamaha YZ 250 05-09 Kit
Yamaha YZ 250 new Kit
Yamaha YZ Fork Guards 07
Yamaha YZ Fork Guards 08
Yamaha YZF 250-450 03-05 Kit
Yamaha YZF 250-450 06-07 Kit
Yamaha YZF 250-450 06-08 Shrouds and Plates
Yamaha YZF 250-450 08-09 Kit
Yamaha YZF 250 10-11 Kit
Yamaha YZF 250 10-11 Kit and Plates
Yamaha YZF 250 450 06-09 shrouds and plates
Yamaha YZF 400 98-02 Kit
Yamaha YZF 400 98-02 Kit
Yamaha YZF 450 10-11 Kit
Yamaha YZF 450 10-11 Kit and Plates
Yamha YZF 400 98-02 Kit

Yamah TTR 90 00-07 Plates
Yamah YZ 125-250 93 -95 Plates
Yamah YZ 125 91-92 Plates
Yamaha PW 50 02-07 Plates
Yamaha TTR 50 06-07 Plates
Yamaha TTR 125 Plates
Yamaha TTR 230 Plates
Yamaha WR 250 -90 Plates
Yamaha YZ 80 93-01 Plates
Yamaha YZ 85 02-08
Yamaha YZ 125-250 00-01 Plates
Yamaha YZ 125-250 02-05 Plates
Yamaha YZ 125-250 06-07 Plates
Yamaha YZ 125 89-90 Plates
Yamaha YZ 250 88-90 Plates
Yamaha YZF 250-426 00-02 Plates
Yamaha YZF 250-450 03-05 Plates
yamaha YZF 250-450 06-07 Plates
Yamaha YZF 250-450 08 Plates
Yamaha YZF 250-450 08 Plates
Yamaha YZF 250 10-11 Plates
Yamaha YZF 400-426 98-99 Side plates
YamahaYZF 450 10 Plates


KIT & Shrouds
Cobra Motorcycle_50_89-02
Cobra Motorcycle_Cobra_King_05-07_kit
Cobra Motorcycle_Cobra_King_50_02-04
Cobra Motorcycle_Cobra_King_PW3_03-07_KIT
Cobra Motorcycle_Cobra_King_PW3_03-07_KIT

Cobra Motorcycle_50_03-07
Cobra Motorcycle_50-P3_89-02
Cobra Motorcycle__king_04
Cobra Motorcycle__PW3_03-07
Cobra Motorcycle_king_05-07

MOTOVERT MINI 90 08-09 Kit and Plates
MOTOVERT PRO 70 -09 Kit and Plates
MOTOVERT PRO 125R 08-09 Kit and Plates
MOTOVERT PRO 150 08-09 Kit and Plates

PITSTER PRO LXR 09 Kit and Plates
PITSTER PRO X2 06-09 Kit and Plates
PITSTER PRO X4 07-09 Kit and Plates
PITSTER PRO XJR 08-09 Kit and Plates

POLINI X1 05-09 Kit and Plates
POLINI X1-X3 99-04 Kit and Plates
POLINI X3 05-09 Kit and Plates

PRC 50 06-09 Kit and Plates


CAN AM bombardier DS 650 -00

Cannondale SideKit

COBRA EXC50 Full Kit
COBRA EXC70 Full Kit

DRX 50 Full Kit
SUZUKI LTR 450 Full Kit
SUZUKI LTZ 400 Full Kit

HONDA 250R Full Kit
Honda 300 Full kit
HONDA 400Side Kit

HONDA TRX 90 Side Kit
HONDA TRX 450 Full Kit
Honda fourtrax 350 Forman Rancher Full Kit
Honda RECON 4X4

KAWASAKI KFX 450 -08 Full Kit
Kawasaki BRUTE FORCE 750 -08 Full Kit
Kawasaki BRUTEFORCE 650 -07 Full Kit

KTM-450XC Full Kit
KTM-525XC Full Kit



Polaris Predator 50 -90 Full Kit
Polaris Predator 500 Full Kit

Yamaha Banshee Full Kit
Yamaha Blaster Full Kit
Yamaha Raptor Side Kit
Yamaha RAPTOR 660 Full Kit
Yamaha RAPTOR 250 -08 Full Kit
Yamaha Warrior Full Kit
Yamaha YFZ 450 Full Kit
Yamaha Wolverine 350 03-04

H3inz's picture

Hi Psycho!

could you also contact me? I'm looking for some informations about costs and everything else ;)

thank you!

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Anyone have the Template for a Yamaha Raptor 700?

mxgoon42's picture

Hi psyco69, email me at scottmagdesigns@hotmail

I am looking to buy templates so let me know your prices when you email me. Thanks man.

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I need several of your templates. Please contact me at Thanks !!

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Hey psycho69 could you e-mail me at about your templates I have lots of vector art cd's and wrap disks I could trade.

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Hi I'm very interested in buying some of your templates. Please contact me by mail thanks.


nikkilord's picture

Hello Psycho69, I am look for a few MX templates for my bikes. Can you please contact me via email.


lmassoni's picture

hello psycho69 i'm interested with your ATV templates ,please
contact me quickly by email
thank you so much

kpolitis's picture

Hey does anyone has vector templates for kx250F 05 and also for 06 model? (they are different) has anyone came in touch with this psyco69?

I have found the software that has it all but they want 800$

If we can find someone that has it to send us just the ones we want for small ammount would be great.

Regards to everyone.

You can contact me at Kostas

lukasstarley's picture

hello estou precisando dos modelos das motos da honda e yamaha

espero repostas


polk's picture

email they have perfect fitting templates for sale.

ron mac's picture


Looking for ATV & STREET BIKE templates.

I already have MX templates.

Looking to trade immediatly. 29 Bad Wrap DVD's + Ninja Cut Tint.

Email me at

mxprodecals's picture

MX and ATV graphic outlines - templates ... on demand via email.
* PRICE per 1 set of template: 25 USD
* perfect fit
* scale 1:1

Contact me on

wrappedgraphics's picture

Looking to trade for Ninja Kut Tint or ATV templates, I have all MX templates and tons of others

mshea75's picture

Looking for template for 2004 ttr-125...please email me if you have. Thanks!

beasleycj's picture

Psycho I would like to purchase some of your templates. E-mail me with average pricing on these kits at:


JDB378's picture

I also have a whole range of mx templates mostly up to 09. If anyone needs any feel free to contact me and discuss prices

Motion-mx's picture


I have all mx bikes templates for sale,from around 2000 to 2008/2009 inc kid's bikes.

email me for a sample, 200 pounds for the whole lot. in AI and EPS format

thanks, Ben

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Thay have - Snowmobile, ATV, MX, and Side by Side. All Perfect fitting templates for sale.