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Need a few Vector or EPS clipart for a few Logo's- Can't find anywhere.


I just need these Logo's for a friend of mine for etched vinyl on his windows. I had them but my other computor crashed! Now I got everyhting backed up!

Need the following: KENWOOD EXCELON, DC POWER, AUDIO CONTROL, KINETICK, KMC WHEELS(older version without flames).

If someone could please send them to
Thanks in advance, Jason.

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you can pull vector from .pdf files...
(you dowload the PDF and open with illustrator or the like)

KENWOOD EXCELON, first page :

DC POWER, first page :


KINETICK (audio?) download page in her site :

KMC WHEELS page 10 :

If you are looking from different logo, please put an example


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Fie for Five! Way to go, Man!

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Thanks kounka! I really appreiciate it. Got them but the dc power one is the wrong company. I need DC Power for car audio and alternators. I believe they are in Nevada. Thanks.

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YES! That second one is it. Thanks so much.